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:trophy: Graphic Design Contest!! :trophy:
  • Deadline: ENDED!
    • Wednesday, November 28, 2007

  • Winners:
First Place:
:winner: 3rd Zip Pack Cover by Mickey-Mouse:winner:
by Mickey-Mouse

Second Place:
:trophy: Contest Entry - FS Cover by resurgere:trophy:
by resurgere

Third Place:
:trophy: Cover Art 2 by poserfan:trophy:
by poserfan

  • Stock Pack Design Needed! Below are some thumbnails to the stock packs that I provide:
    The contest is simple: Design a stock pack cover (preview) that I can use with all my stock packs!
  • You may use any of my stock images from my gallery or scraps, but you don't have to. However, I would prefer if you didn't use someone else's stock because this is specifically for my gallery.

    (No offense meant to any stockers that read this! I don't want people to see it and assume they can find your stock in my gallery.)
  • The design must have some space to show a few thumbnails for the images in each pack.
  • It's not necessary, but I'd like a "fantasy" theme if possible. If you can somehow work the dragon in my avatar into the design, you'll earn extra points! Here is the dragon that was used to create my avatar:
  • There must be room for me to add text, such as the title of the pack, and how many photos are in the set.
  • My favorite colors are all shades of gray... I like black and white and everything in between. You don't have to use this hint. I may choose a design with more colors if it's slick enough.
  • The winning design should be easy for me add my stock to the template. FYI: I use Ulead PhotoImpact, not Photoshop.
  • Your entries MUST be sent by note. Entries should be uploaded to deviantART. Your entries must be received by the end of the day on Wednesday, November 28, 2007.
  • You may create as many entries as you want.
  • This contest will be judged by myself because I hope to receive a design this way that I can use for a very long time. Therefore, I want to be able to judge for myself as to which entry suits my style best.
  • Contest entries will be displayed below in the order in which they are received.

:winner: Prizes!! :winner:
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tin-can-man's avatar
I really love the 2nd place design =)
Some of these entries are so beautiful
FantasyStock's avatar
Yes, this was a difficult contest to judge!
rhadamanthine's avatar
i was thinking... how can one join??
FantasyStock's avatar
I'm sorry... The contest is closed. However, I may have another contest in the future, so if you want to be aware, just watch my journal.
rhadamanthine's avatar
yep... thanks for the info..=D
Papillon-Blanc's avatar
sounds great!!
can I join please :?
FantasyStock's avatar
Yeah, just follow the directions in this journal entry. :)
doubleadesign's avatar

here is my entry to this fun competition.
If i win i can email you the font i used and I will adjust my photoshop to work with your photo application. That should not be a problem at all. I would definitely help adjust the template in anyway i can.
Mickey-Mouse's avatar
You say you use Ulead PhotoImpact. I used to use (and still have) Ulead Photo Express until I laernt to use The GIMP. I've found the Gimp to be a lot more flexible. It's freeware, you can download it off the net. It's kind-of the free version of Photoshop.

This program would help you in adding thumbnails to an already created image, as you can use .xcf files (Gimp's native file type) which saves the different layers, or as a .jpg is only one layer. With different layers, you can have a 'frame' (a layer with transperant areas), so you can simply place your picture underneath, and not have to mess around with cropping it perfectly, and neatly lining it up.
Mickey-Mouse's avatar
If I were to enter this, what file type would you prefer the entry to be in?
FantasyStock's avatar
A sample in jpeg format is fine.
I sent you a note with my first submission. Hope you enjoy!
FantasyStock's avatar
I never got the note. Could you please send it again? Thanks!
karemelancholia's avatar

To let you know that i've promoted your contest in my bi-monthly news article : [link]
If you like this news fave it, it will give more expozure for your contest!

Your contest will also be promoted in my journal until the deadline : [link]


Hope it will bring you more participation!
I wish you success with your contest!

:kiss: Kare.
FantasyStock's avatar
Thank you sooo much!!! :glomp: That's very kind of you!!
catluvr2's avatar
Um, what 3-letter ending is that? I have GIMP. ^^;
FantasyStock's avatar
I'm not sure what you mean.
catluvr2's avatar
Never mind. I meant like for GIMP it would be File.xcf The xcf part is what I am talking about.
FantasyStock's avatar
I honestly don't know what to do with xcf files. But I think I could eventually figure it out.
catluvr2's avatar
catluvr2's avatar
Ooh, yeah. I'll do something for you. :plotting:
blingyeol's avatar
The contest seems like fun! If I'd be better in designing such things, I'd surely participate ^^;
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