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:jedi:MY STOCKART RULES for USE & STUFF:… :jedi:
(Please at least skim the rules before using my stockart.)

:floating: MY WEAPON STOCK COLLECTION!! :floating:
This is a list of text links to various stock photos of weapons that I collect in my gallery. You can also view some of these weapons (along with a few models that used them as props) in my weapon stock photo collection. Enjoy!

:thanks: :iconfunerium: :thanks:

Wow! Funerium has donated some special weapon stock to my gallery for you to use in your art. His fine manipulation talents with some of my weapon stock have given birth to magical weapons! Look for these magical manipulated weapons in the lists below. Anything titled "Funerium Weapon" is one of his pieces of art that have been made available to you through his generous donation! He said it's not necessary for you to link back to him when using any weapon stock with his name, but I tell you... It's the right thing to do!

:thanks: :iconconjalpowernet: :thanks:

Special thanks to ConjalPowernet for his donations to my stock weapons collection! Please give him credit if you use any stock that has the name "Conjal" in the title. Thank you very much, and again, thanks to Conjal for his generous dnations of stockphotos!!

These are some of my favorite things...

:floating: HAVE FUN!! :floating:


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ImaraOfNeona's avatar
I had a question: Are these weapons unrestricted stock? Because one of the sword stocks was unrestricted so I was just wondering.Sweating a little... 
Krillin34's avatar
The swords without Armors and without shields do serve of much. V__V
BiGds's avatar
this journal is very helpful to me, thanks u very much ^^
Moebius-Trip's avatar
The comment field doesn't appear below yoru stock photos, so I'll have to post here. Re your M-82 rifle: It doesn't look too H&K to me. I go with pikasso's statement.
Moebius-Trip's avatar
Re that airgun: You built it by yourself? :D Congrats! I didn't know they came in kit form. Does your "infrared launcher" work well?
Allle's avatar
Thanks alot I really appreciate your efforts. :thumbsup:
Ultradragon's avatar
That's great from you :)

what I'm saying!!

just to continue updating your tools.

U l t r a d r a g o n
HippieVan57's avatar
what an awesome collection!
slimfadey's avatar
Kick-ass!!! You Rule, that makes my life alot easier. :haedbang:
mmpratt99's avatar
Any switch blades?
lunardarknight's avatar
got any sniper Rifle?
sorry im not famelier with guns :blush:
FantasyStock's avatar
Yeah... I've got some like this [link] here: [link] You may need to dig a little, but there are probably 4-5 like that from different angles.
lunardarknight's avatar
oh!!! thank you ^___^
FantasyStock's avatar
mmpratt99's avatar
Any bows and arrows?
FantasyStock's avatar
:nod: "Lord of the Rings Elven Bow" under the category of "Others" in the above list: [link]

It's gotten to be a long list. It's easy to miss it.

Also, =Funerium has made a dragon bow manipulation that he is donating to my gallery... I'll most likely upload it next week. That has an arrow, and two options for the bow's string.
mmpratt99's avatar
Cool. What about switchblades?
FantasyStock's avatar
I have a few knives, but I've never had the opportunity to photograph a switchblade. I'll keep my eyes open for one. If I see it, I'll snap some pics for you.
mmpratt99's avatar
I nearly bought one in Oregon a few years ago, but my dad advised me not to get it. I think switchblades are illegal in California.
FantasyStock's avatar
I've seen them for sale here, but I wouldn't know about Cali laws.
mmpratt99's avatar
They're considered a concealed weapon here in California.
blingyeol's avatar
So many of it! :wow:
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