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:dalove: May 2011 was a busy month for many of deviantART's stock resource providers and users because of projecteducate's Resources Week! I believe that this community has offered absolute proof, 100% undeniable that deviantART is home to the BEST art resource providers anywhere (and everywhere) on Earth!

One of the things that made Resources Week so special were all the amazing resource Daily Deviations that were featured by dA's volunteers like gallery moderators from various art galleries. Together, they showed the community the various kinds of resources used in different art media. Holy resources, Batman! I want to thank them for their help!! Because of them, we collected TONS of outstanding resources all week! Thanks to all the volunteers that helped. Check it out:

:heart: Resource Week's Daily Deviations :heart:
(Chosen by deviantART's volunteers between May 8-14, 2011.)

The execution of Resources Week was a shared collaboration between shelldevil and myself. If you're curious about what I was up to for Resources Week, here's a list of some of my contributions, which I hope were found useful:Thanks to nymphont, Elandria, ChewedKandi and realitysquared for taking the time to respond so thoughtfully to my interview questions. Those interviews helped make Resources Week one of my all time fondest dA memories so far.

Resources Week ended, but that doesn't mean it's gone. One of the most important things we learned is that resources are a part of many artists' everyday lives. This idea is what inspired shelldevil and I to launch what will hopefully become an ongoing series of blogs at StockandResources including a revival of Resource Artist of the Month:

During Resources Week, our challenges allowed us to give out tons of subscriptions and points... You still have a chance to collectively win over 9 YEARS worth of deviantART premium membership and more than 3000 devPoints by entering these contests:

Now for the main event! These are all the Daily Deviations I chose during May 2010 for dA's Resources & Stock Images Gallery. I hope you find something you can use.

From May 2011

Mother and Son Sweet V by IQuitCountingStock

Mother and Son Sweet V by IQuitCountingStock

Mother and Son Sweet V by *IQuitCountingStock -- Suggester's words: Full of tenderness and emotion. It is the kind of stock that inspires dreams and lullabies.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by NHuval-stock)

Speed Lines Stock by dalanless

Designed in Illustrator and produced as infinitely scalable vector objects, Speed Lines Stock by ~SonidZero is a useful resource for artists that feel the need for speed. What makes this Photoshop file even more brilliant is that it's free to use with credit to ~SonidZero. (Please read the artist's comments.)
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Bang bang by AshenCreative

The dynamic pose, perspective and attitude of Bang bang by *clz deserve to be loved by a colorist's hand. It's a fabulous line art resource for you to practice your coloring technique. What more could you want? Yeah, that's right; these lines are free to use with credit! (Read the artist's comments.)
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Paint.NET: Interactive Guide by Eulogy-Dignity

Suggester's words: Clearly a lot of work was put into Paint.NET: Interactive Guide by ~Eulogy-Dignity considering it let's you look at almost every aspect of the program. It really brings you into the program and I'd have to say it's pretty helpful for someone who's new to Paint.Net is such a popular program; it would be best for all of dA to know about this virtual tutorial!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ArtGod77)

Pokemon Script Collection - V2 by Jackster3000

It's obvious that a lot of work went into *DarkAngelX's creation of Pokemon Script Collection - V2. This collection of Pokémon fonts is a must-have for those that gotta catch 'em all.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

How 2 Extract-Polygonal Lasso by SBG-CrewStock

How 2 Extract-Polygonal Lasso by SBG-CrewStock is a quick video class that will teach you how to remove a subject from an image to create an object with a transparent background. The video itself delivers an easy and effective guide with one of the best tutorial voice talents at deviantART.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Blank Character Templates by stourangeau

It's Vector Resource Friday, and Blank Character Templates by *stourangeau is a great resource for practicing your super hero vector pieces.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ChewedKandi)

Flash Tutorial: Line Art by nasakii

Flash Tutorial: Line Art by =nasakii is a technique on making vector line art in Flash CS5, which is a great thing to highlight for Vector Resource Friday. Learn how useful the line tool is, especially if converted to fill, and then bent to give weight.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

white cat blue eyes by jordansart

white cat blue eyes by ~jordansart has some of the prettiest cat eyes I've ever seen. It's a sweet stock image to feature for Caturday!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

How to shoot stock tutorial by mjranum-stock

Welcome to Resources Week for Project Educate! ~mjranum-stock is a well respected photographer at deviantART that has provided this community with a massive gallery of uniquely creative model stock images for over 4 years. How to shoot stock tutorial is packed full of this deviant's insights for anyone thinking about using their photographic skills for stock photography.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Mother Nature - Winter 1 by deathbycanon-stock

Happy Mother's Day, deviantART! Mother Nature - Winter 1 by ~deathbycanon-stock is a lovely example of a creative stock image with elegant costuming and a very sweet pose. It's an excellent way to kick off the first day of Resources Week for ^ProjectEducate.
(Featured by FantasyStock)


girl stock by shuolee

Beautiful and dreamy, girl stock by =Dxlogic is a nice and useful stock image, sure to win your attention.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Minato-Kushina)

gorjuss cupcakes by gorjuss

Dark and super cute, gorjuss cupcakes by `gorjuss is a delicious bit of clipart to feature during Resource Week for Project Educate! If Tim Burton eats cupcakes, they probably look like this!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

TexturePack 06 by AnOrderOfFishsticks

TexturePack 06 by ~AnOrderOfFishsticks -- Suggester's words: Looking to add more life to your work? Adding texture is a great way to make your work more interesting. Deviant ~AnOrderOfFishsticks has a gallery full of awesome textures free for others to use!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by MzzAzn)

USS Reliant by metlesitsfleetyards

Resources Week wouldn't be right without featuring a good 3D resource! USS Reliant by ~metlesitsfleetyards is a fun scifi model that's nicely rendered for your Star Trek fanart needs.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by bdwfh)

Different Pattern by Design-Maker

Different Pattern by *Design-Maker is a fabulous pattern for Photoshop AND for vector artists. This resource is so versatile that it can be used in countless ways by a huge variety of artists. It's a real treasure within the dA resources community.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by koelo)

Button Collection: 250 psds by easydisplayname

Suggester's words: Button Collection: 250 psds by ~easydisplayname is a splendid collection of interface resources that can be used for a variety of projects, and every single piece is well-executed. This is a terrific collection for anyone looking to add a little zing to their interface designs.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by abhimanyughoshal)

JJ's PSD+ATN 9 by enhancers

It's the third day of Resources Week of ^ProjectEducate, which is the perfect time to highlight Application Resources. JJ's PSD+ATN 9 by =jaejunggim is a fabulous Photoshop action that is free to use without credit. It's also a good example of a preview image that utilizes and credits a stock photo rather than a Google image. This is the correct way to present your Photoshop actions when submitting resources to deviantART.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Cubee - TARDIS by CyberDrone

Cubee - TARDIS by ~CyberDrone is a fantastic papercraft design to feature for Project Educate during Resources Week! The clearly marked tabs and the detailed design make this a fun way to assemble your very own desk Tardis!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Knit a Sackboy of your own by theGhostWolfe

During Resources Week of Project Educate, you should get to know some of the Designs & Patterns at deviantART. A great example is Knit a Sackboy of your own by ~theGhostWolfe, which is a clearly defined set of instructions for making your own Sackboy.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Headcrab - patterns by IsisMasshiro

It's Designs & Patterns Day for Project Educate's Resources Week! That means it's the perfect time to highlight Headcrab - patterns by *IsisMasshiro, a kickass crab sewing pattern for... your head?
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Photoshop Typography by R727

It's resources Week for Project Educate, a great opportunity to feature Photoshop Typography by =R727. Learn about typeface and fonts. This tutorial talks about typography terms like kerning, tracking, aliasing, and more.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Cupid de Locke Font by nymphont

I love Cupid de Locke Font by *nymphont. It is so cute and so fun that I could not resist featuring it during Resources Week. It's a great feature for Fonts Day!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Literature Template STOCK by wyldraven

It's a day of resources for WRITERS for ^ProjectEducate's Resources Week! That means you should check out Literature Template STOCK by *wyldraven, a fine example of poetically designed stationery. It's unrestricted terms of use allow you to utilize it in your private and commercial literary works.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Dreamy Descent by louieschwartzberg

Dreamy Descent by louieschwartzberg is an outstanding example of a high quality stock film clip that is available to use in your film projects. This aerial view is a spectacular thing to behold. It's a rare treasure found in time for Video Resources Day of projecteducate's Resources Week!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

South Park Walking Tutorial by KineticSquirrel

It's Day 6 of Resources Week for projecteducate, a day of video tutorial features! South Park Walking Tutorial by KineticSquirrel is a wonderful demonstration of how helpful video can be as a learning tool. KineticSquirrel (and his smokin' voice) show you a piece of how to create your own South Park Flash animation in a clear, concise way.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

How To Create A Video Tutorial by Vlue

deviantART's Video Resources & Tutorials Gallery is one of the most under-appreciated galleries in all of dA, but that could change with How To Create A Video Tutorial by Vlue! Use this short guide to quickly learn about equipment, lighting and software for creating videol tutorials will demonstrate your artistic bravado! When you share your skills this way, it is a great opportunity for fans to identify more closely with you as an artist. Learn more about submitting film to deviantART here.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Library reference-Humans by ArtistsHospital

Groups aren't usually given Daily Deviation features, but dA can make an exception for this because it's the final day of ^ProjectEducate's Resources Week, and we're going out with a bang!! Need some anatomy lessons to heal your artistic ills? Aching for a big dose of tutorial nirvana? Step right this way; #ArtistsHospital has the cure.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

"Flash 8 For Noobs" Tutorial by The-Shadow-Master

"Flash 8 For Noobs" Tutorial by ~The-Shadow-Master is an interactive tutorial for novice Flash artists. The presentation is educational and fun. It's a great feature for Tutorials Day, part of Resources Week for ^ProjectEducate!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Eastern Poetry Forms by saiun

Suggester's words: Eastern Poetry Forms by *saiun is basically a compilation of links that #the-haiku-club has put together on available Eastern Poetry forms - it is a super handy reference, and should be more readily available to all. Typically, this list is maintained in #the-haiku-club's journal (the link to which is available in the deviation comments) - but *saiun was lovely enough to submit it as a deviation so it can be collected and thus easily found.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by MimozaBlooming)

Anime soft-shading tutorial by Mikeinel

Learn this beautiful anime shading technique with Anime soft-shading tutorial by *Mikeinel. See what it takes to make it look effortless!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by sweetychan)

Fractal Pack 4 by greentunic

Suggester's words: Fractal Pack 4 by ~greentunic is the fourth in a series of incredible fractal resource packs by this deviant, all of which are of the highest quality and contain a great variety of useful and gorgeous fractal designs for use in your projects.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ClefairyKid)


M vs F muscle structure tut by WingedGenesis5

Suggester's words: M vs F muscle structure tut by *WingedGenesis5 is extremely helpful for anyone trying to get their male anatomy correct. It has very clear and well done drawings to help compare male vrs. female structures. It's a great resource for new and more experienced artists alike and it's made by an amazing artist with a beautiful gallery.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by AJ333)

Wave's SFX Tutorial by suzuran

Wave's SFX Tutorial by *suzuran -- Suggester's words: A well planned, well explained tutorial on making special effects. I can see how much time the artist has put into making this wonderful flash tutorial. Real helpful and explains a lot.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Takesu)

Design-Composition Walkthrough by Tetiel

Suggester's words: Design-Composition Walkthrough by ~Tetiel is very helpful to show a deeper perspective on how she draws. Many people are often stuck with ideas and they can look to this walkthrough on how to think through art process!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by TranscentingWings)

female body tutorial? by lihsa

Suggester's words: female body tutorial? by ~lihsa is a clever, fresh look at how cartoon and anime artists can break free from formulaic interpretations of the female figure. Her exercise in how to vary the size and shape of a female body is quick, easy to understand, and when you try it, you'll instantly feel like you've leveled up your understanding and skill! I've recommended this tutorial to all my friends!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by animatey)

Tutorial: Nightshade's Vanity by KiwiChameleon

Tutorial: Nightshade's Vanity by =KiwiChameleon -- Suggester's words: =KiwiChameleon has very cool tutorials about markers and they are really detailed & easy to understand.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Hellobaby)


Manga studio inking tutorial by S-Morishita

It's the last day of Manga/Anime week for Project Educate, a great time to feature Manga studio inking tutorial by S-Morishita. This quick video gives you a brief look inside Manga Studio to see a demonstration of inking technique.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Gothic Pixel Font by SparklyDest

Gothic Pixel Font by =SparklyDest -- `Mirz123 says, "a gorgeous, stylized pixel font for use in your gothic-themed project. I simply adore the look of this font."
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by `Mirz123 and ^krissi001.)

Fairy 3 by LialiaD-stock

Fairy 3 by ~LialiaD-stock -- Suggester's words: The title fits well. A beautiful fairy resting in the forest. A nice, dreamy stock that should be more known.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Minato-Kushina)

How-to: Swimmable mermaid tail by Colt-kun

Suggester's words: How-to: Swimmable mermaid tail by ~Colt-kun is such a unique, interesting, and helpful tutorial.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by icantthinkofaname-09)

patterned fabrics by oione

patterned fabrics by *Nagare-Boshi suggested by the following deviants:

=BerryBlu says, "This tutorial is very illustrative and useful because shows how to create a very nice effect in a fabric paint."

~coloradogirl86 says, "This is a great tutorial that is easy to follow and recreate. Little details are what make a great picture and I look forward to trying this technique out."
(Featured by FantasyStock)

The Hanging 9 by Deathrockstock

The Hanging 9 by *Deathrockstock is a beautifully morbid stock photo with a nice, dramatic sense of character, mood, and period.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by pullingcandy)


bloody pills stock by synthetic-pain-stock

bloody pills stock by ~synthetic-pain-stock -- Suggester's words: bloody things give so much inspiration for drama in pictures. just love it.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by cokeandcookies)

Sandra labutova by deviant-caroline

Suggester's words: One beautiful model, an original pose and high quality, I think that Sandra labutova by ~deviant-caroline is an original stock [image] that gives to the artist that uses it the chance to be original.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Alexia88)

Cordelia,jewel of the sea-line by Namtia

Cordelia,jewel of the sea-line by ~dance-on-the-moon is an exquisite piece of lineart, which is available for you to use for practicing your coloring skills with your compliance of a few simple rules. (See artist's description.) It's great to see such a skilled line artist being so generous with their work.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Haeccity: a pixel font by dtw42

Suggester's words: Haeccity: a pixel font by ~dtw42 is one of the most amazing pixel fonts I've ever found. Not only does it look great, but it covers just about everything and the kitchen sink. With such a wide range of letters, symbols, and special characters, this is a true must-have in your bitmap font collection.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Mirz123)

Purple Eye Stock XII by Melyssah6-Stock

Purple Eye Stock XII by ~Melyssah6-Stock -- Suggester's words: High quality photo, beautiful makeup and dramatic expression. It's a perfect eye stock photo!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by riamali)

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