The Art of War
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INDEPENDENCE DAY! Avatar: Support Troops Ribbon by FantasyStockAvatars

This one is for Ryan. (Thanks for the tequila shots!) My brother serves in the US Navy, and he's coming home on a break from NFO training this weekend!! (YAY!!!) It'll be so good to see him again.

Ryan Camouflage Sniper Gun 4 by FantasyStock
(Stock photo of my brother)

With our US Independence Day (4th of July) approaching, I want thank all of the people in the military that put their lives on the line, so I don't have to do much of anything to have my freedoms. I believe that war is a tragic thing, and I can't express how deeply appreciative I am to anyone willing to be anywhere near a battleground today while I'm sitting home on the computer, sipping my raspberry seltzer water. There aren't words for how grateful I should be. Thank you. ♥
Also... I will upload a few stock photos of military monuments and POW/US flags this week. They'll be in my unrestricted stock gallery. I hope they find their way into your art. Have a safe, peaceful and happy Independence Day!

YOUR THOUGHTS? Marine Emote by budgieishere

I'd like to publish an article to honor those that serve in the military. Perhaps you'd like to leave some links to any good military art, clubs, or chatrooms at dA? Maybe you would like to shout out to a military friend overseas? I'll send a note to you if I use your comments/links, and I'd credit you in the artlce.
If you want to comment, but you would rather not be quoted, I'll respect your wishes if you let me know in your message.

FEATURED ARTIST :tank: by Mrichston

Each time I update my journal I like to feature an artist that has used my stock in their art. This week's featured artist is...

MoFarrelly is a fellow stock photographer and a talented photo manipulation artist. Her gallery is positively overflowing with creativity. MoFarrelly's stock images are widely used all over deviantART, and her other artwork is stunning too.

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This Week's Theme: MILITARY & WAR

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QUOTE to PONDER war by teengkoh

"The art of war is of vital importance to the State. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected."

- Sun Tzu, The Art of War (544-496 BC)

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redheadstockProfessional General Artist
Thanks so much for the feature! Some great stuff here :)
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You're welcome!! :)
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I am so happy your brother is coming home, even if only for awhile! You tell him for me I support him to the fullest! I know it is hard for him. I am ex-army,though I never saw battle,Iwas fully prepared to do so for my country, no matter what any asshole said about it. Happy 4th my friend!!
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:hug: Thank you!!! :flagus: :salute:
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RoseSagaeHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the feature :)
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You're welcome!
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uhStudent Photographer
thank you for featuring my css :)
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You're more than welcome! :XD: It's nice to see people make freebies for others to use.
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thanks for featured my pic :)
FantasyStock's avatar
No problem!!
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SonderSaysHobbyist Traditional Artist
You seen the movie buffalo soldiers?
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No, I haven't. Is it something you recommend?
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SonderSaysHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes! It's such an awesome movie!

It's about American soldiers stationed in Germany, but due to no war, they've become extremely bored, and started to become corrupt by dealing herroine.

It was a really interesting movie.
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asaph70Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you for featuring my pic
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You're welcome!! :D
MoFarrelly's avatar
thank you deeply for the kind words and the feature here! it means a lot to me to be a member of this community!:hug:
FantasyStock's avatar
Oh, my gosh! :cuddle: I was super excited that I got to feature another stocker!!!! I did a happy dance when I saw what an amazing job you did with my stock, and I decided right then that you deserve a feature. You're so very welcome!!
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Thanks for the feature :D
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You're more than welcome! :thumbsup:
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I can respect our military personnel as well, & usually I do. Soldiering is a demanding job, & not everyone is up to such requirements of discipline, courage, & skill. Having said that, I do not believe for a minute that our forces' activity in Iraq & Afghanistan have anything to do with protecting our freedom. With the exception of the civil rights laws for black people, we have lots much freedom since WW2, mainly due to the War on (Some) Drugs & the PATRIOT Act. Our military's exploits, though they may be necessary & even noble in certain instances, have not restored any of the freedoms we have lost.
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Ack! Sorry for the typos... Oh, and please don't take that as anything more than my opinion. I don't mean to preach.
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Actually, I'm looking for good war/military art on dA. It would be great if you'd (please?) toss me any links you may know of.

I don't want to actually say much about the politics of war. I see the military as a separate thing from politics, especially when discussing enlisted soldiers.

I haven't seen my brother for about 6 months. I know there will come a time when 6 months wil be a short time to wait to see him because he's probably NOT going to be based in Wisconsin. (Wisconsin has naval facilities, but it's not much.) So anyway, he's been approved to fly jets, and he's approved to fly off of carries... And that's not going on a lot here.

So I want to be open to appreciating military traditions and to stay close to him as his career takes physically him away from home. I'm a stone's throw from being a pacifist, but my political views have nothing to do with the way I feel about the people that make up the armed forces. I want to embrace them like family the way they have embraced my brother as theirs.

It gives me a deep sense of gratitude for my everyday boring or difficult civilian life.
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This journal entry was meant to thank our armed forces for their service...nothing else. The idea that anyone would voice their personal opinions about a specific conflict or political situation is completely irrelevant to the intent of this entry. I'll think about you the next time I fly a combat mission over a bunch of terrorists, making sure they don't make their way to your doorstep. Have a great day.
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Also, at least one other respondent here has voiced an opinion as well, yet you singled out mine. Guess you're trying to ride herd over those on Fantasystock's watchlist, eh?
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