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Winx Club. Roxy Enchantix Concept

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Omg she looks so pretty in Enchantix. I love this so so so much it looks amazing!

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I’m very sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to know if it would be alright with you if I were to use this design for a fan fiction I’m writing that’s currently in a WIP. I know you’ve been asked this question a lot and each time you’ve answered that it was okay, and I’m so sorry to be the one to ask it again. But I just wanted to make sure if this designs was still okay to use as long as credit is given.
(Which I of course do if you say it’s alright.)
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Thank you so much!!💖
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This Roxy is amazing! Can you send me wings please? I need 2 both versions this one and that one with glitters. 
I love your arts.
Wait.. I can't figure out how to create a personalized Winx fairy that looks like it could actually be in the episodes....

How did you do that? What did you use?
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Hi fantazyme!!! I'm Yugi95x, an Italian guy, who is writing a Winx Club fanfiction on an Italian site, dedicated to this. I've watched a lot of your concept art, focused on Winx Club character. They are wonderful and I really admire your clverness. So I have to ask you a very very big favour. Can I use the images of Daphne (Bloomix form) and Roxy (Enchantix form and Bloomix form) as visual support for readers? I'm quite good as a writer, but I'm not able to invent and describe a particular fairy transformation XD. Sorry to bother you and if you deny the permission I'll undestand: ther's no problem.
Regards, Yugi95x.
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well, as Roxy has an important role in my backup fanfiction (you can read it on my DeviantArt page tomorrow in the evening), i would like to ask if i could link this picture under the part where she gains her Enchantix.
also, Mirta gains her Enchantix at some point as well, and there is another character who, obviously, also gains her Enchantix later on.
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sure you can use it
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nice, thanks. btw, I uploaded the first part of my backup fanfiction a few days ago, so you can read it if you want.
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wow this is amazing! <3 I love it! Can you post her wings in png please?? ^^
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this is so awesome i can make her in a realy winx transformation animation
can i do this i will post the link of your deviantart account under the video of cause…

Your Katy
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If you want to make her enchantix animation- sure)
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you know, i often imagined how she would get her Enchantix in the actual show. instead of the Season 6 as we got it, we get something else: Bloom is sick and has to stay on Domino, as it is a magical disease and every being with less magical power than she can get infected, and it takes a being with more powerful magic than her to cast an effective curing spell (not so good to have the most powerful magic after all, is it?). however, Tecna put some things together to allow the Winx to visit Bloom. they are based on an TV show from Earth and allow virtual presence (yes, this show :) ). Musa brings her a letter from Roxy, which explains how she, as well as the other fairies in her class, gained their Charmix and Enchantix, and instead of just watching a sneezing and coughing Bloom try to read the letter, we actually get to see what happened.
for the Charmix, the fairies made a trip into the Wildlands, and this part is actually shown in a slideshow, so we have the rest of the season time to see how the girls get their Enchantix: the whole class makes a trip to each of the student´s homeworld, one week per student from this world. Also, Mirta is in her class and the two become friends. for the trip to Earth, Roxy at first plans to go to Tir Nan Og, but ends up picking Wacken (a small 700 people village in Germany), as she doesnt know what time of the year it is (link:… :) ). A storm happens, someone gets lost outside and Roxy saves him, gets blown away by the storm and earn her Enchantix, which allows her to fly back safely. ok, there probably is some official business to take care of, but if they change the name of the festival, I guess noone will bother :)
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Wow at first I thought this was her official transformation from the thumbnail ,you definitely got Roxy's style down perfectly. Her Believix is pretty simple for being a Believix transformation so I like how you kept with that for her Enchantix yet still made it elegant. Good job keep up the great  work :)!
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well, for all i know she doesnt have her Believix powers yet. i mean, only fairies who already gained Enchantix can become Believix fairies, so if you are referring to the point where she told her dad that she way a fairy, i guess that is the standart transformation.
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Well her transformation song is the instrumental to the believeix theme song and she also has believix wings so I am pretty sure that is her believix form though it could be a lot weaker like Blooms enchantix was. 
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In the first season, Stella made Bloom and her parents believe in magic and fairies, and she didnt get her Believix there.
also, the fact that fairies on Earth seem to be different from fairies on other worlds (not just due to being rare, but also because unlike, lets say, Zenith, Earth isnt focused on a special type of magic) makes me think that Roxy´s different appearance in her first fairy form could be because she is from Earth.

or she has some sort of unintended hybrid-power thing, as she made herself belive in fairies... after all, we never seen her use any Believix powers, but her wings are indeed different from thewings of the Winx in their first form.
random funfact: when Bloom gained her Enchantix on Pyros and saved her friends from the Ice Worm on Omega, i was like "This isnt even her final form" :)
though honestly, i dont like her. good thing i write a Huntik/Winx Club crossover fanfiction where she doesnt have a single line of dialogue. ok, maybe at some point, when Roxy and Mirta show Cathy around in the Magic Dimension and go to Domino. but i can have Daphne do the talking as well. also, this is just a prequel to another fanfiction, where Bloom gets some trouble as Icy bonds with the titan Ymir (who instantly becomes powerbonded due to both being all about ice), but also helps Diaspro get Sirenix powers. I´m not going too much into detail as to what her special Sirenix spell (working title: Gem of Sirenix) does, i just say its bad for Bloom :)
also, these fanfictions take place after the events of S5, meaning that Sirenix is the Winx´ highest fairy form. also, as someone who knows Huntik, i would say that Ymir, without being powerbonded, would be more than enough of a challenge for Bloom on her own, as she has no idea what the hell this thing is (about 35 feet tall and a wlaking avalanche: big, almost unstoppable and deadly), but as the titan is powerbonded in my fanfiction, i guess it would be best if she just gets knocked out or something. though, nah, i prefer her fighting against an army of regenerating ice monsters that constantly increase in number with theonly hope of stopping it being to destroy the titan who creates this army, who is being protected by Mitzy and her army of Gremlow titans :)
and yes, i just took about anyone i know who doesnt like Bloom and gave them the power to defeat her one-on-one, and then just had them team up. this doesnt mean i hate her, she is just my least favourite character in the show, and i treat her like that. ok, she isnt on her own in the final battle, and Tecna gets to use her Sirenix spell Aura of Sirenix for a pretty nice power up, so i guess both sides have a similar chance of winning :)
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The dress on Roxy is beautiful! And the wings are a perfect match! The "loopy" part on the sandals--love it! But have you noticed what's missing? The tiara! To me, no fairy is an Enchantix fairy without a tiara or barrettes. All-in-all, great work! Oh, and I love the braids on her hair, by the way! Pretty!:) (Smile) Clap Heart +fav Love +favlove 
looks more like Sophix :o
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Wow nan just wow.

Je vais l'intégrer à ma fiction (si elle est un jour écrite lol). Avec crédits bien sur. En fait j'ai la flemme de créer son Enchantix (en plus de celui de Faragonda) et là je tombe sur cette merveille *_* Tu me sauves la vie là
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