Yay! It's Fall!!
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WHILE WE WAIT :hugs: by Synfull

I sent out the voting notes to the judges for Project Stacee this week. I plan to announce the top 3 project submissions on the 17th of this month. Thanks again to everyone that made the time to get involved. You all made a big difference in someone's life.
While the judges deliberate, I'd like to feature some fun autumnal deviations since fall is my favorite season... Enjoy!

FEATURED ARTIST Surprise by Deadman2

Each time I update my journal I like to feature an artist that has used my stock in their art. This week's featured artist is...

valkiria-art: This Polish "deviant of many talents" has been at deviantART for a year this week. Her gallery has traditional art as well as digital art for you to enjoy. In addition to her own art, she supports other artists by offering stock images and textures at valkiria-stock.

Other Art by valkiria-art


2007 Featured Artists2006 Featured Artists

FEATURED FREEBIES Raking Leaves by Deadman2
This Week's Theme: AUTUMN

Here are some FREE goodies, which are offered by some very generous deviants for your use! Please be sure to follow each artist's TERMS OF USE before you take anything that isn't yours.

Stock Images

:thumb81746341: Autumn Maple by idolminds bird 13 by Drezdany-stocks:thumb66830778: Autumn Leaves by SerendipityStock Autumn Faerie III by fetishfaerie-stock stock 07 by blindOZ Ruska X by Eirian-stock:thumb43691051::thumb99964841: Sprite - Breathe by Eirian-stock

Stamp: Support Stocker Rules by FantasyStockAvatars

Journal CSS

Autumn Dreams CSS by annie252:thumb68033196: Autumn CSS Template by Lilyas Autumn CSS by Cat-in-the-Stock

Free Avatars

Each of these icons is 50x50, under 15 kb, and free to use as your dA avatar within the artist's rules...

Journal Stamps

:thumb100095000::thumb75575256: The Colours of Autumn Stamp by Stamp-Maker
Autumn Stamp by mceric Autumn Stamp by 7thhokage Autumn is here by PixieRiot
Fall's fan... by PixieRiot Stamp: Fall Into Fantasy by pyerflystock Stamp: Autumn by JSTradArt
The Seasons Stamp Autumn by becka72 Stamp - Squirrel by shadowed-light-waves 'I love pumpkin pie' Stamp by BlackVioletsAreReal


LINKS Fella Logo Enlongated V. by Cameljacks

Contests & Projects

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:icontehkella: :iconoibyrd: :iconmarkopolio: :iconedneu2004:
:iconpatriciabrennan: :iconjstles: :iconsenecal: :iconfearawaken:

Thank you!

These Deviants' icons are a permanent feature in my main page journal entries in return for donating to my stock gallery! Contributions to my stock cause may be accepted via note.

QUOTE to PONDER Leaf Flomp by Deadman2

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

- Albert Camus (1913-1960)

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Hey, thank you so much for the feature! :heart: I really appreciate it!
FantasyStock's avatar
You're welcome! :)
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zombieaterProfessional Traditional Artist
Hey, thanks for the watch! That was nice, thank you, thank you. :bow: Wow, such a journal! Lots of information and full of so many useful links! Ah, stockers allways so generous. I guess you've won yourself a place in the da heaven. :floating:
FantasyStock's avatar
You're welcome!! :XD: I'm glad you found some useful stuff here.... I do try. dA Heaven. I wonder what that's going to be like?
zombieater's avatar
zombieaterProfessional Traditional Artist
Let`s hope there's good music. Be seeing you!
tehkella's avatar
It's moving into Spring here, always seems weird that you are having Autumn at the same time :)

I think of you at the Equinoxes - when our days and nights are exactly the same length of time.

Happy leaf tumbling!!
FantasyStock's avatar
I know what you mean. It's difficult for me to imagine Christmas without cold and snow. In the States, May through August are the prime months for weddings. I thought you might get a kick out of that, since that's your winter.

Thanks! Here's another little photo of autumn for YOU!


Leaf tumbling! LOL! Grey was helping his brother rake leaves on his lawn a couple of years ago. They raked the leaves into big piles, and he took a running leap, and he jumped into the leaf pile. Too funny - you know, jumping into leaf piles when you're a little kid is fun, but jumping into a leaf pile as a full grown adult is painful. The leaves didn't break his fall. He said it was like flopping onto the ground with his full weight. Teeheehee! It's like rolling down hills... Excellent pass-time for little kids, but it's a nauseating afternoon of repeating vertigo as an adult.
tehkella's avatar
LOL that is so cute!

Though, I did the rolling thing in adult hood - it's still fun :P
FantasyStock's avatar
Something about knowing that you can still roll down hills without losing your lunch makes me really admire you even more than I already have.
tehkella's avatar
The trick is to do it before lunch ;)
FantasyStock's avatar
:giggle: That's funny!
AzurylipfesStock's avatar
Thank you for the feature :cuddle: I really appreciate it :love:
FantasyStock's avatar
No problem!! :hug:
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Helen-BaqProfessional Traditional Artist
Nice features. I love fall! :excited:

It's awesome how many people joined in for Project Stacee. I'm really glad to see it had such a nice turn out. :dance:
FantasyStock's avatar
Thanks! :XD: I'm glad you liked the features... And it makes me happy that so many people participated in Project Stacee. I really apprecaite your help!
Helen-Baq's avatar
Helen-BaqProfessional Traditional Artist
I wanted to do more, but I didn't have the time. I'm glad I got a chance to do the two I did do. :hug:
FantasyStock's avatar
Me too! I'm very happy for your involvement... You created some lovely art! :love:
Helen-Baq's avatar
Helen-BaqProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you! :heart: :cuddle:
FantasyStock's avatar
:rose: You're welcome!! ...Always!
WDWParksGal-Stock's avatar
WDWParksGal-StockHobbyist General Artist
The project has been a wonderful one and I do hope it has provided Stacee's Grandmother with a little bit of comfort :hug:
FantasyStock's avatar
Yes, I'm very happy with how the project turned out so far. I'm eager to see which 3 submissions will be chosen. From what I've heard, Stacee's grandmother has seen most of the entries, and she was very touched by people's work. Thanks again for your help!
WDWParksGal-Stock's avatar
WDWParksGal-StockHobbyist General Artist
:hug: :iconbigheartplz:
bmjewell-stock's avatar
bmjewell-stock Photographer
Thanks so much for the feature! Its so kind of you! :hug:
FantasyStock's avatar
You're welcome!! :hug:
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