2008 Faith in Humanity Project

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Stamp: Faith in Humanity 2008 by FantasyStockAvatars
Project Founded by XX-Shadow-XY


Below are my Faith in Humanity Points for 2008. I'm starting with 1 point for each day of the year. (365 to start the year.) Every time something or someone renews my faith in humanity I will add 1 point to this list. However, each time something or someone makes me doubt humanity I'll take away 1 point.

365 Faith in Humanity Points Started on Jan.15.2008
FIH Points</sub>

The most recent events will always get added to the top of the list. Points will be tallied (under this box) each time the list is updated.

March 28 | +18pts | Reason: 18 very sweet comments with well wishes.
March 27 | +1pt | Reason: GeneraIShy was kind & generous.
March 05 | +1pt | Reason: Elandria coded CSS for my journals, and gave me a most helpful tutorial.
March 05 | +1pt | Reason: tehkella spent all night teaching me to use the free Mozilla FTP thingy.
March 04 | +1pt | Reason: tehkella gave me free web space!!
March | +45pts | Reason: 45 entries to my Spartan Fella Plushie Contest!
March | +10pts | Reason: 10 helpers for my Spartan Fella Plushie Contest!
February 26 | +1pt | Reason: Ms-Darkness was kind & generous.
February 07 | +1pt | Reason: Got a really sweet letter in the mail from my little brother. It was unexpected and very uplifting!
February 05 | +1pt | Reason: WDWParksGal was kind & generous.
February 03 | +1pt | Reason: inthedarkrealm was kind & generous.
January 23 | +1pt | Reason: trowlandson wants my Fella Spartan!
January 21 | +1pt | Reason: Mickey-Mouse finished my zip pack preview templates!
January 21 | +1pt | Reason: MistRaven was kind & generous.
January 21 | +1pt | Reason: LawrenceDeDark gave me a DD in my stock gallery.
January 10 | +1pt | Reason: XtwiceXshakenX was kind & generous.
January 07 | +1pt | Reason: XX-Shadow-XY founded the FIH Project.
January 03 | +1pt | Reason: Sceptre63 was kind & generous.
○ January 01 | -1pt | Reason: Getting lied to on New Year's Day sucks.

★ (star) = points added
(empty circle) = points deducted
Total FIH Points as of Now: 472

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If you know of a link to a Faith in Humanity Project stamp, please let me know, and I'll add it here! Thanks!

I have a lot of hope that humanity isn't all bad. In fact, I want to believe that there's more good than bad in the world. So let's see if I'm right... Feel free to leave a link to your list in the comments below!

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I've heard about the Faith in Humanity Project, but it's cool that you've posted here, because now it makes sense :hug: