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:star: DEDICATED: In support all the Deviants that spend their time and money to donate stockart for other artists to use in their work. This is a most generous endeavor, and each stocker may have rules for users to follow. Please follow their rules whenever you see them... Or even if you just see a link to the rules, please make sure you show your appreciation for their help in your art by respecting their rules and by respecting their art.

Stockphotographers are often the overlooked wizards behind the art you see at DA. They give their work away, and all they ask only for a few guidelines to be adhered to. Please give them your respect!

FAQ #80: Can I add thumbnails to my journal?
FAQ #88: How do I add images to my Journal?

:floating: Have fun! :floating:
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Stock photographers don't get near the attention they deserve. It's not too much to ask to follow a few simple guidelines. Yes, there are those who go overboard with the rules bit, but they're exceedingly rare, and it's worth it to create your art. The rules may seem like the stocker's just being a nitpicky control freak, but look at it from their perspective. They break their asses to provide us with art resources, and in return they have their work stolen and used without their knowledge. Juvenile idiots who can't get over seeing a set of boobs, misuse their image and turn them into porn, or some stupid inflation fetish.. Nonstop demands, critiques and criticism, and take it all in stride, and keep working. Stock providers don't owe us a single thing, and have no obligation to DA whatsoever. They do this because they want to, for the love of the artistic process. We should be giving thanks, and showing love and appreciation. We can create our art because of them. Let's not forget that. So.. grab a random stock provider and give em a hug like a creeper, and say thank you. Meow :3 Clap 
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"Stockphotographers are often the overlooked wizards behind the art you see at DA. They give their work away, and all they ask only for a few guidelines to be adhered to. Please give them your respect!" - I totally agree. The stamp you've made will definitely come in handy :boogie:!
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This is so awesome. <3
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grrr. I just learned it's a subscriber only feature. mm well thank you anyway. I'm not making money from my art on here, si it would actually cost me money to use that feature.. so the trade off isn't worth it. Especially since the most don't even bother to examine the rules, they just take the image from what I've seen so far.

The thought behind this is wonderful!

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Thaank you for creating this! I'm not having luck with the thumb thing or the img src thing.. but I'm still working to get it to show on my deviations.

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Great statement :)
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Amazing, amazing, amazing ! This stamp is PERFECT, and it's always great to see others show appreciation for the hard work all of us stockers put into our art.

Stock artists are horribly underrated and under-appreciated here on dA, yet a lot of people turn to us when looking for something to add that special touch to their art. So many people steal from, and take advantage of, us it's disgusting. Sometimes I just want to stop making stock due to that, but I have to remember that the majority of the people on here are legit and honest.

Thanks again for this awesome stamp ! :hug:
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Great statement!
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This is well worth putting in my journal, thanks for it's creation.
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your stamp was featured on my journal... thanks for making an awesome stamp [link]
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Thanks for letting me know! That's very special to me!! :heart:
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Going to use on my journal.. I really need this right now..
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:hug: Thanks for letting me know!
theestephasaurusrex's avatar
awesome! i like it... im going to be putting this on my journal on my stock account thankys
FantasyStockAvatars's avatar
It's my pleasure! Thanks for letting me know!
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I totally agree... stock-artists spend so much time and effort to bring us what we use to make our work... they deserve support and appreciation.. I'm adding this to my journal :)
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no problem, its my pleasure :)
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I agree!!! i'll use this in my journal :)
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