Happiest Time of the Year?
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HAPPY HOLIDAYS :merry christmas: by luckylinx

Happy holidays deviant artists! The above stamp is my gift to you... The description has some links to all the deviantART stock resource providers that I know of. It should help you find the stuff you need for your art. Please be sure to check each stocker's policies for using their resources before you take anything that isn't yours. There are hundreds (maybe thousands?) of stockers on the list, so go nuts! If you know of any stock providers that aren't yet on the list, please feel free to let me know in a note.

Now... About you!! Do you celebrate any holidays during this time of year? What kinds of traditions (if any) do you look forwrd to? If you're not the festive type, what do you do while everyone else is decking their halls? Do the holidays ever bug you? Is it your happiest time of the year? What will you be doing this year?

FEATURED ARTIST Christmas Dance by BurgerBunny

Each time I update my journal I like to feature an artist that has used my stock in their art. This week's featured artist is...


CherishedMemories has a gallery full of various seasonal delights along with beautiful images that simply celebrate beauty. She is a talented digital artist with strong skills in the photo manipulation medium. Get into the holiday spirit by visiting her pages, and see all the magic her art has to offer!!

Other Art by CherishedMemories


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This Week's Theme: HOLIDAY SPIRIT

Here are some FREE goodies, which are offered by some very generous deviants for your use! Please be sure to follow each artist's TERMS OF USE before you take anything that isn't yours.

Stock Photos

Winter Wreath: Gold by Sitara-LeotaStock Santa 8 by Peace-of-Art:thumb104346285::thumb85328526: Nutcracker I by clandestine-stock:thumb99319079: holly tree 1 by Stock-Tenchigirl15 Christmas Elf 1 by stock-cmoura Cake 2 by WrittenPhotographs:thumb106317605: Epcot Christmas 12 by AreteStock Christmas Fractal 03 by BFstock:thumb105424693: Kabu's Gradient Pack 5 by Kabuchan

Stamp: Support Stocker Rules by FantasyStockAvatars

Textures & Brushes

:thumb106143605: Simple Christmas Brushes by PinkEarMuffs Red Christmas Texture by GreenEyezz-stock Holiday Brush Set 3 by Cheshire-Angel:thumb105679069::thumb104598419: Metalic Texture by PrincessInHeaven 28 christmas brush set 2 by 7nany Texture Number 9 by Eastern-Star Christmas Cookie Brushes by firebug-stock

Journal CSS

Free Avatars

I try to make sure that each of these icons is 50x50 and under 15 kb. They are always free to use as your dA avatar within the artist's rules...

Yule Avatar by marasmic-stock Free Avatar- Candy Cane by NinjaBunnii Walking Present by encune:thumb106237050: Happy Holidays icon by tenchimi Has Stocking by UnicornReality Light Up Santa Phin Avatar by jenniferstuber Free Avi -Christmas Doll- by xelloss100 Free Avatar .:. XmAs CrOwN by Moon-n-Stars Reindeer avatar for free use by Bartpoland Rudolph Snowglobe Avy by ClemiKinkajou

Journal Stamps

Frosty by edizzi:thumb103616364::thumb93403040:
Holiday Commercialism by carbonous Christmas by renatalmar:thumb72915266:
I hate Christmas by MyStamps Merry Xmas by Mr-Stamp I adore them...yey. by PixieRiot
:thumb71530718::thumb71207767: Cannot wait for Xmas... by PixieRiot


LINKS Fella Logo Enlongated V. by Cameljacks

Contests & Projects

This is a list contests going on around deviantART, but I am NOT responsible for them. The following events are hosted by other people:
If you would like your event listed here, please send a note to me with 1) a link to your contest or project, and 2) the deadline by which entries must be received. Your contest must be for members of dA, not off-site.


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:iconpatriciabrennan: :iconjstles: :iconsenecal: :iconfearawaken:

Thank you!

These Deviants' icons are a permanent feature in my main page journal entries in return for donating to my stock gallery! Contributions to my stock cause may be accepted via note.

QUOTE to PONDER xmas tree by cosmic-violet

"An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision."

- James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903)

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thanks again :)
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I finished a piece. You can find it here.

As for what I celebrate, I am thinking maybe for 2009 onward, I'll observe Charles Darwin's birthday. :D He was truly a genius, & he did more to advance the cause of human knowledge (not just for biology, either) than anyone else. The only possible exceptions I can think of are Galileo & Gutenberg.

Right now I am in the library surrounded by Mormons. Today is the day they get to e-mail home. I have no firearms. :O_o: What should I do?...
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thanks for the feature!
FantasyStock's avatar
You're welcome!
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Me? Hell no. I'm too busy to celebrate. However I did celebrate a little, last night. Made more sales on the square that afternoon than anytime since I started. I went to a bar where a drawing group was & sketched. Had fun. Then on to another bar on 6th St. & sketched the band, etc. A couple in there saw me in action & paid me $20 to sketch them. Tipped the band, which left me $15. It was icing on the cake. :D
FantasyStock's avatar
Oh AWESOME!! I'm glad your sales were good!! I'd love to see your sketch of the band; that sounds very cool!

I'm home alone tonight with the man working from 6pm to 6am at this new job, which pays shit, but who can complain in this economy? I feel bad that he has to work tonight. We usually hang out together on Xmas Eve and watch cheesy movies. Oh well, we can do that tomorrow because we have no obligations to be anywhere. I have booze and the Internet for warm company and to pass the time tonight.
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The holidays do bug me. Especially this one. Everyone makes this big deal about getting gifts and giving gifts, but gifts aren't important. It's either like, "I didn't get a gift! This person hates me! (or) This gift stanks!" or "I can't afford to buy a gift! This person will think I don't love them!" And then there are people who celebrate different things this time of year being disrespected. And I don't mean PC, I mean people yelling at others - and not to generalize, but mainly Christians - for not celebrating what they do. My whole family is Catholic and I get yelled at for not being Christian the most this time of year, and my parents tell me to lie to everyone and say I'm Christian. I think it's all silly. Everyone should just celebrate their own thing, and give if they can and want to, and appreciate what they have. That's that.
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I'm with you!! :handshake: I was raised Catholic too, so totally I get your gripe!!! The gift thing drives me right up a wall. For me, I'd rather eat the cookies and enjoy the company than exchange faought over presents from the store, paid for with credit cards during a nearly global recession. And I've gotten yelled at for not being a Christian too.

I got chastised yesterday at a different site ALL IN CAPS because I explained in a forum why wishing someone Happy Holidays is kind of nice in case that person celebrates something other than Xmas. Then some jerk called me "FUCKING ATHEIST!" (Which I'm not, though I have nothing against atheists.) How is that a "good Christian" message?

Well, tonight (Christmas Eve) I'm home alone with a 6 pack of Mikes Hard Cranberry Lemonade and the Internet. I'll be jolly and drunk by midnight. LOL!

:rudolph: HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :santa:
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Thank you for the feature :)
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You're absolutely welcome! :D
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Here are the links to our ornaments this year:


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Oh! That's absolutely fantastic!!! :clap: I love the voting ornaments! You have such a great imagination... What a happy memory tree! Thanks for sharing with me!!! We didn't even have money for a tree this year. So it's very special to me that you have uploaded these for me to see. Thank you!
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Thank you. It's an artificial tree, I just take it out of the box every year.
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Stock-KarrHobbyist Photographer
yay festivity!
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Ho! Ho! Ho! :w00t:
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BnspyrdProfessional General Artist
Thanks so much for the features. Very muchly appreciated. :santa:
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You're welcome! :rudolph:
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Oh, Hon, thank you for featuring some of my art. I appreciate your kind words. :hug: :rose:

Love the resources you have found. Thank you for that too.
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You're most welcome!! :heart: I love your artwork, and I think your username is really nice for this time of year too. There's a lot of great holiday art in your gallery, and it's a very special collection. Kee up the great work!
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Thanks for the feature.
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It's my pleasure!! :)
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:clap: awesome chrissy stock goody feature!
Have a wonderful Christmas :xmas: :)
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Thanks! I'm happy that you enjoyed it!! :love: I hope you have a great holiday season too!
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