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^ProjectEducate: Resources Week
Day 6 - Video Resources & Tutorials

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:film: Video Tutorial Contest! :film:

Deadline: Friday, July 1, 2011 at 11:59pm PDT

Video Tutorial Contest by FantasyStock

:bulletblack::bulletpink: Introduction

:bulletblack::bulletpink: How Do I Make A Video Tutorial?
    I felt this question may come up. To assist you with that, here is a video tutorial about how to make video tutorials:
    With all this preparation, I feel I should inform you that I intend to make this worth your efforts in the prize section below.

:bulletblack::bulletpink: Video Tutorial Contest Rules
    1. You may record your tutorial with a camera and/or with screen capture software. ANY ART MEDIUM is welcome. We adore walkthroughs and speed paintings, but we are also looking for video tutorials about other forms of art. 2. Your video tutorial should not be longer than 10 minutes. 3. You may enter only once. Feel free to update your contest entry with edits and tweaks up until the end of the contest, but you only get one entry. The description of your video tutorial may include links to other deviations, such as "Part 2." These will only be considered part of your overall submission if the running time of both videos combined is 10 minutes or less. 4. You know this part. No copyright protected music, images or whatever else may violate deviantART's copyright policy. Credit all resources used. 5. Your video tutorial should be uploaded to the appropriate gallery under Resources & Stock Images > Video Resources & Tutorials. 6. Submit Your Entry Here!

:bulletblack::bulletpink: Judging
    Show us how to do that thing you do! ANY MEDIUM is allowed for this contest. We'll look at your overall focus (stay on topic!), your ability to communicate your lesson clearly, and the ease in which your steps can be understood/followed. Judging will take place within a week after the challenge ends. Winners will be announced then. Good luck!

:bulletblack::bulletpink: Prizes
    Provided we get enough entries for this, three winners will be rewarded thus:
      :points: 1st Place: 18 month subscription to deviantART, +500 devPoints :points: 2nd Place: 12 month subscription to deviantART, +300 devPoints :points: 3rd Place: 6 month subscription to deviantART, +200 devPoints
    Which means we're handing out 3 years worth of subscriptions and 1000 devPoints for this contest! I hope we got your attention.

Show Us What You've Got!!

Video Tutorial Contest by FantasyStock

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Send a NOTE to FantasyStock.

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jonniedee's avatar
Hello :D, I was curious as to the status of the contest. :party:
3DEricDesign's avatar
nice contest if i have time this weekend i made tutorial :)
jonniedee's avatar
I'm entering this! What an excellent contest!!
FantasyStock's avatar
That would be wonderful!! The contest doesn't have many entries yet.
jonniedee's avatar
The Help Desk notified me that DA is having an issue with video uploads and they are trying to figure it out. Is there anyway to extend the contest deadline?? :love:
jonniedee's avatar
I'm having a problem uploading my video. Hopefully I can get this resolved with the assistance of the help desk.
Karshaforever's avatar
Would something like this work, I'm just wondering? [link]
FantasyStock's avatar
Yes this is good!. However, the music is copyright material, so I would leave that out by using royalty free music or maybe insert a track with your voice to talk about your process.
jonniedee's avatar
It says you cannot use copyrighted music. :(
Karshaforever's avatar
Oh So you have to make a song or something
jonniedee's avatar
That or either pick a song with no copyrights attached to it.
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:bulletblack: I'm here on behalf of :iconanothercontestgroup: to let you know that we've found/added your contest to our blog. We feature many contests on our blogs and have a quickly growing membership of people who want to enter them.

:bulletblack: I'd also like to let you know that we Feature results of contests and if you are interested in having your results posted on our weekly results page message ~Lammalord when you have them.

:bulletblack: Finally we are working in conjunction with =TimberClipse who hosts the most popular DA contest bi-weekly News posting (getting 200-400 favorites each new post). If you'd like to have your contest added onto his News article please go here: [link] and follow the directions located under "Submission Format."

Enjoy and hope you have a wonderful contest
FantasyStock's avatar
Thanks very much!! :huggle: =TimberClipse has been notified of our contests, and we'll note ~Lammalord with the winners.
Nerdbutt's avatar
You're very welcome.:tighthug:
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