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Rarity love Coco.

Present for :iconzeloleluc:

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:icontwilightwhatplz::iconsaysplz:Rarity, we need that rainbow thread to open the box! All of Equestria could be destroyed if we can't!
:iconraritysmileplz::iconsaysplz:No. It was a gift from my precious Coco, and I'm afraid that giving it up is simply out of the question.
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Are we at a port? CAUSE I SEE A SHIP!
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Rarity sure changes her preferences quickly.
cimarronboy's avatar
I can see some rare lover thinking "great and I just got rid of that bumm ugly trendeyfoot, sigh looks like I got another body to bury"
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She's loco for the Coco
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на его месте должен был быть ты
Но это она.
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:iconraritysockfaceplz:-"I CANNOT HIDE WHAT I KNOW TO BE REAL,COCO"!
:iconmlpspikeplz:-I can live with this Rarity.
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She's replaced her Trenderhoof shrine with one of Coco.

Word of advice Ms. Pommel: When you're with her, never get yourself stuck in a room you can't get out of.
Well it harmless until you not crush into Applejack.
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"You really should put these on, darling."
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I like how draw Coco and Rarity. :-)
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Your welcome.:-)
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