Queensland Flood Relief

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Queensland Flood Relief

I'm not from Australia; never been there, but people and animals are suffering in the Queensland flood, and we can help. Even if it's a small contribution, every little bit makes a difference...

Panic Attack?

When was the last time you felt panic? I mean absolute dread. When was the last time your heart sank down into the pit of your stomach, and your blood ran cold with the kind of sheer "holy shit" that forever thrust your life into two chapters: everything before, and everything after that moment of realization that you had sound, sane, rational reasons to panic?

Have you ever experienced drawn out panic, otherwise known as shock?

This is what a whole region of people in Australia is experiencing right now. Disaster struck Haiti, and people donated. Disaster struck during Katrina, and people donated. And it's happening all over the world. When we become unfeeling of other people's pain, we slip toward a world full of panic without hope. A world in a state of shock. There will always be a need to keep giving, even if it's only a small amount.

This could happen to any of us. Be grateful if it isn't you, and then please give whatever you can to help. Even if you can't afford money, surely you can spare a little space in your journal for a link. Differences aside, whether we like it or not, we're all part of one world.

Charity Resources

shelldevil is organizing a fundraiser to produce charity resources to help the flood relief. Their goal is to raise at least $500 to donate to the Queensland Flood Appeal. A few examples of the outstanding resources being offered for this charity...

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Very good of you to post that.

Yes, I've felt panic before. Shock, too. After the last time I vowed to never let myself panic again. For any reason. Thus far I've kept that vow despite having gone through a fair amount of :shithitsthefan:.
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And to top it all off there was Cyclone Yasi.

But anyway, I'm Australian and I can say that I am touched by what you have written, and the commitment you have even though you've never set a foot in Australia before. Thank you =)
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I am from Australia and I am impressed with your support to the Flood Relief, I have just sent my first donation of only $10 AUD a few days ago because I was shocked about the flood in Queensland, but did you know that there is a flood in Victoria as well?
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Wonderful :blowkiss: Thankyou so much for your support & for bringing this to the attention of the community :heart::hug:
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aww that is really lovely of you, I'm from Australia, live 1 hour from where all the major floods hit and it is soo inspiring to see such an outpouring of love and generousity from the community and the world community at large, thank you for your thoughts, prayers and donations, it is one heck of a big area affected, the equivalent size of both France and Germany
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Thanks so much everyone! you have all been so very kind:heart:
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Naw thats very kind of you to do that, its all pretty much 50 meters down the road from me and its all kinds of fked up, so yeah from all in OZ thanks and if by chance win the lottery, im sure a ticket can be arranged for you to have a look...after the clean up of course cause it kind of stinks at the moment
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These two elderly dogs were rescued from the water and are only days away from being adopted out if their owners cannot be found. They have no identification. Can everyone please pass this url around to all they know, especially those in the Queensland area

Help ID Two Golden Oldies At Animal Shelter
Deaths-stock's avatar
if you go to the RSPCA website they are putting photos up ect so people who have found animals can upload pics and owners can go on there to find lost pets :thumbsup:
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