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DA: V6 Blank Protest by varekai666

Now that the journal mood issue has been resolved (Yay! I'm no longer "terrified!"), and since most of us have had time to test drive the new v6 design for dA, I'm curious to know what you think about it. I'm still troubled that I cannot upload zip files for stock packs. Is anyone else having this issue?
Nonetheless, I like the new look and the new message center layout. I think it will be cool once the bugs get worked out. Although, this makes me sad: Just when the bugs seem to start getting worked out at dA, the administrators make a new version of the site with totally new bugginess. I understand why the site gets a new makeover each year, but I voted in the community poll thingy with "I kind of wish you had bug tested it more." What was your vote? ...Or didn't you vote?

FEATURED ARTIST :iconjamesryman: :flaguk:

Each time I update my journal I like to feature an artist that has used my stock in their art. This week's featured artist is...

:star: JamesRyman :star:

JamesRyman: James Ryman is a fantasy & sci fi illustrator in the UK. His gallery is stocked full of amazing works of art! From cover art for Heavy Metal Magazine to illustrations inside and out of publications by Paizo Publishing, JamesRyman' paintings are serious inspiration for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the world of art. I hope you make the time to check out his work... You won't be disappointed!

FEATURED FREEBIES ...Hug - Animated by D-Zid-816
This Week's Theme: RUINED DREAMS

Here are some FREE goodies, which are offered by some very generous deviants for your use! Please be sure to follow each artist's TERMS OF USE before you take anything that isn't yours.

Stock Art

2RegencyLadies-11 by TaraFly cj winser3 by Polstar-Stock:thumb73010787: Fishy Stock by Irie-Stock:thumb18122121: Stock 217 - Cracked by pink-stock 489 by Blood--Stock B r o k e n G l a s s 2 by KornKidSamStock Homeless belong closer view by DesiresDisgrace judas1 by natalicious:thumb85634974: Old Broken Machinary-Tractor by Gracies-Stock

Stamp: Support Stocker Rules by FantasyStockAvatars

Brushes & Textures

Journal CSS

Free Avatars

Each of these icons is 50x50, under 15 kb, and free to use as your dA avatar within the artist's rules...

:thumb92114927::thumb91800140::thumb91705110: pOp PoP pOp - Free Avvie by Kikki-chan the terrified balloon by michikal Russian roulette avatar by SonderSays Pixel Cracked Egg Avatar by Zetas:thumb86878235: OH SHIT avvie by Leesie2k5 sad jar avatar by Pixel-Ditzy Portal Tard by catluvr2:thumb87869149: No Icon by ajuk:thumb86963504:

Journal Stamps

:thumb88469038: Heath Ledger: RIP by getanaxe:thumb58549183:
Heartbreak Me Stamp by deadspaceheart Life by Sergeant-McFluffers:thumb82933177:
++ Depressed and Anxious by dimruthien Lonely by Mr-Stamp

Mature Content

Depression: The Truth by Valotoxin

Life and Plot by Sergeant-McFluffers Gone Crazy by snow-valkyrie Don't Follow Me by satanspawn80


LINKS Fella Logo Enlongated V. by Cameljacks

Contests & Projects

This is a list contests going on around deviantART, but I am NOT responsible for them. The following events are hosted by other people:
If you would like your event listed here, please send a note to me with 1) a link to your contest or project, and 2) the deadline by which entries must be received. Your contest must be for members of dA, not off-site.


:icontehkella: :iconoibyrd: :iconmarkopolio: :iconedneu2004:
:iconpatriciabrennan: :iconjstles: :iconsenecal: :iconfearawaken:

Thank you!

These Deviants' icons are a permanent feature in my main page journal entries in return for donating to my stock gallery! Contributions to my stock cause may be accepted via note.

QUOTE to PONDER :thumb60446172:

"Every man has his secret sorrows, which the world knows not; and oftentimes we call a man cold when he is only sad."

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

© 2008 - 2021 FantasyStock
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I was going through my messages, and I saw your comment about my Portal Tard avatar being featured. A very, very belated thank you for the feature!
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Thanks so much for adding my stock to your feature! :love:
getanaxe's avatar
Sorry so late, but thanks for the feature man!
Gracies-Stock's avatar
Thanks for the feature hunny.. Misses u! :( :hug:
stevebrown64's avatar
Thankyou so much for the feature of 2 of my avatars :hug:

FantasyStock's avatar
You're welcome! :hug:
pink-stock's avatar
Thanks for the feature =)
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satanspawn80's avatar
Thanks so much for featuring my stamp! I really appreciate it :D
FantasyStock's avatar
It was my pleasure.
KornKidSamStock's avatar
Thanks for featuring my stock ;)
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noxiousone's avatar
Oh my god... my CSS is there :boogie: Thank yoU
FantasyStock's avatar
It's fantastic! ...Had to be done! :hug: You're welcome!
Kikki-chan's avatar
oh my gosh
I've never been randomly featured before o___o
Thank you so much!! <33
FantasyStock's avatar
Awww! Well then, you earned it! :) And you're absolutely welcome!
dimruthien's avatar
Wow! Thank you for featuring my stamp! :heart:
MadamGrief-Stock's avatar
Ooooh thank you so much! :icondweebdanceplz:
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v6 is okay... no major issues with it for me, but I really don't like the new message center. The v5 message center was much more user friendly from my perspective. Other than that, I think I can get used to v6. I'd love to have v5 message center back though.
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Yeah, the message center... I wish it was more categoriezed for things like forum posts.
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I like version 6! I have no problem with uploading stock packs or zip files, I just uploaded a few over the last two days. :dance: I have had some trouble uploading packs via my laptop (wireless connection vs cable), which may or may not be my connection's fault. I can't be sure.

I'm not sure why it would slow anyone's computer down. We have the oldest, slowest computers on earth at my work (one of the boxes says 'Windows 95 ready!") and version 6 works just fine there... :confused:

The only thing I don't like about it is the front page seems to have lost it's ability to be customized. :(

It took me about a day to really get used to the differences, but once I understood how it worked, I thought it was a big improvement. I do wish you could click on 'view as list' and it would stay that way until you changed it. Same with 'view by artist'. It'll probably be fixed soon, though, and any bugs I've encountered or heard about are nothing compared to the bugs we experienced two years ago. :fear:
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I wish I could upload zips. I have a few waiting for dA's bugs to get worked out. I like the ability to submit suggestions as deviations.
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