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:confused: How can I Find Other Avatar Makers?
What if you don't like FantasyStockAvatars's style of making avatars?
Are there other av makers whose work you'd like more?

:bulletgreen: This is a list of some av makers on DA that follow deviantART rules. (50x50 pixels, 15kb or less, etc.) They also meet the following criteria:
  • All these avatar artists allow their avvies to be used for free by other DA members.
  • Each of these av makers use original art, and not ripped off art from movie screen shots or manga. Unless permission from the original artist is mentioned in their avatar descriptions, if I find out that other artists' works were used in the av maker's gallery without permission, their icon may be removed from this list.
  • These av makers are usually willing to take requests from any deviants that need avatars. And they don't charge money.
  • This is not a club!! Every av maker on this list gave me his or her permission to add their icons and brief bios about their avs here. To be clear, I am not taking submissions to upload in my own gallery. FantasyStockAvatars takes no responsibility for any content found in these av makers' galleries.

:bulletgreen: So, Deviants, here are some nice av makers that may be willing to let you use their avatars (or make one for you) if you adhere to their policies, which you should always adhere to. The following list has the most recently added av maker at the top:

    :iconlittletess89: (Added on Saturday, September 02, 2008.)
  • littletess89 does Avatar customizations along with pixel icons. Free to use of course. =] She also does requests via note.
  • :iconmoonfreak-stock: (Added on Saturday, June 07, 2008.)
  • moonfreak-stock is an account owned by moonfreak, who makes free avatars in her spare time using Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady CS2. There are free-for-use avatars and examples of her work in this gallery, and she takes requests by note to moonfreak. Her main focus is animated pixels, and her strengths are objects and symbols.
  • :icondarkneoabyss: (Added on Tuesday, January 29, 2008.)
  • darkneoabyss makes free pixel art avatars, which can be found here. His avvie shading is high quality, and he makes cute animations.
  • :iconzagittorch: (Added on Friday, July 20, 2007.)
  • Zagittorch makes pixel animated avatars, mostly cute ones with sort of an anime-stylish look. Her avatar inventory and and list of rules are here.
  • :iconcatluvr2: (Added on Thursday, July 19, 2007.)
  • catluvr2 generally makes Fella-themed avatars, but he will occasionally make others. He can animate the avatar if you mention it to him in your request. His avatars are open to anyone. He takes requests, but they usually take longer to create.
  • :icongoldandsilvereyes: (Added on Tuesday, April 24, 2007.)
  • GoldAndSilverEyes likes to make images that, while small, still deliver the sense of story and place usually seen in larger images. If you want one, please drop a note either for one of the finished avvies in the gallery, or if you have some other idea in mind.
  • :iconcandysores: (Added on Monday, April 16, 2007.)
  • candysores creates cute pixel avatars that are likely to hit just about anybody's sweet tooth. She uses Animation Shop 3 and Paint Shop Pro 8 for her avatars. She loves to make free use avatars on her spare time, and will occasionally take special requests!
  • :icondeejaylobo: (Added on Thursday, April 12, 2007.)
  • deejaylobo is an emoticonist who recently started making avatars. He made a Fakemon series of avatars which started out as his reaction to the recent DA Pokemon avatar craze. deejaylobo is having fun with avatar making, and he likes to make them funny more than anything else.  Feel free to note him anytime with what you want and he'll try his best to make you an avatar you'll like.
  • :iconbiag: (Added on Thursday, April 05, 2007.)
  • biag (aka: Luke) makes pixel avatars for people. He believes avatars should be small, simple but with a hell of alot of detail. Come along and enjoy one of his free avatars for your page!
  • :iconescanive: (Added on Thursday, April 05, 2007.)
  • escanive is a young av maker in Norway that recently discovered the world of avatar making, creating avatars now and then for everyone to use freely in his spare time. He plays around with his Wacom Intuos3 A5 graphic tablet and Photoshop.
  • :icondpa-avatars: (Added on Sunday, October 22, 2006.)
  • DPA-avatars mostly creates free use avatars, but will do requests for those who ask. The only policiy you are asked to follow regarding these avs is that the avatars are only for use on devART, and permisson must be asked for use on other sites. Your requests would be gotten to as quickly as possible, and re-doing avatars is ok. But please keep in mind that this is a busy Deviant.
  • :iconzimazem: (Added on Thursday, October 12, 2006.)
  • ZimaZem likes to make animated avatars using Flash and Arcsoft PhotoStudio. If you visit her gallery, you'll see her fondness for creating great Invader Zim avs. Due to her intense schedule, you can request an avatar by sending ZimaZem a [note], but please be patient and understand that this av maker is busy.
  • :iconitimebomb: (Added on Wednesday, September 6, 2006.)
  • itimebomb generally makes avatars for the anthro artist community, though she is in no way limited to just that. She makes pixel heads of vaious kinds of characters. She uses a simple program called Easy GIF Animator, which is rather limited. But she still achieves wonderful effects, especiall with animation. Please read her guidelines before sending her a [note] with your descriptive requests.
  • :iconrissarox: (Added on Friday, September 1, 2006.)
  • RissaRox takes requests for personalized avatars, and she has a selection of free-use icons as well. Please to send requests via a [note] with a description of what you'd like her to make for you. She can do photomanipulated avatars, digital avs, or she uses her skills as a photographer. In return for her generosity please send her a [note], letting her know that you're wearing/using one of her avs.
  • :iconwho-is-chill: (Added on Monday, August 28, 2006.)
  • Who-Is-Chill is a French photomanipulator (and photographer) that uses Photoshop CS.2 and ImageReady CS.2, often using your deviations to do a cool animated avatars for you. Please to send a [note], telling him about the avatar of your personal choice. Check out his current personalized avatars here:…
  • :iconyourealldoomed: (Added on Wednesday, August 23, 2006.)
  • YoureallDOOMED makes avatars (using MS Paint and pixel) that are mostly based on cartoons and comics. She really likes to make icons with a nice variety of colours. And she also loves taking requests. YoureallDOOMED takes requests by [note].
  • :iconinvader-zero: (Added on Saturday, August 12, 2006.)
  • Invader-Zero creates all kinds of avatars for pretty much anything (mainly horror, random or humor). He can animate them in either Fireworks or Flash (users can have a choice), and he can also do still images. Send a [note] specifying what type of avatar you want, and he'll make it fast! His only policy is that avatars are NOT to be used outside deviantART without his written permission.
  • :iconjifener: (Added on Friday, August 11, 2006.)
  • jifener makes avies from your original work, or she'll take photos of what she can to make your avatar. She prefers not to make animated avatars. jifener has only one policy for those that use her avs: Just send her a [note] to let her know when you use her work.
  • :iconnt-121784: (Added on Saturday, August 5, 2006.)
  • NT-121784 Makes free use avatars for anyone to wear. You'll find several different looks of pixelated bliss in this av maker's gallery! NT-121784 also runs a group for Deviants who make cursors and other pixel goodies at Cursor-Mania.
  • :iconnad-avatars: (Added on Wednesday, August 2, 2006.)
  • nad-avatars can personalize avatars. She likes to make a variety of various avatars like eye avatars, lips avatars, gothic or bloody avatars; you name it! She doesn't require anyone to credit her when using her avs. All she wants in return is you to [note] her if you use one of her avvies.
  • :iconkoooldawg: (Added on Thursday, July 6, 2006.)
  • koooldawg All his avatars are for free use and he will resize and personalize them if needed. He doesn't make any thing too hard to draw, but some of his avatars are fairly complex. You can [note] him for requests or check out his [gallery] to find free avatars to wear.
  • :iconthe-avatar-creat0r: (Added on Monday, June 26, 2006.)
  • The-Avatar-CREAT0R uses Microsoft GIF Animator, along with paint or sprites. He mostly makes video game avatars, but he will random things if they sound interesting. You can send him a [note] with your avatar requests.
  • :iconrockstock: (Added on Saturday, June 24, 2006.)
  • RockStock makes animated avatars using photographs and photomanips (they usually start life as something else and then get the avatar-treatment), and some of her avatars are purely graphical. Her rules of use can be viewed here:…
  • :icongoopygoo: (Added on Saturday, June 24, 2006.)
  • Goopygoo makes random things into avatars such as, sporks, watermelons, and other fun stuff (he's able to make most types of avs). He can animate avs too. He'll do custom avs if you send a [note] (subject: "avi please"). DA does have limits, so "please refrain from asking for flying elephants on unicycles, juggling acorns, doing the Electric Slide." You can find his policies here:…
  • :iconnakotu: (Added on Friday, June 23, 2006.)
  • Nakotu often creates pixel circular avatars, and somtimes in all shapes in either photoshop 3 or MSpaint. Most of them are macabre and horror. She can also make avatars of your characters, persona/fursona, etc. Her avvies are usually done for trade or just for fun. She does not take commissions.
  • :iconcartoonchixrsexy: (Added on Friday, June 23, 2006.)
  • CartoonChixRSexy uses Photoshop & Ulead GIF Animator 5. He draws the specific details you want. From characters to color schemes, he'll make fanart avs (even complex ones), refusing to give up; if you don't like it, he'll keep at it until he's fufilled your vision of what you want. He'll also make any size av you need.
  • :iconalchemist151: (Added on Friday, June 23, 2006.)
  • alchemist151 uses Macromedia Fireworks to create avatars which are mostly related to video games and movies. However, she also enjoys making random avatars, and will make custom avatars for anyone who asks. Her avatar use policy is located here:…
  • :iconavatar-magic: (Added on Friday, June 23, 2006.)
  • Avatar-Magic is a small group of talented avatar makers who make free, personalised avatars on request!
  • :iconshoulderdemon: (Added on Friday, June 23, 2006.)
  • ShoulderDemon (also called Alyssa or Gamin) enjoys making simple pixel avatars. Often, Alyssa will animate them with ImageReady. She, however, only makes avs "on the side"; this artists excels in cartooning and other media. Requests are accepted by [note] as long as her to-do list is looking decent.
  • :iconrocksicle: (Added on Thursday, June 22, 2006.)
  • rocksicle makes avatars in pixelart, vectors, photomanipulation and uses Photoshop mostly. He'll make an avatar for anyone with cool and original artwork on dA. His avatars are varied but have included in the past: robots, voo-doo dolls, scooters, cars, wrestlers, brains, lips, lemons and more.
  • :iconretrozombie: (Added on Sunday, June 18, 2006.)
  • RetroZombie likes to try different styles with his avatars. He works mostly in Photoshop CS2 but can also do "3D" animation avatars. Most of all he likes a challenge. He will do avatars by request via [note]. Check his shout-box for the current "waiting list". His avatar policy is described here:…
  • :iconforgottenlosses: (Added on Saturday, June 17, 2006.)
  • forgottenlosses creates pixel avatars and adoptable images for free upon request. Her avatars are often animated, and she especially enjoys making images rooted in video games or cartoon characters. She is willing to create images for anyone, so long as they abide by the rules mentioned in this journal entry:…
  • :iconx0thatgirl0x: (Added on Saturday, June 17, 2006.)
  • x0thatgirl0x makes animated and transparent avatars of any type using any picture. (Or no picure if requested.) She does not make pixel avatars, but her skills for avvie making are great nonetheless! For requests, please send her a [note], describing your request as best as you can.
  • :iconavatar-inc: (Added on Saturday, June 17, 2006.)
  • avatar-inc is a new club. (NOW SEEKING NEW MEMBERS! Club rules can be found here:…) It's a club for av makers that want to share their unique, free-use avatars with the DA community. avatar-inc was founded by the ever talented avarator, and co-founded by me.
  • :iconevilsatana: (Added on Friday, June 16, 2006.)
  • EvilSatana makes pixel avatars through trade or request. She specializes in creating wolves, and she is currently practiceing anime. She is also willing to try other animals. Just send a [note].
  • :iconspongee0990: (Added on Tuesday, June 13, 2006.)
  • spongee0990 is into online games and strategy games genre. She uses characters from this games to make an avie. Making an av is just a hobby for her, but she can make avatars by request. she's also into emoticon making. She's currently using Corel Photo Paint, Adobe Photoshop, 3D studio max, Xara 3D and MS Paint. Please send requests by [note].
  • :iconserpentjoe: (Added on Monday, June 12, 2006.)
  • Serpentjoe can make avatars (50x50 pixels) on request, but he usually makes bitmaps for games such as textures, tiles, sprites, etc. His rules for use can be found here:… He currently uses MS Paint, so animated or Photoshop avatars are unavailable at this time. Please send requests by [note].
  • :iconrealdeal2u4u: (Added on Sunday, June 11, 2006.)
  • realdeal2u4u mostly takes requests only for the video game genre, but he usually willing try something new. Most of the time his avatars are animated. His only policy is if you want to use one, please ask by sending a [note] with a description of what you want.
  • :iconrosesagae: (Added on Saturday, June 10, 2006.)
  • RoseSagae makes pixel avatars of anything ranging from mythical beasts to obnoxiously cute animals.  She does not take requests, but has a few avatars that the public may use as long as they read and abide by the rules mentioned in this journal entry:…
  • :iconalenacat: (Added on Friday, June 9, 2006.)
  • alenacat makes personalized, animal avatars, which are created pixel by pixel with brush shading. She doesn't take requests, but trades are possible if you send her a [note]. She requires a reference sheet to use when designing personal characters into avatars.
  • :iconarrioch: (Added on Saturday, June 3, 2006.)
  • arrioch only makes avatars on request, and all of them are animated. The types of avs he makes can be found here:… If you're interested in having him create one of his animated avvies for you, just send him a [note].
  • :iconwolfhawkdejavu: (Added on Friday, June 2, 2006.)
  • wolfhawkdejavu works mainly on trades, but occasionally requests are open if you send a [note]. Most are animals or mythical creatures. She'll do characters with minor letter animation or a slideshow-type avvie (with or without text) using your art.
  • :iconbasi: (Added on Thursday, June 1, 2006.)
  • basi only makes animal avatars; she'll try any animal. She doesn't take requests, but trades are open periodically to any who want avs. All icons are made in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 pixel by pixel, then brush shaded. Each av is personalized for the reciever, rarely using a base twice. Anyone who wishes to trade with her can send a [note].
  • :icontin-can-man: (Added on Thursday, June 1, 2006.)
  • tin-can-man is a varied artist focusing on photography and digital work. He will make avatars on request by [notes], and he specialises in producing iconic avatars with the glassy effect such as his own. He uses Photoshop CS and Imageready CS. This is, by the way, the dude that made my (FantasyStockAvatars) avvie.
  • :iconstacynina: (Added on Wednesday, May 31, 2006.)
  • stacynina's avatars are one of a kind, made lovingly pixel by pixel. Most of her icons are peoples animals or fursonas, but she can make anything that comes to mind. Although she doesn't take requests anymore, you can participate in an art trade with her if you send her a [note] with a link to a character reference and 4-7 letters that will blink or be animated, and she will get back to you asap.
  • :iconavarator: (Added on Tuesday, May 30, 2006.)
  • avarator's avatars are made with PhotoShop CS2 and ImageReady. They are not limited to a definite style, and there is no "fear of the dark." Personal wishes can be regarded. Look here for further information.
  • :iconseiyalovers-clips: (Added on Monday, May 29, 2006.)
  • seiyalovers-clips loves to make avatars. She submits new avatars to DA all the time, and he will also take requests by [note]. Her avatars as free for anyone to use, so long as you adhere to her terms of use: seiyalovers-clips.deviantart.c…
  • :icondauntiemagic: (Added on Monday, May 29, 2006.)
  • dauntiemagic does a variety of art work, but still makes avatars for use here:… She makes what comes to mind, as well as requests using your art work or your other ideas. Her avs are free to use, but please see her useage rules.
  • :iconm-fox: (Added on Monday, May 29, 2006.)
  • M-Fox takes requests only. Although his avatars are not for general use, he can make a custom avatar for you. Requests to M-Fox must be made by sending him a detailed [note], describing the av you want as specifically as you can.
  • :iconpale-eyecons: (Added on Sunday, May 28, 2006.)
  • pale-eyecons is a new avatar account. She likes working with eyes in her avatar art. Her avatars are basically free for use, except for the ones that say otherwise in their descriptions. She simply asks for a link back or credit in your journal or somewhere else if you use one of her avatars. Requests can be sent to her by note.
  • :iconquacklingsavatars: (Added on Sunday, May 28, 2006.)
  • quacklingsavatars will try anything once, but if it messes up the first time, she'll try it again. So if you want a free personalized avatar, [just ask]! She doesn't draw anime, but she is always happy to use your own art to create an anime avvie. Here quacklingsavatars.deviantart.c… are quacklingsavatars's rules of use.
  • :iconfantasystockavatars: (EXAMPLE: Added on Sunday, May 20, 2006.)
  • FantasyStockAvatars (me) makes free avatars for your use with PhotoImpact and Ulead GIF Animator, and she sometimes works with other deviantArtists to create avvies, but she enjoys working with YOUR own art the best. Most of her gallery avs may be used as clipart if you read how in her rules. Customized avs are available (in spare time) upon request.

:bulletgreen: How Can I Get My Icon Listed Here?
You can do this via private [note] if you like, subject "Av Makers List". Please also include a short bio about the kinds of avs you make, links to your policies (if applicable), or whatever else may be of interest to av seekers. A few sentences would be fine. If your avatar gallery meets the above criteria, I'll put your link on this page!! It would be very much appreciated if you would add this list fantasystockavatars.deviantart… to your main page journal. Thanks!

:floating: HAVE FUN!! :floating:
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:iconr0se-designs: is also very good I use her avatars
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My sister resized an avatar gif that we have in our pics to 50x50 but it still kept the original size and she wants it to be below 15kb but she wants it to keep the same without seeing any pixels Do you by any chance know a site that can help her either make that one smaller or make a whole new gif of her own
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how do you make avatars
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hey if you download the animation of hitsugaya i made could you turn it into my avatar?? when i tried to deviant art wouldnt let me
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Yes, I could maybe... If you sent a link to me in a note at ^FantasyStock. (I don't check this account nearly enough.)
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could someone make me a Jonas Brothers avatar?or something musical???
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can you make me a dragon avatar

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aw wouw!! thats grait!! can i pleas use one!!! i would realy love to if u dont mind!! :hug:
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soooooo how can i make my own avatar on here?
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I would love an avatar of me? Note me for a chibi picture of me
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Wait so... you make avatars? Right? For anyone thats listening, I want a WILSON Avatar from HOUSE MD saying something in blue glittering letters like- 'House no more pillz for joo.' Or something like that. Im a noob.
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plz make me an avatar!!! can i plz request? if so, golden dragon plz!
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help me out here please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i need an awseome avatar!
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I love your avatars!
Do you have any horse ones? Or are making any? I really want an avatar and i've seen alot, but i dont want to take someone elses. Like i love ummm.. is it QueenOfGoldfishes? Something liek that, but i love her avatar, its so cute! But i dont want to take it when she already has it..
So if your making any horse ones, or have some available, you can message me..
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love is in the air <fly fly away>
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who would make 3 conjoined avatars of pokemon
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can i have one avatar? ._.
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Who of those people can make and animated connected avatar for me and my boyfriend?:blush:
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It depends on what you want the avatar/s to look like... Can you be more specific?
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Could you make me an avatar of ash and may from pokemon when you've got a sec? remember, it has to be 50x50 pixels! PLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZ!!
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could you make me one with ike from the smash bros brawl game :D
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