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Hello, everyone! We received some amazing entries for the contest, because of the number of entries we chose one winner to have their fantele turned official for free, and one runner-up to have the opportunity to buy their fantele by a discounted price. Everyone else can buy their fanteles by the normal MYO price.
Normal MYO - $8/800 points
Discounted MYO - $5/500 points
To buy a MYO slot please comment in this journal with the following form:
User: the person this MYO is for!
Type: Normal MYO or Discounted MYO
Payment Method: points or paypal
Original entry: link of the entry, please don’t delete your entry so we can check that you really entered the contest!

Once you comment I will confirm your purchase and you can send me the points or your email adress will be requested for the paypal invoice. You may make minor adjustments to your design, once you’re done you can go to the Fanteles Approval Hub and follow the instructions in the journal. Now to the winners! They were chosen based on effort, creativity and how much of the character we could see in their entries.

Winner - jentuyet

Your entry was incredible cute and we could see a lot of your fantele personality with those adorable doodles! Congratulations, you can make this fantele official for free. Please send us a transparent image of your fantele so we can add them to the masterlist.

Runner-up - plushpon

squishy little fantele (myo contest entry) by plushpon  comforting snuggles (myo contest entry) by plushpon

Your entries were adorable! We adored your fantele cheering-up your sona, and we could see all the effort you put in your entries! Congratulations, if you are interested in buying a discounted MYO to turn your fantele official, please follow the instructions above! 

Thank you everyone for participating in the contest! If you didn’t get to make your fantele for free and don’t have money for the MYO slots, don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to get a free MYO slot! And remember you don’t need a fantele to participate in the group. My classes are ending this week and I’ll be able to be more active in the group, so stay tuned for more lore and activities!

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User: DuskmoonSplashy
Type: Normal MYO 
Payment Method: points !!
Original entry:  UNOFFICIAL MYO - Blueberry Parfait by DuskmoonSplashy

Congratulations to the winners also!! Those fanteles are super cute <33