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:floating: This is Going to be Very Relaxed. :floating:
1. FantasyStockAvatars is NOT a club. Just pick an avatar that you like from my gallery. Upload it, and wear it as your DA avatar for as long as you want. You do NOT need my permission to use my avatars on deviantART. Scraps are NOT "free use" avatars, and you should NOT use them unless they were made for you. (See "Personalized Avatars" below.) However, [my gallery] is full of gifts, just waiting to be used.

:postit: Most Avatars are Available as Stock Clipart:
2. Unless otherwise specified in the description of an individual avatar, you may use these avatars as stock clipart. I ask that you adhere to FantasyStock's Three Golden Rules for stock use, found here:… - If my avatars are used off-site (another site besides deviantART), I'd like a linkback to FantasyStock (my main account, which provides stockart resources and stockphotos) as credit somewhere on that web page. Once again, if my avatar is used for clipart, please defer to the rules here:… (And one more time, Scraps are NOT meant for anyone other than those for whom they were made.)

:postit: Artists:
3. If you'd be wonderful enough to donate a piece of art from your gallery or your scraps, I'm interested in making some avatars with your work! You would be credited in the avatar's descrition. And a link would be provided to the original piece of artwork. (Maybe a way to get your name around?) Please [note me] if you'd be interested in allowing me to use pieces of your work. Almost any kind of visual art is good. But I won't use anyone else's art (even stockart) without permission first. Please note that every avatar (except for the ones in my Scraps) are possibly used as stock clipart unless that you specifically state that you do NOT want your work used in that way. (See "Most Avatars are Available as Stock Clipart" above.) There is a list of artists that have given written permission for me to use their art here: fantasystockavatars.deviantart…

:postit: Personalized Avatars:
4. Please always read this first. That is everything you need to know about asking me to make a personalized avatar for you! Please at least skim all seven steps. (Particularly in regard to #4) Please be specific in what you want. The better the description, the better I can make your avatar. (Although, please do NOT ask me to make an avatar that goes against DA's policies.) Site only your OWN art to be used in your avatar. If you want to use someone else's art, that artist should [note me] with permission for me to use their art in your avatar. When I complete your request, your new avatar will be uploaded and kept in my scraps. Your main page link will be added to the description, along with a link to any original art used to create your avatar. The avatars that end up in my scraps are NOT for anyone else's use other than those deviants mentioned in the scrap's description. There's no need for you to link back to me when using my personalized avatars. It's a gift. Free and simple as that.

:postit: Got a Suggestion or an Idea for My Avatars or Rules?
5. Well, not personalized for you, but just a good idea? You can [note me], and I'll give it a try if I like your suggestion. I have a whole folder in my DA notes called "Suggestions", in which I keep your ideas until I have time (or skill) to complete them.

:postit: Did I Leave a Stone Unturned?
6. If I left anything out of these rules, or if something sounds confusing, please leave your message HERE, in THIS journal entry. Please be sure to read through the comments, maybe your question has already been answered!

[Rules for Use]
[Non-Animated Avs] [Animated Avs] [Zodiac Avs] [Rune Avs]  [Birthstone Avs] [Road Sign Avs] [Stamps]
[My Free-Use Avs] [Personalized Custom Avs]

:floating: HAVE FUN! :floating:

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TheGalaxyParade's avatar
OK this sounds odd but can I use one for a picture on a wiki page I am makeing, it's called Runewisp and it is on AJ clans wiki.
GothicxCute's avatar
can I use on my profile as a icon
BlackKnight142's avatar
Can i use one of your avatars?
RoxyTheWhiteWolf's avatar
Can I use one of ur icons?
bhudicae's avatar
your icons are GREAT!! :heart: you're the best for letting people use them, I'm going to use one for the soon as I can decide one!! :love:
Gelada-King's avatar
You're welcome to anything in my gallery~
Timesquadgirl's avatar
Do you have them in green?
TaserTricks's avatar made the grinning kitty avatar, right? ~SketchKitty1, or :iconsketchkitty1: is using it, which is fine, but they also claimed that they made it. I just wanted to let you know, because they have also stolen some art previously.
NobodyButterfly's avatar
How do you make avatars exactly?
s-symph's avatar
I think it's awesome that you make all of these avatars for free use! I fail at making my own icons so I'm definitely going to browse your gallery and look for one that I like. Thanks in advance!~ ^-^
xxWitchBrittneyxx's avatar
Is it ok if I wear your Pisces icon?
Stevenator-20xx's avatar
What if i want to use your icon for journals?
Brinckmyster's avatar
so... I was wondering if I could use your stuff? :please: I'd give you credit for it, of course! :nod: I want it for TAW (an ATLA RPG Forum), but I refuse to use things without their creator's permission first. :innocent:

I didn't see anything about use on other sites... ^^;
unseelie-lament's avatar
as long as you dont mind, im using your pink pixie wings icon
Thaite's avatar
My english isn't best so i undersstand like half about that but perhaps you 'll came shout me if i'm doing wrong :)
PuppyFan1234's avatar
Ummmm.. Mabey u can say u have 2 give me credit
jadDino's avatar
You're so :censored: awesome! I use your x shield as my icon. :worship: :glomp:
Ashkaa's avatar
:glomp: I think it is awesome that you let people use your avatars for free. :D
Novello's avatar
Even though we don't have to ask permission - I just want you to know that I'm using this one and I love it to pieces~!
DragaFlammis's avatar
This is so cool! Thank you for the use of your avatars! =D
Slywhitetiger03's avatar
I read the rules and I'm going to use this avatar thank you for making it free
celt1265's avatar
Thank's for the avatar.
sierramedellin's avatar
would you be able to edit my avatar or make me one? yours are so cool
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