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:dalove: This article features all the Daily Deviations I chose during January 2010 for dA's Resources & Stock Images Gallery.

As we rang in the New Year and said hello to 2011, we also said goodbye to a beloved member of dA, a former gallery director for Stock, a good man, and a dear friend, radioPooh. You can check out some tributes to him in these articles, A True Deviant Named radioPooh and Stock and Awe 99 - A radiopooh tribute as well as his DD in the features below.

The Winners of the Beautiful Bokeh Texture Contest from last month have finally been announced. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone that entered and promoted this contest.

I hope you enjoy these Daily Deviation features as much as I enjoyed featuring them...

Arabian Bucking front on by Chunga-Stock

Arabian Bucking front on by *Chunga-Stock -- Suggester's words: I love this stock photo. Not only is it clear and focused, but it could be used in a variety of ways. The timing of it is perfect, and I can never get over the look that horse has in it's eyes.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ashkamoo)

Origami Llama Tutorial by synconi

Suggester's words: Origami Llama Tutorial by `synconi is clearly the best proof that Llamaness invades the Japanese traditions!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Mina-Mazar)

Akareb by beraka

Akareb is just one example from a nice selection of fonts offered by ~beraka. The range of characters included with the dreamy style makes this a potentially useful font for a variety of projects.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Marker Comparison Guide by MJTannacore

Suggester's words: Marker Comparison Guide by =HairyApeMan is extremely useful for marker artists who are still uncertain of particular brands or are looking for cheaper alternatives to pricier markers.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by rienlen)

Painting Tutorial by TheGuardianDragon

Suggester's words: Painting Tutorial by ~TheGuardianDragon is the first digital painting tutorial that I can actually follow step by step, and with great results. It is easy to follow, professional and fun to read. I am painting my first portrait thanks to this tutorial, and I think it would be great if more people could benefit from it.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Jeici)

Monochrome Render Pack No.2 by MoNo72

Beautifully well-structured, Monochrome Render Pack No.2 is a generous offering from ~MoNo72. It's an ultra slick set of 3D renders that pop with abstract scifi appeal. This download is free to use with only a +fav and credit to the artist.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Jareth Doll Tutorial by V-2schneider

If you're a fan of David Bowie, Jim Henson's 1986 classic movie, Labyrinth, or polymer clay dolls, then you will be absolutely delighted with Jareth Doll Tutorial by ~V-2schneider!

Suggester's words: "i'd like to suggest a tutorial which i think is really good - and funny. she's really good at making dolls and she really shares how to do it in a fun way. check it out for yourself."
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by rlmawwhtmttk)

Arcane Circles-Symbols Brushes by redheadstock

Arcane Circles-Symbols Brushes by *redheadstock is a beloved and well-used resource that's been repeatedly employed in brilliant ways, yet each symbol remains unique every time. These versatile brushes are a must-have for anyone that uses art resources to make magic!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Castle Reflection by LughoftheLongArm

Suggester's words: Castle Reflection could be in the Photography Gallery because is beautiful in every possible way, but the artist preferred to share her wonderful work with us as a resource. Thank you *LughoftheLongArm!!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Yasny-chan)

Tutorial-Rigging Paperchildren by pettyartist

Tutorial-Rigging Paperchildren by *pettyartist teaches the art of using just the right amounts of shading, rigging, camera angle and creativity, to make these delicate two-dimensional paper illusions come to life in almost any setting! The only way this tutorial could get any better is if *pettyartist's creations were animated to interact with their live action surroundings.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Lastwaerk - font by aajohan

Lastwaerk - font by ~aajohan is a super slick font with all the bells and whistles! Not only is it a completely free resource, but the massive attention to detail in this font gives it an outstanding, usable quality.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Art Survival Guide - Beginner by DarlingMionette

Art Survival Guide - Beginner by *DarlingMionette offers tons of great advice for artists that want to find a way to improve their work and get noticed with helpful tips on developing a unique style, applying work ethic, accepting commissions, and learning the first steps of networking. Here's your guide to navigating your deviantART experience with more confidence while achieving your artistic goals.
Suggested by *ChasingFadedDreams, *DementedGothAngel, ~Starlie and ~HorsesofPoseidon.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Technic Pattern 1.0 by Sed-rah-Stock

Suggester's words: Technic Pattern 1.0 by *Sed-rah-Stock is maybe the most intricate pattern I've ever seen. Just take a look and amaze yourself.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by pelaoec)

Illustrator Tut: Gear Wheel by surgio

Illustrator Tut: Gear Wheel by ~surgio -- Suggester's words: A tutorial which not only helps you produce the shape for a cog wheel, but also introduces you to some of the less used tools in Illustrator.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ChewedKandi)

Guitar Tutorial by Anti-Ai-chan

Guitar Tutorial by ~Anti-Ai-chan teaches anybody how to make a realistic guitar prop to get your rock star on! Deviate with different styles to create your own personal look.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by UnicornReality)

Vector Art - The Myth Revealed by BarryKiddPhotography

Vector Week blasts off with Vector Art - The Myth Revealed by `lucky13 Suggester's words: Photoshop is a raster based program but can create vector art. People assume that creating objects in Photoshop would make your work a vexel, but this is not always the case. This video tutorial is extremely helpful and insightful!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ChewedKandi)

Infinity Brush Set by ShiftyJ

To help celebrate Vector Week, Infinity Brush Set by =ShiftyJ is a great example of fun Photoshop brushes filled with only vector images. It's free for personal projects in exchange for a simple +fav; commercial artists should contact =ShiftyJ prior to use. This resource provider has several great brushes, but "Infinity" is awesome for using vectors alone for a brush set.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Create Illustrator Art Brushes by andart

For Vector Week Day 3, you should check out Create Illustrator Art Brushes by ~andart. Suggester's words: A great tutorial on creating and using vector brushes in Adobe Illustrator, nicely written and with fantastic results!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ChewedKandi)

Bling illustrator style kit by MelissaReneePohl

Get some bling for Vector Week with Bling illustrator style kit by *MelissaReneePohl!! Suggester's words: An awesome vector resource for creating some serious vector bling in Adobe Illustrator!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ChewedKandi)

52 Halftone Patterns by Faeriedreamer

Vector Week is the perfect time to feature 52 Halftone Patterns by ~Faeriedreamer. Suggester's words: This is a great vector resource to ensure your halftone patterns are 100% vector. It's also free to use for personal and commercial purposes. [Artist requires only a comment with a link to see how they are used.]
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ChewedKandi)

Vector Chains by pica-stock

Vector Week couldn't end without Vector Chains by =pica-stock. Suggester's words: This is a great brush to be used in Illustrator to create a variety of chains. Beautiful line art and shading make this a great addition to vector portraits and more!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ChewedKandi)

Swirly Curls 5 - Bad Hair Day by namespace

For the last day of Vector Week, get wild with Mother Nature's Bad Hair Day! Swirly Curls 5 - Bad Hair Day by =namespace is an elegant Illustrator resource with a playful sense of style.
(Featured by FantasyStock)


We are all Broken by radioPooh

It saddens me to tell you that `radioPooh, former Gallery Moderator for the Stock gallery at deviantArt, recently passed away. Pooh's friend, fellow Stock GM and 'Artist Relations' teammate, `oibyrd chose this feature. This DD pays tribute to honor a man that helped shape our community; his contributions still influence what dA's Resources & Stock Images gallery is today.

We are all Broken by `radioPooh in `oibyrd's words: This stock image is a perfect example of how beautifully imperfect David was. He was quirky and unique and very happy being left of center - that shone through in both his artwork AND his life off of this site. We are all broken. He was right. It's how you perceive your own broken bits that make who you are. He would be tickled to know that his stock image received a DD feature. deviantArt was one of his greatest passions and I am so honored that we were able to experience this place together as a team. RIP Sweetpea.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by oibyrd)

Prince Raven Portrait Tutorial by Razvan-Sedekiah

Suggester's words: Prince Raven Portrait Tutorial by *Razvan-Sedekiah is a really detailed and descriptive guide.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by BurgerBunny)

Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjb

Considering the thought, time and detail that obviously went into *tracyjb's design of Lackadaisy Expressions, it's no wonder why this tutorial became an instant favorite for so many. As several of this tutorial's DD suggesters have observed, this is a useful guide to creating expressions, which will benefit a wide variety of artists within any range of skill. Suggested by ~lyzeman, ~dA-aml, ^sphilr, ~Armonah, ~Chris-Garrett, *Master-Futon, ~P3dy, *12sunlyn, and ~havefaith3x.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Outlined by Lydia-distracted

Outlined by *Lydia-distracted -- Suggester's words: pretty, simple, funny.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by mintyy)

On Writing Love Poetry by TheBrassGlass

On Writing Love Poetry by *jamberry-song -- Suggester's words: Valentine's Day brings out the poet in us all, but often to cliched and not-so-endearing results. Hopefully the advice in this piece will nudge people towards more profound proclamations of love.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Halatia)

Block Illusion - Pattern by BDT466

Suggester's words: Block Illusion - Pattern by ~BDT466 will come in handy for all the Inkscape beginners out there. The tutorial can be understood really well.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by jcroxas)

PS6 BRUSHES - Grass by Ninja-Ryo

Suggester's words: PS6 BRUSHES - Grass is a grass brush kit by ~Ninja-Ryo who creates wonderful free-use brush kits here on DA. ~Ninja-Ryo has been submitting original and useful brush kits to my resource group #Digital-Brush-Depot, and I have found that each and every kit is visually attractive, professionally made and easy to use and install. The kits come with instructions, brush files, colour swatches and even mini tutorials in some. ...I feel he deserves recognition for his fantastic resources.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Tetsuk0)

The New Unicorn Tutorial by SovaeArt

The New Unicorn Tutorial by *Indigo-Ocean -- Suggester's words: I found her tutorial on sculpting to be very inspiring and interesting read. [In depth tutorial about casting, etc.]
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Moondustdreams)

Tutorial- Weight Gain by ThirdPotato

Tutorial- Weight Gain by =fyuvix -- Suggester's words: A very helpful guide for those of us trying to render heavier characters and make them believable. It looks very professional, and is well drawn and researched. A boon for any artist to add to his toolbox.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by DrIgnacious)

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