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All New Designs & Patterns Gallery!

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(deviantART Resources & Stock Images)

It's an exciting day at deviantART today because dArsi has a brand new gallery for Designs & Patterns that will open a whole world of crafting outlines like...
      :bulletpink: Knitting patterns :bulletpink: Paper craft templates :bulletpink: Sewing patterns :bulletpink: Crochet patterns :bulletpink: Wood-working designs & blueprints :bulletpink: Limitless other possibilities
Artisan Crafts artists now have a special place to submit your awesome designs! Your patterns no longer need to be mashed together with Tutorials.

"Patterns and designs in this gallery should be complete and usable by any deviant wishing to download them to create a final product." - Moonbeam13

Moving Existing Deviations

You can move your existing patterns or designs into the new gallery. This FAQ will explain how to move your patterns and designs: FAQ #72: How do I edit or delete my deviation or scrap submissions?

Category: Resources & Stock Images > Patterns & Designs

Moving your patters into Designs & Patterns will help everyone find your templates and patterns with more ease!

Please don't be alarmed if you notice a few of your patterns have been moved into this new gallery. It just seemed a shame to leave our infant gallery so empty.


Several of these designs have already caught my eye! Here are just a few of the really cool patterns to be found in our new Resources category:

Cubee Box Patterns

Cubee - Alien by TaxisFlashDude Cubee - TARDIS (11th and 12th Doctors) by CyberDrone Make Timothy :D by OliveMyPikachu
Box Calendar - Sept - Dec 2008 by ifindhope Johnny Five_REvised_pt_01 by randyfivesix Kunzite pattern by Dragazhar

Crochet, Cross Stitch & Sewing Patterns

DA Stitches Pattern by TalyrasMirror Cube Template by jefita
Baby Reindeer by astraldreamer Baby Dragon Pattern by ChibiLina-chan Baby Bunny Amigurumi Pattern by Sparrow-dream

A Word About Pattern DDs - I don't yet have a lot of experience with Cubees and sewing, so I will appreciate your awesome DD suggestions from Designs & Patterns! If you suggest something from this new gallery, please help me learn by explaining to me WHY you think your suggestion deserves to be featured. Thanks!

Groups of Interest

:bulletpink: ArtisanCraft - Open to all artisans from beginners to advanced.

:bulletpink: stitchingpirates - Cross stitch community

:bulletpink: dAKnitters - Created for knitters and crocheters alike.

:bulletpink: Plushie-Database -  Dedicated to bringing all plushie tutorials together.

:bulletpink: Cubeecraft-Collect - Passion for Cubeecrafts. (Amazing paper box crafts!)

:bulletpink: Needles-and-Thread - Needle and thread to fabric.

:bulletpink: DesignersNexus - Fashion designing deviants.

:bulletpink: fibermancy - Knitters, crocheters, seamstresses and cross stitchers united.

:bulletpink: Homemade-Heaven - DIY (Do It Yourself) artisans.

:bulletpink: PaperDollGroup - Promoting paper dolls, paper crafts, and other paper things.

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PinkPanthress-Stock's avatar
Tardis Pattern FTW! :love:
Really sweet News-Article! Those Patterns are all so beautiful!
jefita's avatar
Oh, this is awesome news! Thank you very much for featuring my cube pattern.
niakane's avatar
Also, eventual sub-categories would be awesome, but in due time. No rush, no rush at all. :)
FantasyStock's avatar
In reply to both your comments...

You're welcome! :huggle: This was actually ^MyntKat's brainchild. She's the GM of Artisan Crafts, and she noticed a huge amount of displaced templates and patterns all over the place without an actual area of their own.

As for subcats, my guess is that some of the CR team will keep an eye on this gallery to see what kinds of things people submit there. Understanding how people use the gallery could help us come up with subcats.
niakane's avatar

Thank you! As a cross stitcher/cross stitch pattern uploader, I've lamented not having a real category for it (and have resorted to the Miscellaneous category for my patterns).

:clap: :la: :dalove:
CyberDrone's avatar
Wow!! thanks so much for the feature!! :D you rock!! :hug:
FantasyStock's avatar
You're absolutely welcome! :XD:
SarahForde's avatar
UnicornReality's avatar
Also! Hurrah for these categories, I hope they get super full it'll be nice to see more of them!
FantasyStock's avatar
Well, it's just one category for now. There may be subcategories in the future at some point.
UnicornReality's avatar
TaxisFlashDude's avatar
Woah!, thanks to you for featuring one of my works here :D
FantasyStock's avatar
:D It's my pleasure!
MaithiranStock's avatar
ayas-shadow's avatar
This is SO awesome! It will make not only sharing, but FINDING patterns and such SO much easier! I might actually start sharing patterns now, for bead-work, and sewing (though I'm not great on the sewing patterns, they're still functional!) since people will be able to FIND them!
electricjesuscorpse's avatar
Thanks for featuring my group! This new section seems promising!
FantasyStock's avatar
You're very welcome!! Thanks for spreading the word. :hug:
LiZn's avatar
This makes me happy. Now it will be easier for me to find these things.
Durnesque's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring #Needles-and-Thread I'm sure our members will be thrilled to hear the news!
FantasyStock's avatar
Thank YOU for the help with making people aware of it! :heart:
Durnesque's avatar
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