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By joining fanteles you automatically agree to the Species Terms and Conditions, please make sure to read this over carefully. Failure to follow or comply to these rules will result in infractions or bans based on the severity of the offense. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment down below or note fanteles.


        1. Credit aquilala and dessieh for the creation of Fanteles
        2. Please remember to use proper etiquette
    • Be kind and courteous to all members. Drama is not tolerated
    • If there is an issue regarding you and another member, please note either aquilala or the group.
        3. Only Fantele-related art will be accepted into the group gallery.
    • All art must contain art of at least one fantele to be eligible to be apart of the gallery
    • YCHs must include a fantele-related example or will otherwise not be accepted.
        4. Allow admins up to 72 hours to respond to any inquiries. 
    • Please note the group or note an individual admin after. 
    • Harassing admins before the timeframe has passed will result in a warning and then a possible infraction if it occurs again.


    1. Fanteles are a closed species.
    • Do not make your own fantele without an MYO slot.
    • Only authorized designers [can be viewed on the front page] are allowed to make adoptables
    2. Never offer more than what you can pay.
    • Payment plans must be discussed with the adoptable artist prior to bidding.
    3. Holds are accepted for a 24 hour period
    • Let the artist know if you'd like to hold an adopt for 24 hours. Extensions can be added on a case by case basis.
    4. Co-ownerships are not recognized on the masterlist.
    • You are more than welcome to co-own a fantele with another person but only one name will be listed on the masterlist.
    5. Minor design changes can be discussed with aquilala 
    • Major redesigns are NOT AVAILABLE at the time being.


    1. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure the fantele is registered under the seller's name.
    • You can check the masterlist here!
    2. Do not resell your fantele for more than the original purchase price.
    • Reselling them for more than the original price must be discussed with aquilala prior to posting.
    3. MYO slots are non-transferrable.
    • Offering to get a design approved and then trading it to someone is also not allowed.
    • If you really don't want your MYO slot anymore, you can contact aquilala and the group will put it up for raffle.
    4. You cannot sell a fantele you got in a trade/gift.
    • Fanteles have their resale value lowered to $0.00 after being traded/gifted.
    5. Fanteles can be traded for real life merchandise of equal/lesser value.
    • Includes all shipping/handling costs.
    • Fanteles with resale value of $0 cannot be traded for merchandise.
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