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^ProjectEducate: Resources Week
Day 3 - Vector Resources

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:sun: Spring Into Vector Resources Contest! :sun:

Vector Resources Contest by FantasyStock Vector Resources Contest by FantasyStock Vector Resources Contest by FantasyStock
Deadline: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 11:59pm PDT

:bulletblack::bulletpink: Introduction
    It's Project Educate: Resources Week and ChewedKandi and I are happy to announce the Vector Spring Resources Contest! It's a chance to submit themed resources for the community to use and to win a some dA subscriptions! So let's move on and understand what exactly Vector Art is...

:bulletblack::bulletpink: What is Vector Art?
    In digital art there are two layer formats: raster and vector. Raster formats are based in pixels and vector is based in paths and points. When you resize a raster image, you are expanding the pixels. Your program has to try to estimate what the colours would be for the additional pixels created. Due to this, the image loses it's clarity and creates a pixel effect. When you resize a vector image, you are increasing the distance between the points. Due to this, the image doesn't lose it's clarity and doesn't pixellate. The key element of vector is that it's infinitely scalable without any quality loss and it's why we love it!
[More in depth look at vectors in 20 Questions with ^ChewedKandi.]

:bulletblack::bulletpink: The Contest!
    The contest is to create SPRING themed vector resources and will be judged in two categories.
      :bulletpink: Vector Application Resources which include downloadable files of a complete vector, patterns, brushes, symbols, graphic styles, swatch palettes - basically anything you can load into a vector based application. :bulletpink: Vector Tutorials which teach others how to do a technique, illustration, use a tool etc...

:bulletblack::bulletpink: Rules
    Vector Resource Application Rules: Only resources for vector based applications are accepted in the Application Resources category, with exception of Photoshop downloadable complete vectors. Vector Tutorial Rules: Walkthroughs are allowed, however they must mention technical aspects, tools and processes used for each one of the steps.
      :bulletpink: Start: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 :bulletpink: Deadline: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 11:59pm PDT :bulletpink: How to Enter: Submit Entries Here to the correct folder.
    Your entries must have something to do with our Spring Theme. You may enter each contest category as as many times as you want.

:bulletblack::bulletpink: Prizes
    AI-Resources will feature any submission from their group on their blog for 1 month. In addition to that... Both categories will have 3 winners each. 6 Winners total:
      :bulletpink: 1st Place: 12 month premium membership at deviantART (x2), plus a prize package from AnotherContestGroup. :bulletpink: 2nd Place: 6 month premium membership at deviantART (x2), plus a prize package from AnotherContestGroup. :bulletpink: 3rd Place: 3 month premium membership at deviantART (x2), plus a prize package from AnotherContestGroup.
    Which means we're handing out 3.5 years worth of subscriptions for this contest!

:bulletblack::bulletpink: Judges

Spring Into Vectors!! Ready, Set, Go!!

Vector Resources Contest by FantasyStock

:iconstockandresources: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconai-resources:

Questions about this contest?
Send a NOTE to FantasyStock or ChewedKandi.

More Resources Week contests & activities are available at StockandResources all week!
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Swiftstart's avatar
how did I only just learn of this? D:
I draw -entirely- with vector using fireworks xD
Halcyon-Enigma's avatar
is there a possiiblity for deadline extension? :|
Armonah's avatar
Hello :)

Your contest got featured here: [link]
Blooper999's avatar
O.o ok im confused as the term vector XD can you define it better? im thinking I already do vector art by how you describe it but then it mentions brushes and such, what exactly are ya talking about? :P
CAStock's avatar
Just wondering since it's funded by :iconai-resources: and also regarding the vector-application part where photoshop is mentioned whether I can particiapte using photoshop vectors and styles? Or do the entries has to be made in Illustrator? :confused: Sorry I can't work it out! :lol:
FantasyStock's avatar
The vectors for this contest need to be scalable, which is discussed in this tutorial: [link]

Otherwise, you could do a tutorial instead.
CAStock's avatar
:lol: Thanks for the link, that tutorial was awesome fun :giggle: And answered my question.. :)
FantasyStock's avatar
Thank you very much!! :huggle:
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:bulletblack: I'm here on behalf of :iconanothercontestgroup: to let you know that we've found/added your contest to our blog. We feature many contests on our blogs and have a quickly growing membership of people who want to enter them.

:bulletgreen: I'd also like to let you know that we Feature results of contests and if you are interested in having your results posted on our weekly results page message ~Lammalord when you have them. In addition some of our group members have begun offering prizes to winners featured in our weekly results blog. If you'd like to add us to your prizes for your winners just mention a "Winners Package" from #AnotherContestGroup We do not keep track of what our members offer but it varies from journal features to llamas, comments, favorites, and maybe even art commissions (for first come first serve).

:bulletblack: Finally we are working in conjunction with =TimberClipse who hosts the most popular DA contest bi-weekly News posting (getting 200-400 favorites each new post). If you'd like to have your contest added onto his News article please go here: [link] and follow the directions located in the 1st FAQ.

Enjoy and hope you have a wonderful contest!
FantasyStock's avatar
Thank you so much! I added the prize packages from your group for each winner, and =TimberClipse has been notified about our contests.
Harsiii's avatar
No problem! Good luck with the contest :hug:
FairyFindings's avatar
very cool -I just submitted a piece I did just for this contest :D
pica-ae's avatar
oh, that sounds awesome! :dummy:
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