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:dalove: July 2011 seemed to come and go rather quicky, and before I knew it, August had arrived! In addition to reviewing the Daily Deviations for July, this article will also serve to help you catch up with the cool changes that are happening around dA and within the Resources gallery. Just in case you blinked.

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deviantART's July 2011 Daily Deviations

Bori's Digi BG Tutorial by MichelleWalker

Bori's Digi BG Tutorial by MichelleWalker

Suggester's words: Bori's Digi BG Tutorial by =boribaby is beautiful tutorial! I believe it's so great and deserves a DD because it teaches many things: how to smooth backgrounds, make them into hills, make water, use filters, make ripples, and even how to make grass and clouds. It's a amazingly beautiful picture all together too. Very helpful!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Hatty-hime)

Wacom Starter's Guide 2011 by fox-orian

Suggester's words: Wacom Starter's Guide 2011 by `fox-orian is wonderful! Helpful, pleasing to the eye, and totally thorough--It is a total life safer to the tablet curious.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Gloomy--Rainbow)

Convert Photos to Screentones by screentones

Suggester's words: Convert Photos to Screentones by ~screentones, when read thoroughly and download the necessary actions, actually taught me more on how to use photoshop and produced high quality screentones that are bound to satisfy anyone looking for screentone for their work that they need to produce themselves.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by SanoStar)



MANGA to REALISTIC: PART ONE by *BittersweetDisease Suggesters Words A great tutorial series for any manga artist (or other comics too) who want to start experimenting in the strange territory of realism, but have been to overwhelmed to start!
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by MinervaGem)

Rainbow Cake Tutorial by yobanda

Suggester's words: Rainbow Cake Tutorial by *yobanda is very simple to understand, the directions are detailed as well as the pictures, and it's really inspiring and convinces one they are capable of creating something really cool. :)
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Why-did-Kenji-die)

Your Drawing Attitude by :dev-achiru-:

Your Drawing Attitude by ~-achiru- -- Suggester's words: A really inspirational tutorial/comic!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by MinervaGem)

welovefog1 by lady-symphonia-stock

welovefog1 by ~lady-symphonia-stock -- Suggester's words: Amazing photo for stockers which i thought u must see it immediately!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by RezzanATAKOL)

Realistic Underwater Scene by zummerfish

Realistic Underwater Scene by *zummerfish -- Suggesters Words: This fantastic, easy to follow, tutorial will make any underwater scene look amazing in just a few steps!
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by Autumpool)

Canfield Fireworks 2009 13 by WDWParksGal-Stock

Canfield Fireworks 2009 13 by =WDWParksGal-Stock -- Suggester's words: Breathtaking colors... An amazing stock... Don't miss the rest of this gallery!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Minato-Kushina)

Eireen11 by Jaymasee

Suggester's words: Eireen11 by *Jaymasee is an absolutely wonderful stock photo that would be appreciated many, especially fantasy artists. It is well posed and the background is easy to remove. The interesting lighting on the wings is very striking, and the model's dress is beautiful as well.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by alicexz)

The Most Out Of Non-DSLRs by havoCghosT

Suggester's words: The Most Out Of Non-DSLRs by *havoCghosT is a great tutorial that explains in real terms what the different features on a camera do, and how to access them on a camera that doesn't seem to offer those features. It's a really useful tutorial, and will help a lot of people with understanding their camera!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by TheSquareBrick)

Tutorial: Male Torso - Front by KrisCynical

Tutorial: Male Torso - Front by *KrisCynical Suggesters Words: This is an easy to follow tutorial of the anatomy of a male torso! I love how it does not overwhelm us with tons of details of all the muscles, instead it breaks it down so only the major muscles are reviewed. Excellent for beginners!
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by mzzyarts)

Shading tutorial by Grypwolf

Suggester's words: There are lots of tutorials on how to color, sketch or realize a drawing but among the few that show how to shade depending from the different light sources, Shading tutorial by *Grypwolf is really the best. It has a clear and simple language that anyone can understand, even those who are not too familiar with the terms of graphic software!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Ailisea)

OC Reference Sheet TEMPLATE by AtomixZaldox

OC Reference Sheet TEMPLATE by =AtomixZaldox -- Suggester's words: By looking through the whole sheet, I can't find anything missing. It really has everything needed to make an excellent ref.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Linkyu)

How to Draw Female Characters by Fadura-lotti

Suggester's words: There are so many "how to draw women" tutorials out there, and most of them focus on only one basic body type. How to Draw Female Characters by ~Fadura-lotti is great because it fills in the blanks and focuses on the all the different body shapes and sizes that are so often overlooked by artists. This is a tutorial for artists who want to move beyond the basic cookie-cutter "pin up girl" body type and start adding more diversity to their female characters.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by snapesgirl34)

Wig Hairline Tutorial by Malindachan

Wig Hairline Tutorial by *Malindachan Suggesters Words: This tutorial is obscenely helpful - finding a way of doing wigs that don't look so wiggy without spending a fortune on lace front wigs has just gotten a lot easier for a lot of cosplayers with the aide of *Malindachan amazing tutorial (and amazing results as well!)
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by taeliac)

Make a button - Tutorial? by jinyjin

Make a button - Tutorial? by *inu-fma88fan -- Suggester's words: I've seen tutorials on a bunch of stuff - how to make clean lineart, how to use the pen tool, how to paint realism, how to use photoshop, how to color traditionally...etc etc. However, I have never seen a tutorial that teaches you how to make your own buttons! This tutorial is extremely useful. It has tons of pictures, diagrams, and explanations, in addition to a few personal suggestions from the resource provider.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by suzaku009)


Selfa 'ver.2' by MazeFall

Selfa 'ver.2' by ~MazeFall is a wonderful serif font with a big heap of elegance and just a touch of sass.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

autumn road 6 by FrantisekSpurny

autumn road 6 by ~F3rd4 -- Suggester's words: the stunning colors and lighting of this stock image just invite an artist to use it for a dramatic or emotional photo manipulation.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Aderyn-Azula)


Wet-Eyes Tutorial by Eyranne

Wet-Eyes Tutorial by *Eyranne offers a great clay technique that should be shared with everyone!
(Featured by FantasyStock)


Stock - Crow 2 by Camaryn-Wallpaper

Stock - Crow 2 by *Camaryn-Wallpaper Such a lovely big and clear image that will be brilliant for both manipulations and reference.
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by Agnaya)

Hanoi-1 by xstockx

Hanoi-1 by ~xstockx -- Suggester's words: The lovely, soft yet mystic colors and the whole concept are beautifully done.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by MayaVogrin)


Nr 1 by Lady-Sonata

Nr 1 by =Lady-Sonata is a graceful, lovely premade stock background, which you are free to utilize per =Lady-Sonata's terms of use.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

TUTORIAL : Beaded Rat by The-2nd-Trinity

Suggester's words: TUTORIAL : Beaded Rat by ~The-2nd-Trinity is a very detailed tutorial explaining how to create a realistic beaded rat using some interesting beading techniques. These techniques can be used for many other patterns such as beaded mouse, bugs and any other "pear shaped" objects. Don't forget to checkout this deviant's gallery for more beautiful works.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by DianePhotos)

Hands Tutorial by JohnYume

Suggester's words: Hands Tutorial by *JohnYume is well thought out and very detailed in describing the process of drawing hands. It breaks down the hand into simple shapes that are understandable and make the hand less of a challenge to draw. It covers many aspects of drawing hands and features many of the options that you can choose to do with the hand once you have drawn the initial form. It is an extremely great resource to have in reach because hands are one of the hardest things of the human anatomy to draw. It is great piece and it definitely deserves to be featured for the whole deviantArt community to see.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by A-Morphine-Toast)

Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 2 by jeinu

Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 2 by ~jeinu Suggesters Words: As an inexperienced artist, this really got me thinking about different ways to make my characters look less like clones, even in a less realistic art style. It's short, a little snarky and a good resource to get started thinking and get out of a rut.
Be sure to check out parts 1 and 2 as well.
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by NotBambi)

Vienne 2 by liam-stock

Vienne 2 by *liam-stock -- Suggester's words: The possible uses of this beautiful stock image are countless! You will find many other stocks in this gallery.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Minato-Kushina)

Tutorial: My Scanner Hates Me by Wolf-Suit

Suggester's words: Scanning causes problems for many artists. When using scanners, sometimes, colours and details are subdued. With detailed descriptions, Tutorial: My Scanner Hates Me by *Wolf-Suit is attractively laid out and explained carefully step by step. A wonderful tutorial for all traditional artists.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by miru-kai)

st_7 by pavel89l1

The swirl of colors in the background only serve to enhance the focus on the perfect strawberry. A delicious and wonderfully simple photograph, st_7 by ~pavel89l1 is a work that is difficult to overlook.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by XanthiaB)

Fast Trot by Jello88

Fast Trot by ~Jello88 -- Suggester's words: The color, clarity and movement of the subject capture the charisma and feel of the horse in a way that goes far above a stock photo. This is a wonderful piece of photography that I feel is deserving of consideration for a daily deviation.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ReQuay)

Water Dragon3_Mind-Matter by Mind-Matter

Water Dragon3_Mind-Matter by ~Mind-Matter Suggesters Words: A stunning stock photo useful for anyone in need of lizard stock. It's clear enough to show the tiny details of the animal - great for photo-manipulation and anatomy study!
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by CACecil-Stock)

Guide : Making ORIGINAL Fanart by Efaniel

Suggester's words: Guide : Making ORIGINAL Fanart by ~Efaniel is an interesting and well written tutorial. Most people (and I often fall into this trap) only draw said fanart in the original style and NOT their own. Which while is perfectly okay, you should always try something new, yes?
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Rose-Rayne)

Digital Illustration Tutorial by Cheila

Digital Illustration Tutorial by =Cheila -- Suggester's words: a very user friendly tutorial :)
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by cfmarckx)

Larafairie-stockfireplace by larafairie-stock

Larafairie-stockfireplace by ~larafairie-stock -- Suggester's words: A beautiful image with deep emotion, and would work well in a fantasy/emotional photomanip setting.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Endorell-Taelos)

Burn The Witch Down by Eirian-stock

Burn The Witch Down by *Eirian-stock is a chilling stock image, full of haunting desperation.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Resident-Angel)

Freedom we all have dreams by Chunga-Stock

Freedom we all have dreams by *Chunga-Stock Suggesters Words: Not only is this a unique perspective on a horse, but it also conveys a beautiful emotion!

A wonderfully large clear and interesting shot, everything an equine stock photo should be.
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by meihua)

Grass tutorial by Sadir89

Suggester's words: Grass tutorial by ~Sadir89 is totally epic - all the steps are very clearly formulated, easy to follow and as a great bonus - written with the humorous touch... This is only one tutorial from the quite of a number by the same author related to different aspects.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Ilman-Lintu)

albertofont_ by weknow

albertofont_byweknow by ~weknow is a smooth, futuristic typeface with bold personality.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Floating Island by DudQuitter

Floating Island by ~DudQuitter ain't yo momma's vacation destination! This 3D model isn't cool just because it looks great; it's free to all artists that want to have a little futuristic fun. Be sure to link back to ~DudQuitter if you use any of his art resources.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

howto color with copic markers by miemie-chan3

Suggester's words: howto color with copic markers by =miemie-chan3 is a wonderfully in depth tut on how create colour with copic markers! This massive tute is easy to follow with heaps of photos and text and is a must for anyone who wants to make the most of their copic markers!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by xXAli-StarXx)

Untitled Texture 375 by aqueous-sun-textures

Untitled Texture 375 by ~aqueous-sun-textures A gritty, grotty and fantastic texture that is bound to be useful for many digital pieces. Be sure to check out the rest of ~aqueous-sun-textures's gallery for even more texture goodness!
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by UnicornReality)

Speedline Tutorial by terriblenerd

Suggester's words: Speedline Tutorial by ~BlackLillian is a really useful tutorial and I think all comic artist's should know how to do this simple method for speed lines.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by KAR10SA)

Pt.2 - Painting Facial Hair by Sheridan-J

is a fantastic video tutorial that will teach you how to get a great stubble look in your digital paintings. Now go paint some manly men!
(Featured by FantasyStock)


Asterodea by catzilla

Asterodea by =catzilla is an outstanding piece of lineart with a lovely amount of detail. It is free to color and use at dA as long as you follow a few simple rules from the artist.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Delete White from Lineart by kohtoyasa

Suggester's words: Delete White from Lineart by *inuears is a simple way to get transparent lineart and can be useful to many people.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by AssClownFish)

Nate - 263 by ElaineSeleneStock

Nate - 263 by *ChildOfAtlas Suggesters Words: A great proffesional finish and am sure people will benefit from using it for photo-manipulations.
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by JJH2010)

Free Dog Lines 2 by SabraeTrash

Free Dog Lines 2 by =NarutoFreak123 is a nice set of dog breed drawings, which may be edited within the artist's easy-going terms of use. It's an excellent resource for reference, practice with color/shading, or a wide range of other possibilities.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Cobra skin by yko-54

Cobra skin by ~yko-54 is a sexy, strange texture that is offered for free use in your artwork. Just link back and give credit to ~yko-54, and be sure to check out his other resources for more dynamic textures!!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

FMA Cel Shading Tutorial by CalamityChemist

Suggester's words: FMA Cel Shading Tutorial by *CalamityChemist helped me so much not just with my coloring, but many many other things I didn't know about. It's also very clearly written and easy to follow!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by spongeenthusiast)

Background 8 by ElenaDudina

Background 8 by *ELENADUDINA -- Suggester says: Nature in all its wonders are taken to the fullest in this picture. They are watched well and edited into something lovely. A masterpiece.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by oozsinfered)

Character Profile Form by ThirdPotato

Updated often, and translated in several languages the Character Profile Form by =fyuvix has helped out many writers to create unique characters with depth. The form is both very well thought out and easy to use.
(Featured by shelldevil)

Glitter Bokeh by FallOutGirl9001

Glitter Bokeh by ~FallOutGirl9001 -- Suggester's words: I think it's the perfect bokeh stock, fitting to everything you want to do with it. It has bubbly colours and a brilliant radiance!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Kokopa)

Canine v. Feline Anatomy Tut. by Daesiy

Canine v. Feline Anatomy Tut. by *Daesiy -- Suggester's words: i learned a lot from this tutorial, and it should get more known, as it helps enormously. it clearly compares the most drawn animals, and it is easy to understand.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Klissie)

Tall and Skinny: Pixel Font by BlissfullySarcastic

Tall and Skinny: Pixel Font by =BlissfullySarcastic -- Suggester's words: The perfect font for stamps, blinkies, and other small pixel pieces. The font design is cute and fun, making it a great choice for your next bitmap project.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Mirz123)

Bouncing Animation Tut Pt.1 by TheDeathOfSen

Bouncing Animation Tut Pt.1 by =TheDeathOfSen -- Suggester's words: I owe a huge thanks to this deviant for making this tutorial after I questioned them about their technique for animating their cute pixel icons. This tutorial successfully had me animating my icons in record time! Be sure to see part 2 as well for advice on how to get the animation just right.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ClefairyKid)


Kimmie Lonely Soul Stock by kimmie1987

Kimmie Lonely Soul Stock by =kimmie1987 An absolutely stunning stock landscape that is calm and gentle, and waiting to come to life.
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by QAuZ)

Watercolor tutorial 2 by emperpep

Suggester's words: Watercolor tutorial 2 by *emperpep is absolutely useful, she use words very easy to understand, her steps to follow are easy, too! Makes it look so easy that a beginner at watercolors could do it. Even gives tips for scanning. There's so many details and see its process in this tutorial is simply amazing.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Nakusa)

DN Tutorial: Anime Coloring by digitalninja

DN Tutorial: Anime Coloring by *digitalninja -- Suggester's words: A handy tutorial that would help anyone starting out in digital art (using photoshop) and of course its not only useful to artists that draw in a anime style.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Snowy-Ninja)

Colors tutorial by Ranoartwork

Colors tutorial by ~Ranoartwork -- Suggester's words: Yes, there are a lot of great coloring tutorials out there, tons which may even be better than this one, but the reason that I like this one best is because there is one step in there that most people would skip over; form readability. That one step extends beyond just coloring, it is an important step for anyone to remember with their characters. I feel this artist really needs to be seen... his work is amazing, and I feel the sooner more eyes fall on his work, the sooner we can see him improve even further. <:
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Raptorbane)

Placing Figures in Perspective by kiolia

Suggester's words: Placing Figures in Perspective by ~kiolia would be an awesome DD someday. It is awesome and made the whole perspective thing suddenly MAKE SENSE in a way that several art classes never could. :) [Also suggested by ~arsieiuni.]
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Jenetikitty)


abstract texture 3 by halcyonshores

abstract texture 3 by *halcyonshores Suggesters Words: A beautiful, colorful, and unique texture. Also a wonderful piece of artwork on it's own.
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by redwolf518)

TUTORIAL: Texture_Color Theory by JaziSnake

TUTORIAL: Texture_Color Theory by *Ostwyn -- Suggester's words: A large and very detailed guide to creating tiny but realistic pixel textures. I'm sure all kinds of pixel artists will enjoy the wide variety of different examples and techniques shown, all thoroughly reasoned and explained.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by BronzeHalo)

free metal chrome pack styles by Giallo86

free metal chrome pack styles by ~Giallo86 is a shiny-cool pack of metallic layer styles that may be used in your artwork. Best of all: They're FREE!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

How to make Frosty texture by FrostBo

How to make Frosty texture by ~FrostBo -- Suggester's words: This is a very nice tutorial about making your own frosty textures in free program, GIMP! I think tutorial is crisp and clear and deserves much more attention that it has right now.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by HonG-t)


face tutorial by Phobs

face tutorial by *Phobs -- Suggester's words: This simple face tutorial has helped me greatly ever since he submitted it! I'm sure lots of people might find it very useful as well.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by sadiek)

Beginners Crochet Tutorial by moofestgirl

Suggesters Words: Beginners Crochet Tutorial by =moofestgirl explains the basics of crocheting in a very clear and well paced way. She even made a video to complement her tutorial! I've tried crochet before with very little success, but after her tutorial I feel like I can really make it this time
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by Talty)

posh3 by wildchild-stock

posh3 by ~wildchild-stock - Suggester's words: Lovely! I would love to see this vectored!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by UnicornReality)

Creep5 by DaeStock

Creep5 by ~Danger99Stock -- Suggester's words: Danger99Stock provides EXCELLENT male stock (which is not very easy to get) in a high variety of poses which never failed to inspire me and other artists.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by artemisa-69)

Tutorial: Making PS Brushes by Lileya

Tutorial: Making PS Brushes by =Lileya - Suggester's words: I had asked this deviant about creating brushes. She told me how to make them in PhotoShop Elements then I suggested making a tutorial if she didn't have one already. Well, today I got to download her tutorial! The tutorial includes three pages of precise information that can be opened in Preview, that covers how to make the brushes, what to save the brush as, where to store them, how to make sets and any information needed for a deviant to create his/her own brush. Now that I have these wonderful instructions, hopefully I can make my own brushes for use!!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by WDWParksGal-Stock)

Tutorial:boobs bras n lace pt2 by klinanime

Tutorial:boobs bras n lace pt2 by *klinanime -- Suggester's words: An awesome tutorial for not only learning how to draw the shape of a woman's breasts, but also, a nice reminder that most women actually wear bras under their clothing, and how that changes their look.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by EnigmaticEmpress)


Little Owl by armene-stock

Little Owl by *armene-stock Suggesters Words: A well-focused and clean stock photo of a beautiful animal.
(Featured by shelldevil, suggested by CACecil-Stock)


Accroche au lampadaire II by medusestock

Accroche au lampadaire II by ~medusestock Suggester's words: This deviant's gallery offers a great number of useful, high-quality beautiful and mysterious stock photos. I strongly recommend you check it out!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by lamour13)

winter forest by Meltys-stock

winter forest by *Meltys -- Suggester's words: While *Meltys's entire gallery is full of creative and beautiful stock, this piece in particular is amazing. The light through the trees spark imagination - I can see it's potential as the setting for many creative works!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Fat-Turkey)

PAINT WITH ARC TUTORIAL by suprhppymgcprincesss

PAINT WITH ARC TUTORIAL by ~suprhppymgcprincesss -- Suggester's words: A very detailed, step-by-step tutorial of how to paint realistically using vibrant lights and shadows.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by NekoMarik)

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