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When requesting an avatar, it helps me to know a few things. This outline is meant to give you some understanding of what I need to know...

Please send your request in a note to me. If I don't feel that I have enough information to create your avatar, I may write back to you with questions. The more information you give me in your first note will help me create the avatar you want in less time.

    1. Please be as descriptive as you can. I want to make an avatar that you will like, hopefully on the first try. Knowing what you want is important to me. 2. What colors do you want me to use? 3. Do you want you avatar animated? Would you like fast animation, or slow animation? Would you like it to flash really fast? Do you want it to slowly transition between frames at a relaxed pace? 4a. What images would you like me to use? I cannot use any images that I don't have permission to use. Please send links to any images that you'd like to have in your avatar. It's probably best to send links to images that are from your own gallery, otherwise I have to get written permission from the artist that made the art you want, and that can take a lot of time waiting for a reply from them. 4b. Please note, I generally don't have the time to make images myself. Which means that I usually expect you to come up with your own images. So, for example, if you want a pirate running around, I will need you to come up with the image of the pirate that you want me to animate. If he has to spin in circles, I may need front, back, and side views of your pirate. 4c. Yes, I can resize photos. Some don't convert well to small dimensions, but I always do my best to try to make it work. 5. Do you want text in your avatar? If so, what type of font would you like? Do you want the text to scroll across the avatar, or do you want it to be constantly present? Or maybe you'd like your text to blink with your username. 6. Keep in mind that a deviantART avatar is only 50x50 pixels in size. Too much test maybe be too small to read. Some images may not appear right when sized that small. 7. If you like, you can even include what kind of shape you want your avatar to have. Do you want it to be round? Square? Star-shaped? Feel free to let me know if you have a preference.
These are the most important things for me to know before I begin making your avatar. I appreciate you for taking the time to read this before you send your request!


I get asked these questions kind of often, so I figured it may be fun and convenient to keep a simple list of answers...

    1. How do you make avatars? I use two Ulead programs for this: PhotoImpact and GIF Animator. All avatars are created in different ways. I generally don't use templates for avatars, so no two are the same. With animated avatars, I use PI to create each frame individually, and then I loop the frames together in GIF Animator. 2. Do you take requests for stamps? Yeah. See the above guidelines if you want to request one. 3. How long does it take to make an avatar? Simple avatars may only take about 20 minutes. (Sometmes less.) More complicated avvies can take up to a whole day to make. It really depends on what effects I'm trying to achieve. 4. Is this a club? Nope. FantasyStockAvatars is NOT a club. I'm just one person. I also have a stockart account at FantasyStock for people that want to use my stock for their art. And I help run avatar-inc, which IS a club for avatar creators. 5. Where else can I get an avatar? You can look thorugh my list of Avatar Makers. There is also the Avatars & Icons Forum, where you can request avatars.
I hope this satifies curiosity. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask below. Have a fabulous day, and have fun!

:floating: Thank You!! :floating:

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Could you make me a non-animated heart/peace sign avatar? In pink? WOuld you be able to make it without a picture? And could you put the word "Peace" across the bottom? Just so you know, there is no reason you would have to do this. So if your too busy, I don't need it.