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Suggesting a Resource DD

I'm looking after the Resources & Stock Galleries. :hug: That means I can feature stock art Daily Deviations! If you notice a really exceptional art resource at dA, I would love it if you'd send it to me as a DD Suggestion.

Here are some quick guidelines so you understand what I might feature and what I may not feature...
  • Please send suggestions from the Resources & Stock Galleries only. I generally don't give DDs in other galleries.
  • The artist you are suggesting cannot have received a DD within the past 3 months. You can check to see if/when they've been featured in the past. Just replace "username" with the artist's dA username in the following URL:
  • Please send one DD suggestion in a note to me. Please don't send the same suggestion to any other GM. One suggestion per week please.
  • Please state why you think this deviation deserves to receive a DD. Ask yourself if this is something that you feel that the whole community really needs to see. Does it already have a thousand favorites? Could someone less popular need the feature instead? Does this person already have eight DDs? Is this something you really feel that thousands of other people will appreciate due to high quality and exceptional creativity? Is the suggestion amazingly well-done, useful, inspiring, unique, and exciting? Examples:


While I definitely reply :note: to suggestions whenever I decide to feature anything, I also keep a lot of suggestions for later, so I don't always reply right away. I'll try to let everyone know one way or another, but please be patient with me.

Other Stuff

The three links below are from dA's Help & FAQ to help you better understand what this is about if you don't already know:Yeah, uh... :roll: Leaving disapproving messages in a DD's comments for the artist to read is not only rude, but it shows everyone that you're dying with envy in a very public forum.

FAQ#873 is a much less embarrassing way for you to complain... If you must.

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woohoo that's my suggestion there! :onfire:
Xnessax's avatar

But i haven't great idea to get one awesome deviant ,but i had one deviant with 80 faves and over 400 views ,it's awesome art... But some deviants my had fewer faves ,but others has maybe 20 or 40 faves . Maybe some awesome deviants ,had 40 or 60 faves. i can't belive all my deviants with how many faves and views, because i'm still new account on this years. (9 month olds) but i love drawing a lot. Also i drew with tablet in my pc ,with mouse and pencils / pens on paper with my life.

It's really nice.
I saw some many DD in here deviantart ,i want to congrats for all them lolz.
Them are awesome.
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My only question is, what if the DD suggestion is not litterally in the category, but it still fits the stuff you suggest. Ie, I wanna suggest a person with a tutorial about grass cutting but its under digital media?
Dingelientje-stock's avatar
:heart: I love this journal entry.
It's really helpful for suggesting!
Because i always feel awkward when i'm suggesting something because i have no idea if i'm doing the right thing :iconteheplz:
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Is it possible to suggest something anonymously?
FantasyStock's avatar
yes, just let me know if you want a suggestion to be anonymous, and I'll respect that.
AlanTheRobot's avatar
rml-stock's avatar
Nicely done. I look forward to spamming you with hourly DD suggestions...



FantasyStock's avatar
:giggle: I look forward to seeing what you'll suggest! :hug:
dierat's avatar
Thank you, this is really helpful! I always wonder if I'm being rude by sending suggestions too often or by sending them in separate notes etc; it's nice to know exactly how you would prefer to receive them.
FantasyStock's avatar
No problem!! :) I can't speak for all GMs, but I think it's good to have DD suggestions in separate notes to keep things simple for me.
catluvr2's avatar
I appreciated getting DD suggestions in separate notes when I was a GM, too.
LucieG-Stock's avatar
I didn't know you were the gallery moderator, it must be pretty new! Congratulations!

As for this article, I find it great, it's good to know a little bit what you're looking for and what you do not want when it comes to DDs, good idea to have written this! :thumbsup:
FantasyStock's avatar
Thank you! It's new for me... I just found out late last week. I just gave out my first two DDs today!!
LucieG-Stock's avatar
Right on! I think you'll do a great job! And Yeah!!! for those 2 DDs, I really liked the tutorial, love tuts in general but that little boy is awesome stock too! :clap:
FantasyStock's avatar
Yeah, tutorials are fun. I used to be kind of shy about trying tuts, but I learned to appreciate them more through dA. They are sooo helpful!!
KakashiMorph's avatar
But what if we are just off in our own little world, stuck in our own gallery. |D
FantasyStock's avatar
;P Well, nothing wrong with that either! But for anyone that wants to come out of their shell and venture into other galleries... :D
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~Suggesting a Resource DD
Some GMs dedicate themselves to responding to each request to confirm that it's received, might be something to think about...

~Adding your name as the suggester can increase your traffic.
Have you observed that to be true? I thought that for a while too, but when I got my first DD, I noticed that the suggestor's page didn't have an uptick in traffic after the day was out, but that's just one point of reference... would be kinda cool to have an app that lists the deviations that users successfully recommended as DDs...
FantasyStock's avatar
I plan to respond to DD suggestions. I've always appreciated this in the past when others have done so for me when I've suggested stuff to be featured.

The increase in traffic varies. I've noticed it in several cases, and not in others. I'm not sure why it doesn't always happen. It would be nice to have a way to make this more consistent by calling attention to the suggesters, not just those that got featured. I will try to come up with a way to give suggesters a little boost. But (as you know) I'm not a programmer, and I don't know how to code an application to do this automatically. I plan to keep track of the DDs I give, and perhaps from there I can feature those that suggested them in some way.
Elandria's avatar
WWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :hug:
GinkgoWerkstatt's avatar
I wouldn't link to *stafflist, but to [link] - that's usually quicker with updates when it comes to CR :nod:
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