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Suggesting a Resource DD

I'm looking after the Resources & Stock Galleries. :hug: That means I can feature stock art Daily Deviations! If you notice a really exceptional art resource at dA, I would love it if you'd send it to me as a DD Suggestion.

Here are some quick guidelines so you understand what I might feature and what I may not feature...
  • Please send suggestions from the Resources & Stock Galleries only. I generally don't give DDs in other galleries.
  • The artist you are suggesting cannot have received a DD within the past 3 months. You can check to see if/when they've been featured in the past. Just replace "username" with the artist's dA username in the following URL:
  • Please send one DD suggestion in a note to me. Please don't send the same suggestion to any other GM. One suggestion per week please.
  • Please state why you think this deviation deserves to receive a DD. Ask yourself if this is something that you feel that the whole community really needs to see. Does it already have a thousand favorites? Could someone less popular need the feature instead? Does this person already have eight DDs? Is this something you really feel that thousands of other people will appreciate due to high quality and exceptional creativity? Is the suggestion amazingly well-done, useful, inspiring, unique, and exciting? Examples:


While I definitely reply :note: to suggestions whenever I decide to feature anything, I also keep a lot of suggestions for later, so I don't always reply right away. I'll try to let everyone know one way or another, but please be patient with me.

Other Stuff

The three links below are from dA's Help & FAQ to help you better understand what this is about if you don't already know:Yeah, uh... :roll: Leaving disapproving messages in a DD's comments for the artist to read is not only rude, but it shows everyone that you're dying with envy in a very public forum.

FAQ#873 is a much less embarrassing way for you to complain... If you must.

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woohoo that's my suggestion there! :onfire: