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Welcome to FantasyWarriorWomen! We appreciate non-sexualized females who show strength through sword, bow, and spell. OCs and fancharacters are welcome!



:bulletred: All submissions should be sent to the "Featured" folder. As new works come in, your submissions will eventually be sorted into the other gallery folders. You must be a member to submit artwork...members are allowed three submissions per day. This may change in the future as the group gets larger. Join requests are reviewed and approved by voting.

:bulletred: This group is for showcasing artwork that depicts females only...sorry, guys! You are welcome to join the group, though, provided you play by the rules. :) No nudity, sexual innuendo, or pornographic material allowed! Eschergirls will be rejected.We want to show strong warrior women, not pin-ups or male fantasies. Outfits cannot be ridiculously skimpy.

:bulletred: As the group is focused on warrior women, characters must be wearing armor, wielding a weapon, and/or using magic or showing power - If it's a portrait, characters need to be revealed as warrior women in the description.

:bulletred: Traditional, digital, photography, photomanipulation, and 3D artwork are allowed. Submissions must be complete - no WIPs or sketches. Tracing is not allowed. Screenshots and wallpapers are not allowed. Stock images may be submitted if they can be used for creating fantasy scenes - but they must be of females only. Images of hand-crafted fantasy armor for women can also be submitted.

:bulletred: This group's focus is on high and historical fantasy. As such, futuristic/sci-fi submissions are not allowed - no modern or space-age artwork, please.

:bulletred: Fancharacters and Fanart are allowed. Fanfictions and other literature, however, are not.

:bulletred: All submissions must also follow dA rules and policies.





Hello FWW Community,
First I'd like to apologize for the absence. Due an unforeseen illness and hospitalization I'm no longer going to be able to admin the group in a timely manner the way it needs to be. I'm looking for help, lots of it. If you have a good idea of what this group stands for and feel you have the time to help, please message me. Upcoming treatments will keep me away for an extended period of time and this group has been on Deviant for so long and I do not want to see it deactivated.
Thank you for your understanding and help.
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