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It's Vector Week at deviantART, which seems like an awesome time to visit one of dA's busiest vector resource groups: AI-Resources!

"AI" is Adobe Illustrator, an application used to create dazzling vector artwork, and this group is all about helping vector artists find and share the resources they need to create their work. Here you can find vector brushes, tutorials, patterns, and other downloadable files to make the most of your AI experience.

What is vector art? I think Nironan12's stamp sums it up well for novices:

"Vector graphics versus raster graphics; two very different things. Vector graphics [are] made up of modifiable lines and shapes, whilst raster graphics [are] made up of small squares. Vector graphics can be infinity scaled and retain all clarity, but raster graphics will just look like [they're] made up of even bigger squares."

AI-Resources has a well-managed gallery with some wonderfully useful vector resources to select. Deviants, you may use these resources to improve your skills and produce high quality vector artwork.

Please :+fav: and follow the artist's rules before using any of these resources.



Group Founder: ChewedKandi

Group Description:
    A group dedicated to hunting out resources on deviantArt which are to do with our favourite vector application: Adobe Illustrator.

Group Founder's AI Resources:

AI Resources from the Group Gallery:

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts by andart Illustrator - Object Blending by BarryKiddPhotography
Zodiac Graphic Style by lazunov How to Create an Egg by lazunov Candy Cane Brush by pica-stock Evil Apple by pixelworlds
:thumb105937495: Adam's Apple: Walkthroutorial by DeviantJC Financial Crisis by lazunov r2010 pattern pack 1 by r2010

Art Created With AI Resources:

Other Groups That Love Vectors:
    :bulletorange: Adobe-Illustrator - For submitting art made only in Adobe Illustrator. :bulletorange: CorelDRAW-Vectorists - Exclusively for Vector Artists who use CorelDRAW. :bulletorange: Free-vector-graphics - To feature the best free vectors from users all over deviantART and to promote their work. :bulletorange: Pen-Tool-Masters - Making that pen tool your bitch. :bulletorange: vector-artists - Providing many fun projects and resources to create a strong community for vector and vexel artists to unite. :bulletorange: vector-land - To all lovers of vector art... :bulletorange: VectorArtists - For all vector artists and vector fans. :bulletorange: VectorINK - To gather and expose vector artwork from around the globe and to inspire fellow artists. :bulletorange: Vectors-Unite - Featuring artists everyday, and promoting vector artists as much as possible. :bulletorange: vexelove - The place for all vector and vexel artists and lovers!

Unrelated Vector Resources:

Swirly Curls - Sick Brush Kit by namespace Shattered Vector Painting by ChasingArtwork Free vector Valentine's card by grebenru Free Ornaments Vector Background by VELAVAN
Lemon's Vector Guide - Ver 3.0 by lemontea Vector Textures 01 Zip file by sparkling-eye Rope Brush by lucasribeiro
Calendar 2011 vector by C100D17 Vectoroom.com - Curly Vector by rembrandt83
(Not found at AI-Resources as of 01-20-2011.)

:thumb75595647: I Heart dA Resources by FantasyStock:thumb171240511:

Vector Resources Gallery :bulletorange: Resources Forum
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WDWParksGal-Stock's avatar
I've heard of vectors but not rasters. This is quite informative!
FantasyStock's avatar
Yeah, vector/raster stuff is cool! Vectors can be resized to any scale without ruining the quality. Raster images look horrible if we try to size them to, say, 200%. That's why vectors are so popular for graphic designers, allowing commercial artists to take a tiny label off a bar of soap and blow it up to billboard size without having to recreate or fix anything. Like magic!
WDWParksGal-Stock's avatar
So, there are programs to make something vector to be able to use for stock?
FantasyStock's avatar
Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, and I've heard Inkscape is free. [link] also discusses the ability to use Photoshop to create vectors. Theoretically, I assume that the resources in Vector Resources are supposed to be infinitely scalable. We'd have to ask ^ChewedKandi to be sure, but I assume that everything in Illustrator Brushes is likewise supposed to be scalable.
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Wonderful article, thanks so much for mentioning us #CorelDRAW-Vectorists, we're a much smaller group than AI users, but we're proud of what our members can accomplish with the program and all that the program can do :love:
FantasyStock's avatar
I really enjoyed your group's gallery. I'll be featuring vector resources & tutorials every Friday through the end of February. I'd love it if you'd send any vector resource DD suggestions to me in a note if you feel like it in the next few weeks.
ChewedKandi's avatar

You be rocking! :D
FantasyStock's avatar
YOU be rocking! :XD: Thanks for helping me with my crash course on vectors this week!! I wish my pesky job didn't take up so much of my time; I would have liked to participate more in Vector Week.
ChewedKandi's avatar
Don't worry - I'll do another week - for the lulz :D
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Awesome collection you got here, I think AI- Resources is one of many great groups here on DA that actually care for the vector artist, so yep, thanks for the feature :heart:
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