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:dalove: These are all the Daily Deviations I chose during October 2010 for dA's Resources & Stock Images Gallery. There are also a few avatars tossed in because I took over picking icon DDs for a few days while BurgerBunny was away.

Grey Magus by WearManyHats

Grey Magus by ~angelusconna is a font with a lot of versatility. It hints at elegance, borders on haunting, and almost suggests boldness without overstating it's charm. The characters are nicely spaced, and it offers legibly edgy text.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Cast Level 5 Fireball - 4 by mjranum-stock

So elegant and moving that it defies words: Cast Level 5 Fireball - 4 by *mjranum-stock!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Hazel 6 by liam-stock

Hazel 6 is part of a series of outstanding stock photos by =liam-stock. The contrast of orange hair and pumpkins against the dark hues really makes this image pop in such a delightful way.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Nerialka)

How to Draw a Jellyfish by Mysticalpchan

Suggester's words: This extensive tutorial doesn't just answer How to Draw a Jellyfish. *Mysticalpchan teaches quite a bit of the anatomy despite how 'simple' the jellyfish's body we are lead to believe. In addition, she also walks through how to digitally paint different species of jellyfishes. Let me tell you that this shall be my first tutorial to turn to if I ever need to refer to jellyfishes and I hope it will be yours too.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by plumbunnies)

Bee FREE Avatar by Limette-X

Bee FREE Avatar by =Limette-X combines the wonderful qualities of adorable drawing, sensational shading, and smooth animation into one happy, little avatar! And (perhaps best of all) it's free to use at deviantART. (Usable dA version here.)
(Featured by FantasyStock)

le Grand Saut by Jellyka

le Grand Saut by *Jellyka is an eye-pleasing font with lots of character. Not only is it suitable for a wide variety of different projects, but the typeface is beautifully formed and evenly spaced.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Mummy 7 by NHuval-stock

The sheer creepiness of Mummy 7 by =NHuval-stock makes this a particularly wonderful stock photo for Halloween or any other time when this classic monster may be required. The model's makeup and pose are perfect for creating the iconic mummy scene.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

31 DAYS SCARE-FREE: Cute Witch by kaitquefait

31 DAYS SCARE-FREE: Cute Witch is part of =KaitlinLenaghan's series of free 2010 Halloween avatars. This wicked little witch is full of boo-tiful detail and imagination!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Bloodhewn flying by BronzeHalo

*BronzeHalo's Bloodhewn flying amazes me with its cunning attention to detail in this tiny animation. It's inspiring when an artist can turn hours of work into a seemingly effortless feat of flight.
(Featured by FantasyStock)


..:: My New Avie by Aminako

..:: My New Avie by *Aminako is such an adorable anime character with lovely shading. Best of all, the Pachirisu's puppy eyes emote a contagious, joyful emotion. All together now: "Awwwwww!"
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Hand 009 by ISOStock

Hand 009 by =ISOStock -- Suggester's words: "Great stock shots, with nice white background and nice details."
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by PatrickRuegheimer)

Free Dragon Flying Avatar by SasoriDanna94

Perhaps it's because of the cute animation, or maybe it's the irresistible baby face... Whatever the reason, Free Dragon Flying Avatar by ~SasoriDanna94 has made its mark as one of dA's most beloved free avatars for the past two years. It may be a relatively simple design, but the animator succeeded in bringing this mini dragon to life! Not only is it available for anyone to wear at deviantART; it may also be used as a template (with credit) for your own avatars.
(Featured by FantasyStock)


Realistic Lace Tutorial by Negshin

Realistic Lace Tutorial by *Negshin -- Suggester's words: This easy to follow tutorial will help many out there that want to liven up their art with the use of lace details!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by mzzyarts)

Lake Girl 07 by Lynnwest-Stock

Suggester's words: Lake Girl 07 by *Lynnwest-Stock is just awesome! Both the photographer and the model did an outstanding job with capturing this one (due to the difficulty). And the background is just fantastic! In my opinion this deviation will inspire many people and it should be seen by all dA community!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by CrimsonAnaconda)


Free Avatar - Fish by j-mullen

Free Avatar - Fish by ~j-mullen is a beautiful example of pixel color technique. The pastel gradients remind me of soothing watercolors. Even without animation, the artist achieves the look of fluid underwater motion.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Halloween Spider Web Stock by Moonchilde-Stock

Halloween Spider Web Stock by =Moonchilde-Stock is a gorgeous image, beaded with water droplets. This delicate web is a delightful stock photo for the Halloween season.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Tutorial: Preparing Lineart by Shinerai

Suggester's words: I really think Tutorial: Preparing Lineart by =Shinerai is useful for people who feel more comfortable doing their line art traditionally, and not having to re-line it in PS. I've never seen another tutorial like it, so it's not only clear and instructive, but also unique!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Skittlepup)

How I draw rose? by pandabaka

Suggester's words: How I draw rose? by *pandabaka is a great tutorial. I found it really easy to follow, even though English isn't the authors 1st language.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by KAR10SA)

INFECTED Font by asianpride7625

Looking for a font that will deliver an impact? INFECTED Font by ~asianpride7625 may be just the thing if you want something infectiously wicked in time for your personal Halloween projects!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

No Wisdom In A War by Smoko-Stock

=Smoko-Stock's textures are always a treat, but No Wisdom In A War really caught my eye. The combination of muted colors and scuffed grunge make this an outstanding industrial resource for a wide range of projects.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Pose Tutorial by CassieThomas

Suggester's words: I think Pose Tutorial by *ToUseBothSyllables is an excellent tutorial for cartoon gesture drawing! Not only does it show effective ways to give your subjects more life, it also shows many of the issues some artists have AND how to improve on them! This is definitely one you'll need to full-view; download recommended. I just love it!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by savagebinn)

How To Draw a Unicorn Video by lady-cybercat

lady-cybercat's How To Draw a Unicorn Video exemplifies how deviantART Video Resources & Tutorials are a great asset to the community by providing wonderful learning aids like this for artists. It's a quick look at her lovely sketching technique as she draws and discusses a bit about equine portrait anatomy.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Swirls dotted S.and Butteflies by Coby17

Suggester's words: Swirls dotted S.and Butteflies by =Coby17 is one beautiful brush set... You can find more awesome & useful stuffs in her gallery.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Hellobaby)

girl with violin by xiaochi

Suggester's words: girl with violin by ~xiaochi is a lovely, soft-colored image with two cute poses.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by night-fate)

Blood and Bruises Tutorial by dust-bite

Suggester's words: I'm not the best when it comes to digital art, but Blood and Bruises Tutorial by *dust-bite was very easy to follow. The artist really broke down the steps one by one so that everyone can follow along. Also, this tutorial is perfect for anyone who wants to bloody or bruise up a character for any upcoming Halloween picture! ;D
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by suzaku009)

Rivets 2 by The-Dragoness

The amazing makeup art in Rivets 2 by *The-Dragoness was applied with 100% pure AWESOME. The mixture of cool concept and dramatic lighting make this a uniquely fabulous stock image. Watch out, Tin Man! Oz just got a whole lot sexier!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Photoshop Brush Basics by TehAngelsCry

Suggester's words: Photoshop Brush Basics by *TehAngelsCry is a clean and informative introduction to the most basic of PS tools.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ArtisnotanAccident)

I know I can by CC-PhotoArt

Suggester's words: Out of all the horse stock I've seen I know I can by ~caahphotos is my favorite. It's full of all the power, strength and graceful beauty of the horse!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ElaineSeleneStock)

Drawing Birds part 1 by Majnouna

Suggester's words: Drawing Birds part 1 by `Cedarseed has 3 parts to it and each part is really informative and definitely helps people to grasp bird anatomy and structure :) there's a lot of information and it covers many different body types of birds :)
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by LaraMuk)

still praying original by vapourgrafix

still praying original by ~vapourgrafix is a stirring and emotive stock image with dramatic lighting, focus, and subject matter. The ways one could potentially interpret the meaning of the photo are as numerous as the ways in which it could be used.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Hawk head different angles ref by Ciameth

Suggester's words: Hawk head different angles ref by *Ciameth is very thought out, and has to be the most detailed and thorough collection of angle shots for one animal that I've ever seen! I'd imagine this would be big help to a lot of people.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by SpiralHorn)

Glossy Blood Splatter by pstutorialsws

If you're searching for some blood to splatter into your Halloween art, look no further! Glossy Blood Splatter by ~dennytang is a killer set of delightfully macabre brushes for Photoshop.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Zombie Holocaust Font by SavageSinister

Zombie Holocaust Font by *SavageSinister is an awesome font for horror fans! The spooky characters are designed with a fun creepiness that is sure to inspire all sorts of haunting messages.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Realistic Wing Tutorial - P.1 by Sunnybrook1

Suggester's words: Realistic Wing Tutorial - P.1 by ~Sunnybrook1 is an amazing tutorial that would be useful to anyone who wants to make a pair or real working wings for a costume or for fun. I was very pleased to see that the deviant took her time to research and make the wings as accurate and realistic as possible and also being thorough in her methods. This tutorial would make any bird lover happy in their heart to see something like this.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by BlueFlamedPhoenix)

Oil Texture Pack 01 by Helly-stock

Oil Texture Pack 01 by =helly7307-stock is a fabulously horrific example of a totally devious texture pack! It's an unusual offering of deliciously sick grime. ...A perfect feature for Halloween season!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Black Cape 8 - Morgan by SBG-CrewStock

Black Cape 8 - Morgan by ~SBG-CrewStock is a cute, high res stock photo, perfect for some witchy Halloween fun! The clear shot and lack of heavy shadows make this a particularly useful image for artists to play.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

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Many Thanks for the DD :kiss:
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No, thank YOU for the lovely brushes! :clap:
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I love when you pick fonts as DDs, I'm a font addict! lol
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I like fonts too.
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Thank you for the feature! ^_^
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:hug: It's my pleasure!
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A really great mix of resources... though I've personally never seen avatars as a resource... they're sorta like smilies. Cute, but wholly useless.
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There are a few avatars tossed in because I took over picking icon DDs for a few days while ^BurgerBunny was away.
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I suppose they're useful for people who don't know how to make their own little avatar.
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Thank you again for the D.D. and now for the feature!! :hug:
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You're very welcome!! :heart: That web is super gorgeous... I love it!
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