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This article is meant to serve as a list of groups at deviantART that focus on art resources.

I know you can find all these groups and more in dA's Groups search, but how much time would it take you to find them all? And how many dead accounts and unrelated results might you sift through to find what you're looking for? (I did that very thing for this article, and I can tell you one rather probable answer to both questions is, "a lot.")

Not that I'm complaining. I simply saw an opportunity to compile a listing of deviantART's 80 most helpful groups about resources. But let's back up a bit.

Before I began this directory, I felt it would be important to introduce everyone to a place (the place) for dA's resource providers (and users) to get acquainted with the world of stock photos, textures, PSD files, tutorials, and all that other great stuff artists need to create their masterpieces! Thankfully, I didn't have to build a place like that myself because it already exists...

:groups: StockandResources is a non-submitting group. Its purpose is to spread news and lend exposure within deviantART's resources and stock community. It's a great group for stock providers (and users) to watch in order to stay informed of all the latest happenings in the world of stock.

It's mentioned first because it acts as a kind of welcome sign into the world of deviantART's stock producers.

All the groups below are listed in alphabetical order to keep things fair and organized. Please note that this isn't a conclusive list of each and every group dedicated to resources, but these resource groups currently seem to be the most active and watched at dA. Each of them is dedicated in at least one way or another to help you create the art you want to produce.

Please remember to :+fav:, give credit, and follow all other policies before using any individual's resources. You must obtain permission from the original resource provider prior to redistributing any resource that isn't yours. FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?

Groups Related to Resources

:bulletyellow: AI-Resources provides resources for Adobe Illustrator including brushes, patterns, tutorials and downloadable AI files.

:bulletorange: Action-Stock is all about stock photos full of motion and action.

:bulletyellow: ActionsandBrushes deals with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro actions and brushes. They also provide tutorials about how to make and use these files.

:bulletorange: All-Resources provides all types of resources. They are open to submissions of fonts, stock photos, tutorials, textures, and so on.

:bulletyellow: Animal-Stock-Heaven specializes in stock images that focus mainly on the animal kingdom. All animal stock photos are welcome here.

:bulletorange: ArtistsHospital collects tutorials and reference materials to help any artist of any skill level or style. They also provide one-on-one guidance if you have questions.

:bulletyellow: Awesome-Fonts is for font makers. If you're interested in original fonts made by your fellow deviant artists, this is the place for you!

:bulletorange: best-stock provides all types of resources including gradients, patterns, stock photos, fonts, shapes, and much more.

:bulletyellow: BloodGoreStock isn't a group for the fainthearted. It specializes in stock images, textures, fonts, and tutorials related to horror and macabre art.

:bulletorange: Canine-Resources is where you can go to find stock images and free avatars of dogs, wolves, and other canines. Woof!

:bulletyellow: Clear-Cut, like the name implies, is a provider of clearly cut out (transparent) PSD files, tubes, and other stock resources that are easily layered into one's art.

:bulletorange: color-me-club collects line art for colorists to finish. They also accept submissions of colored artwork done with their lines. Note that this group doesn't accept stock photos or anything unrelated to line art.

:bulletyellow: CosplayTutorial has loads of tutorials to help those who are interested in costumes. The tutorials in this group will help you learn more about makeup, wigs, making your own costumes, props, and all kinds of other cool stuff including how to photograph your costumes.

:bulletorange: dAPaganStock exists as a place for pagan artists to find resources like stock photos, brushes and textures for their art.

:bulletyellow: dAPoses provides photographs of people in various poses that are available to be used as reference material.

:bulletorange: Divine-Tutorials showcases tutorials for deviantART, the Gimp, Photoshop, drawing/crafting with traditional tools, writing and more.

:bulletyellow: Dreamers-of-Avalon compiles exclusive stock resources from the group's contributors for its members to use.

:bulletorange: Emotication offers tutorials and resources for iconists that like making emoticons. They also provide lists of emoticon related contests, projects, and news articles.

:bulletyellow: Equine-Art-Reference gives artists a place to share in the study of drawing horses. They have equine tutorials for drawing tack, making plushies, photo manipulating, animating, and more.

:bulletorange: Equine-Resource is another great resource for horse enthusiasts. Its main focus is stock photos of horses and riders.

:bulletyellow: Fantasy-Backgrounds provides stock resources to be used as backgrounds in your art. They specialize in fairytales and dreams.

:bulletorange: Fantasy-Stock-Group collects all types of resources to help fantasy artists including stock photos, textures, brushes, fonts, tutorials, and more.

:bulletyellow: Feline-Resources focuses on resources like line art, stock photos, drawing tutorials, free avatars and more... All about cats, domestic and wild!

:bulletorange: FemaleStock accepts resources of the female form. You can find portraits, full body shots, accessories, and anatomy stock photos to use for reference or photo manipulation.

:bulletyellow: Fractal-Resources is a fractal resource provider for Apophysis, Ultra Fractal, Incendia, and others including plugins, tutorials, and some fractal stock and brushes.

:bulletorange: Free-Backgrounds offers, as the group's name states, free backgrounds for your art including stock photos and premade backgrounds.

:bulletyellow: Free-Stocks carries stock photos that are free to be used in prints and other completed commercial projects. They can also be used outside of deviantART.

:bulletorange: FreeChristianArt has a gallery dedicated to images that are free for use in non-profit, charity, or professional artworks that involve presentations, services, communion, song, fellowship, prayer, promotion, praise, evangelism, and self improvement. All submissions in the gallery are offered by creative commons licenses or with permission granted for art within. All stock providers are welcome to join.

:bulletyellow: GothicResources provides stock dealing with the Goth/Gothic world of Gothic architecture, graveyards, models, brushes, PSD files, and premade backgrounds.

:bulletorange: GlobalTutorials is the place to go if you need a translation for a tutorial. All language translators are welcome to join.

:bulletyellow: Horse-Resources promotes horse stock photos and the artists that use them.

:bulletorange: Horse-Stock-Heaven accepts all equestrian stock photos. Not only do they provide stock photos, but tutorials as well.

:bulletyellow: Human-Stock accepts human nude stock photos. They also run monthly contests for members.

:bulletorange: LadyStock-Archives offers stock that depicts the female form including various costumes, poses/anatomy, horror, fantasy, and even male models in drag.

:bulletyellow: MangaAcademy provides manga artists of all skills levels with lessons, tutorials, homework, and materials to improve and share manga art.

:bulletorange: ManStock is a group dedicated to promoting the male form in stock resources, and they offer themed challenges for male stock providers.

:bulletyellow: MilitaryStock exclusively handles military themed stock including uniforms, background places, medals/crests, monuments, firearms, and more.

:bulletorange: one-stop-stock aims to promote stock photos, tutorials, stock fractals, textures, video resources, and application resources. They run challenges and host contests and other events.

:bulletyellow: OnlyTexture provides stock textures, and they feature the artwork created with them.

:bulletorange: Outdoor-Stock is a group of stock photo producers that provide outdoor and nature resources. You can find animals, backgrounds, natural textures and more.

:bulletyellow: PaintDotNet is an unofficial resource group for the Paint.NET image editor. They provide resources and tutorials for Paint.NET users.

:bulletorange: PainterMasters focuses on tutorials and resources for Corel Painter.

:bulletyellow: PaintToolSAI is for Easy Paint Tool SAI users. Members may add finished works, but the group is mostly geared toward providing Easy Paint Tool SAI tutorials for things like understanding the basics, shading, drawing line art, and other techniques and tips as well as offering textures and other resources.

:bulletorange: photoshop-tutorials will teach you all about how to create the art you want with Photoshop. They offer tutorials for all skill levels including essential basics, tools and techniques, translations, and so much more.

:bulletyellow: PhotoshopElements accepts submissions of tutorials and tips for Photoshop Elements users along with art made with Photoshop Elements.

:bulletorange: PhotoshopFreebies provides all kinds of useful stuff for Photoshop artists. Here you can find free brushes, actions, web templates, styles, textures, PSD resources, patterns, shapes, and more!

:bulletyellow: ps-resources completely focuses on Adobe Photoshop accessories. They accept submissions of PSD files, actions, brushes, custom shapes, gradients, patterns, tutorials, fonts and textures.

:bulletorange: ResourceNation houses resources like stock photos, actions, brushes, textures, and tutorials. They also allow you to suggest your favorite resources to the group's gallery, and they provide a "Resources for Sale" folder in the gallery.

:bulletyellow: ResourcesHunter handles lots of types of textures, PSD files, fonts, brushes, and more.

:bulletorange: resurgere focuses on producing a wide assortment of unique, high quality stock images and textures.

:bulletyellow: Romancing-the-Stock showcases members, hosts contests & challenges, and specializes in providing stock images of couples.

:bulletorange: ScifiStock is a virtual cosmos for science fiction and space related resources including stock photos, 3D stock images, backgrounds, and tutorials.

:bulletyellow: SeamlessTextures offers a variety of textures, many of which are seamless.

:bulletorange: SteamStock accepts submissions of stock photos, textures, tutorials and other resources with Victorian and Steampunk themes.

:bulletyellow: STOCK-Backgrounds maintains a gallery of stock backgrounds including architecture, textures, nature, interiors, and more.

:bulletorange: Stock-Lovers is a collection of stock photos, textures, and other resources.

:bulletyellow: Stock-Unrestricted provides stock images that come with a  creative commons attribution license or with usage permissions for professional and commercial projects at deviantART and off site.

:bulletorange: StockResources offers challenges and provides stock photos, brushes, textures, tutorials, actions, and other resources.

:bulletyellow: StockRus specializes in offering stock photos of all types.

:bulletorange: Texturize only accepts textures in their gallery, where they have sort of expanded deviantART's somewhat limited texture categories.

:bulletyellow: TipsAndTricks will give you tips and tricks on how to do just about any artistic thing like photography, Open Canvas, Flash, artisan crafts, writing, CSS, dA related stuff and more.

:bulletorange: TUBE-TRADERS trades tubes, PSD files, and PNG files. They sometimes give tubes away to its active members.

:bulletyellow: Tutorial-Central is a place to find tutorials about anything art related such as animation, programming and Flash, traditional art, and more. They also supply a few resources and templates.

:bulletorange: Tutorial-City provides tutorials about things like Photoshop, the Gimp, Paint.NET, Flash, and other great stuff.

:bulletyellow: Tutorialised operates as a tutorial group for artists on subjects ranging from artisan crafts and typography to photo manipulation and vexel art.

:bulletorange: Tutorials-and-co welcomes submissions of digital and traditional drawing and painting tutorials along with miscellaneous resources.

:bulletyellow: Tutorial-Heaven Offers a wide variety of uncategorized tutorials for your artistic need to learn moar.

:bulletorange: Tutorial-Island welcomes any kind of tutorial in its gallery about topics like dA related stuff, artisan crafts, digital art, pencil drawing, and other fabulous things.

:bulletyellow: TutorialsClub can provide you with tutorials about sword making, operating systems, web design, pixel art, photo manipulation, sculpture, software specific art tips, and other art subjects.

:bulletorange: TutorialsForYou takes submissions for tutorials about icons, pixel art, photo manipulation, and more.

:bulletyellow: UnlimitedHorseStock provides horse stock images that can be used outside deviantART in projects like RPG/SIM games and other non-commercial works.

:bulletorange: Walkthrough-Rookie provides walk-through and tutorial submissions for deviantART and art related subjects.

:bulletyellow: WeLoveResources offers scripts and actions, icon bases, tutorials, stock photos, and other resources.

:bulletorange: What-lies-behind is a compilation of background stock images like stairs, ruins, buildings, etc.

:bulletyellow: WingIt-Stock bills itself as a community flight provider, offering stock images of wings and winged things.

:bulletorange: World-of-Resource welcomes all types of stock photos and resources like tutorials, fractals, application resources, and more.

:bulletyellow: YouResources is a collection of Photoshop actions, brushes, textures, stock photos, vector resources, and other cool stuff for your art.

Challenges for USING Resources!

:bulletblue: createbyweek allows you to participate in its weekly art challenges without joining the group. See group blog for details.

:bulletgreen: ManipulateThis organizes and hosts biweekly contests and challenges for photo manipulation artists. See group blog for details.

:groups: :community: :groups: :community: :groups:

So, did I miss anyone's group of resources? I'm sorry if I did. Please feel free to add a comment below with your resource group's link, and tell us about what goes on there.

I also want to apologize if any information here is out of date or unreliable. The data collected for this article was as accurate as possible at the time of publishing according to statements made within each group's available blogs, gallery folders, and other info.
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