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This is a fantasy themed contest to nurture all you FREE RESOURCES providers out there! If you make any kind of resources, and if you offer them for free... Then this is the contest for YOU!!

So here's what you probably really want to know right up front...

:star: Prizes: (more donated prizes will be updated HERE.)

    :bulletyellow: 1st  Place: 12 months premium membership and 500 devPoints :bulletyellow: 2nd Place: 9 months premium membership and 300 devPoints :bulletyellow: 3rd Place: 6 months premium membership and 200 devPoints :bulletyellow: In addition to these prizes, each winner will also receive a dA Tattoo Pack from deviantART:

:star: Deadline:

    Thursday, September 15, 2011 @ 11:59pm PDT/PST.

:star: General Contest Rules: Main Contest Blog

  1. ANYONE can enter! You don't need to join anything.
  2. All kinds of RESOURCES will be accepted for each month's contest!
  3. All entries should state that they are FREE.
  4. Stick to the THEME of FANTASY.
  5. All entries must be NEW, uploaded on or after August 15.
  6. FILES must be uploaded to deviantART.
  7. Please CREDIT any resources you use in your artist's comments.

:star: Our Awesome Panel of Judges:

:star: Need Inspiration?

    Here are some examples of fantasy resources that are currently found in dA's resources galleries for free:

As stated above, ANY kind of free fantasy resources will be accepted as long as they are free for any deviant to use. You're encouraged to set any terms or conditions you like as long as the use of your fantasy themed resource is FREE. Here's the link again...

© 2011 - 2022 FantasyStock
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This is *NyanQueen from #AnotherContestGroup and I'd like to inform you that we've found and added your contest to our listing! The group also features results and offers prizes to contests so note it if interested for more information. Want even more exposure? Apply for the Contests Around DA bi-weekly news article, more info here [link]

Hope you have a successful contest!
*NyanQueen :iconanothercontestgroup: :iconacg-pointsdonations:
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So just checking, what counts as a resource? Tutorials? Reference poses? Line art? Flats? Photographs that can be referenced? Textures?
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I think the rule of thumb is, if you can submit it somewhere in the resource category, yes. ;-) All of those sound good to me!
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Hi, your piece is featured here! [link] Enjoy! :D
CuteFlub's avatar
I wanna enter!! <3
Hasukie's avatar
I have a question c:
By "fantasy" can we create an
animal ? *3* I don't know if you
understand .. 3:

Hasu' ~
FantasyStock's avatar
Like a unicorn or a dragon? Yes!
MissWeavile's avatar
Can i enter this one?: [link]
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Whatever you submit to the contest should be uploaded to dA AFTER this contest began on August 15.
MissWeavile's avatar
Oh, ok. Thanks for telling me!
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dumb question...
the entries do not have to be in a zip file do they?

another dumb question...
if I zip 3 or more pictures together and upload them... does that count as one entry? or 3 entries or more?
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They don't have to be zipped.
1 deviation = 1 entry. That means if it's zipped, that counts as 1 thing.
lusete's avatar
Thanks :) I will upload mine over the weekend, once I've chosen the best ones :)
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Blissful-Creations's avatar
I'm so entering this xD I already have a few ideas ^^
Bomsi12's avatar
Does "resource" just mean any kind of picture? ..
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