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Embedding Video Codes!

So, I hope you've all seen that dA now allows premium members to embed videos in their journals! (Hurrah!) This is how it works...
  • Deviant Films require this code:
    <da:embed profile="film" id="244288706" />
dA films look like this:
  • Vimeo Films require this code:
    <da:embed profile="vimeo" id="9716912" />
Vimeo films look like this:
  • YouTube Films require this code:
    <da:embed profile="youtube" id="GvMh5Dbx99Y" />
Youtube films look like this:

You can read more about embedding videos HERE.

Your visitors can now watch your favorite online videos from your journal! What this means for me is MOAR video resources!!!

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Would love to save this for future reference. Can you make this into a tutorial?
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Very awesome, thanks!
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I didn't play it when I had a sub but I had thought that you could just slap the youtube code and be done with it. Oh well. :p
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Yeah, it would be cool if the embedding codes for YT and dA worked in our journals. But this code will do! It had a few bugs at first, but right now it seems to be working fine.
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That is wonderfull but I m having problem while looking deviants and commenting. Somethings slow and strange. I changed my search page, it was firefox, truned again explorer and now google chrome. still having problems. what I mest do more I dont know:((
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I'm not sure what the problem is... have you tried contacting +help?
RezzanATAKOL's avatar
Thank u very much dear.I m using same modem with my son. He havent any problem. I guess this happens cos again my pc problem:((
For now, it tries to kill me even to wait open a page but I have some more patience too=D
I also have a gift for u [link] hope u like it:))
it is my first tries of conceptual photography.I hope I will do more nice photos soon:))
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