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Yep, this is new Fluttershy and she's better than old.
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This idea really makes me want to think about what would have happened, if Fluttershy ever met up with Gilda again in "Putting Your Hoof Down."

I bet neither Gilda nor Dashie expected to see the new Fluttershy in this picture. Gilda sure looks a bit confused to see the meek pony she made cry in Ponyville coming up to her with such aggression. Dashie, on the other hand, must have been passing by in Cloudsdale and overheard those two by chance.

One must wonder whether Dashie should just intervene and stop new Fluttershy from doing something she'll regret or just watch with pride to see the girl she viewed as a sister become more assertive at long last!

The impressions on the clouds where new Fluttershy and Gilda place their feet really suits the picture. After all, they're standing on clouds! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":thumbsup:" title="Thumbs Up"/>
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Who's the dweeb now Gilda?
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Beware the quiet ones indeed.
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Fluttershy: You! Me! My bed! 10 Minutes!
Gilda: Don't you think that is a bit early? How about dating first?
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FS: ....I'm inviting Rainbow to join us.
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Gilda (hmm...) plz: Hmmm, YEEEEESSSS! 
What about Dash?
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Teach that Griffon a lesson Fluttershy!!!
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"You scream at me, I BEAT YOU FOR FREE!'
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way it go fluttershy you are awesome YAYYYY
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Go Fluttershy, teach that stinkin' gryphon a lesson
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REVENGE!!!!!!! lolitrollu 
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There is one thing I learnt from the episode "griffin the brush of" is that GRIFFINS SUCK!!!!... Of coarse I am lying griffin are Awsome... Except gilda...but hey this is Awsome so here is a fave!!!
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don't f with fluttershy
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Fluttershy: *roars back at Gilda* You're....going to LOVE ME!!!!
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Go Fluttershy! Go!
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Iron Will's handy work.:icontruestoryplz:
Liardash LOL XD
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:iconflutterbrainsplz::iconsaysplz:I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF MAH SHED!!!
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