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  • Animalz! I called three pet shops last week to see if I could go take photos of some aquariums. It came to my attention that large corporate pet shops don't allow photography in their stores. Apparently some troublemaker snapped some shots in large chain pet shops and manipulated the photos to make the fishies look as if they were being sold via inhumane conditions, which were sent to PETA.

    Not to worry! A store manager gave me the name and number of a private shop that specializes in exotic aquarium critters. So I called them, and they were very happy to allow me into their shop. I want to give a shout out to those that allowed me a wonderful experience in that magical little store!

    Here are some of the results from my underwater adventure...
    I hope you find some useful stock here for your art! Check out my animal stock for more!
  • Special Thanks: Funerium has lent his talents to my gallery. This exquisitely talented artist has used some of my other stock to create a small series of NEW fantasy weapons for use as stock in your art!
:new: Funerium Weapons: :new:

Funerium Weapon: Trident by FantasyStock Funerium Weapon: Dragon Scythe by FantasyStock Funerium Weapon: Dragon Staff by FantasyStock
Funerium Weapon: Violet Axe by FantasyStock Funerium Weapon: Red Axe by FantasyStock Funerium Weapon: Dragon Bow by FantasyStock Funerium Weapon: Blade Staff by FantasyStock

    Each weapon is available in a downloadable, transparent PNG file. They can also be found in my list of weapons stock. What's more? Because these aren't mass produced weapons, these goodies won't be found in any other stock gallery. They are totally unique and exclusive! Thank you, Funerium!
  • My Graphic Design Contest!! My stock zip packs need a nice, simple, uniform preview that has a good look for my "brand." With that thought in mind, I launched this contest to allow dA's graphic designers duel! All the details are here. The contest deadline is Friday, September 28, 2007. Winners will be well-rewarded with prizes. Good luck!!

    If you'd like to donate a prize for my contest, please send me a note. Thank you!
  • Wanna Play 20 Questions? I've been interviewing some of my fellow stock producers for deviantART's Resource News. This series of interviews is my attempt to help stock users get to know the people behind the stock that they use in their art. In addition to that, I hope these articles will help inspire all stock providers.

    Thanks to those that have agreed to give me their time for interviews! If you are a stocker, and if you haven't been interviewed yet... Please be patient with me. I do one of these each week, and it may take some time before it's your turn.
  • Prints: PLEASE - If you have ever used my stock in DA PRINTS, and if you don't see it here, I'd like to ask that you please, please send the link to me (in a note). I'd at least like to be informed if my resources are used in your prints. Thanks!
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:thumb58994438: Geisha by ScorpionDeathlock
Torso II by ScorpionDeathlock

ScorpionDeathlock:  It's no secret to most of my watchers that dark, macabre and horror themes aren't exactly my cup of tea. But I need to introduce you to this Shadow Deviant's work! His horrific imagery is made with as much skill as his art with gentler themes. Throughout his multi-media gallery, I was amused, frightened, emotionally warmed, and genuinely inspired. (Read: "creeped out!" But I mean that in a good way.) The talents of deviants like this make me proud to be able to contribute stock, so I can see it turned into things I've truly never seen before. Be brave, and check out this amazing deviant's gallery!

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  • OTHER FEATURES! I like to feature Deviations that benefit dA members for FREE! As always, please check with each artist's rules for use before utilizing their work!
Tarzan Taylor 16 by LinzStock :thumb59841833: Floating ice 2 by Arctic-Stock 176 - Dik Dik by absurdus Altar 4 by Cat-in-the-Stock Bread by stockmacedonia :thumb58698305: Water stock 1 by ED-resources Carrousel by Cat-in-the-Stock Up, up, and away by SchroTN :thumb59907909: Delicate by LucieG-Stock :thumb58641678:

cracked mud texture by Arctic-Stock Metal 1 by GreenEyezz-stock :thumb59638715: Military Badges and metals by Chrippy brush.058 by valhalla-vania-brush :thumb59577621:

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Thank you for the awesome stock photos! :heart:
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Thank you very much for sharing your lovely art with me!! :hug:
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o.o oh god, excelent organization. That helps us so much. thank you for all. o/
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I'm glad it's helpful to you! :XD: You're very welcome! :love:
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Thanx a lot for featuring my last stamp!!!!!


:heart: Participate to the dA Loving Day! :heart:
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You're welcome! Thanks for creating it!
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Sanka much for the feature love! <3
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You're ever so welcome! :rose:
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Thank you for the feature.
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You're absolutely welcome. :)
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Thanks for the feature!
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You're welcome... :)
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Thank you so much for the feature ^^ I appreciate it deeply!!
That was one of the best compliments I've ever received... I'm so honored :hug:
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You're welcome! :hug: It's my pleasure to be able to display such skillfully created art in my gallery. Thank you very much for using my stock... that means a lot to me.
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When do we get stock photos of a nuclear plant? ;)
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:lol: Actually, it would be cool to get a few photos of a place like that.
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zomgs thank you for the feature of my stamp :hug: it makes it worth while :D
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You're welcome! :hug:
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Thanks so much for the features! :blowkiss:
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You're always welcome!! :hug:
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thanx for the feature!!! this is pretty :)
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You're very welcome! :)
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Thanks for teh stamp feature! :D
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You're welcome! :)
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