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Win a Giant Heap of Prizes!
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Contest: Back to Fractal Class
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August 2011 Resources DD Summary
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:thumb256012625::thumb256012625::thumb256012625: Power Outage :thumb43477516::thumb43477516::thumb43477516: I finally got my power back after 4 days of living like I was camping in my house!! A storm knocked out tons of people's power in our area. I have lost all my files (awaiting retrieval from hard drive limbo) after my old computer refused to turn back on when the power returned. I ended up with a new computer, which was an unexpected expense, so it didn't come with the usual "woohoo" that normally accompanies a new computer. Why is it that this stuff only seems to happen after not doing a backup for a while? It never ever happens when
Win a Giant Heap of Prizes!
:thumb256012625::thumb256012625::thumb256012625: CONTEST: BACK TO FRACTALS CLASS! :thumb43477516::thumb43477516::thumb43477516: I can't count how many times someone has said that Resources aren't art. Equally as dismaying is when people say Fractal Art isn't art. Screw the naysayers! Let's prove them wrong by showing everyone the best of both worlds!! Please :+fav: the OFFICIAL CONTEST ARTICLE. There's a shit ton of prizes up for grabs! The rules are simple. Please spread the word and join in the fun! :thumb255112322: You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain! Come try it out and experience a whole new kind of art and a new way o
Embedding Video Codes! :thumb43477516::thumb43477516::thumb43477516: So, I hope you've all seen that dA now allows premium members to embed videos in their journals! (Hurrah!) This is how it works...Deviant Films require this code: dA films look like this: Vimeo Films require this code: Vimeo films look like this: YouTube Films require this code: Youtube films look like this: You can read more about embedding videos HERE. Your visitors can now watch your favorite online videos from your journal! What this means for me is MOAR video resources!!! http://sakky-attack.devia
Fractal Resource Fridays!!
What's a Daily Deviation?    A Daily Deviation (DD) is a one-day feature on this page. Each day that page is updated with a new batch of daily features. You can learn more about how a DD is chosen here. If you feel the need to complain about a DD, then you should do it this way, not in a public way that can hurt the featured artist's feelings.    That's not to say a DD shouldn't be subject to valid critiques, but deconstructive or hurtful criticism is never appreciated by anyone. It is the opposite of what any art community should stand for. It's painful that this part ever needs to be stated. Fractal Resource Fridays!!    Does anyone
Dan, Dan, He's Our Man!
Dan-Heffer ( Look who just got his hat flipped! Welcome to the team, Dan! Everyone!! Go say "Hi" to one of dA's newest community volunteers! I'm fairly sure he won't bite you! :heart: :thumb243750260: