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This is a page for helpful deviantART links to find stock and other useful places to help you with your artistic needs.

If you know of a related  link that isn't already here here, please send a NOTE to me with the link to what you'd like to see added.

Please note: this is NOT a club!

FantasyStock Club Memberships by FantasyStock
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[Also Check Out the deviantART Art Groups Forum]

:pointr: Not a club, but a useful resource listing is Stock-Library. :pointl:


Stocker Chats

    :pointr: :#FantasyStock: :pointr: :#ARSTOCK: :pointr: :#Resources: :pointr: :#FishnetStockers: :pointr: :#StockTalk: :pointr: :#StockThumbnailShare:

Find or List Contests

Are you looking to promote your contest? Are you seeking contests to enter? All sorts of contests throughout DA are featured in these places:

Less Active Contest Clubs


Ongoing Art Projects & Challenges

Looking for something fun or meaningful to do? Want to get involved in a community project? You can find some ongoing projects around DA in the following places:

Other Good Deviant Links

:iconstafflist: stafflist
Find out who's who in dA administration. You can use this list to find out which gallery directors should receive your Daily Deviation suggestions. FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

:icondeviantartcommunity: deviantARTcommunity
Another directory where you can get yourself added. Read the journal carefully for instructions to join.

:iconoibyrdsdds: OibyrdsDDs
"ODDs" is a one-woman-mission (oibyrd's brainchild) to bring you less exposed & amazing art!

:iconavatar-inc: avatar-inc
This is a club, which is dedicated to connecting deviants that need avatars or stamps with those that make them... for free!

:icondeviant-arcade: deviant-ARCADE
Ask not what dA can do for you, but ask what you can do for dA!

:iconseniorlist: seniorlist
A listing of dA's Senior Members.

:iconbirthdays: birthdays
An account with the purpose of gathering birth dates of deviants and sending them greetings on their userpages on their birthdays!

:iconplz-whoswho: plz-WhosWho
This really fun club lists loads of "plz" accounts... Icons that you can use in your comments around dA.

:iconclubdirectory: clubdirectory
Get your club listed in this directory, or you can use it to find clubs that may interest you.

:iconlisting-centre: Listing-Centre
You can get yourself listed with this deviantART directory.

:icondeviantcss: deviantCSS
I think this is about to become a popular club for helping subscribed members to learn how to edit their journals with HTML and CSS.

:icondeviantartfilm: deviantartfilm
deviantART Film's Official Board. Keep informed about what's going on in dA's film community!

:icontutorialsclub: TutorialsClub
This is a cool club for people that make or need tutorials.

:faq: help
Last, but definately NOT least... Please read the FAQ. dA's Help Desk is easy to navigate, and it will answer most of your dA questions.

Fun dA Journal Entries

:boing: The deviantArt Bestiary by Windy999
What kind of deviant beastie are you? Want more Beastiary entries? Check out his Devious Fun Gallery.

:boing: Club & Community Directory
by znow-white
Here's a list of resource clubs that every manip artist should be aware of. Fun... Fun!!

:floating: HAVE FUN, DEVIANTS!! :floating:


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sammykaye1's avatar
Most of the contest clubs you have listed are not active. :(
FantasyStock's avatar
Yes, that has been fixed. Thanks for the reminder!! :hug: I've been meaning to update it for a while, but I hadn't gotten to it until now.
al-maari's avatar
Where's your personal friends list?
FantasyStock's avatar
I... I don't have a list like that. I don't Actually know many people. I have a list of very folks I've met on my shoutboard.
al-maari's avatar
You don't know many people, yet there are apparently thousands who know who you are.

That must be a condition of celebrity. :lol:
FantasyStock's avatar
I think it's more like a service... "useful" more than known. Most of my messages aren't like "good art, nice photo..." It's more like "I used this image in my art here and there... link, link, link!"
Endien's avatar
really useful list ;)
FantasyStock's avatar
Thanks! I'm happy it's useful to you!
xiaoniao's avatar
Ooh, wonderful! I know I could always use a bit more help with my artistic needs, so thanks for the links and references! :clap:
FantasyStock's avatar
No problem! I hope it helps you! I'll add things from time to time, so please keep checking back once in a while.
xiaoniao's avatar
mmpratt99's avatar
Is there quite a variety in your haunted building collection or am I asking the wrong person?
FantasyStock's avatar
Haunted buildings? Hmmm... You could search my gallery with the word "haunted" and see what comes up. But I don't think there's a ton of that kind of stock there. Though, it gives me ideas for future images! Thanks!
mmpratt99's avatar
You're welcome!
FantasyStock's avatar
Thanks for all the work you do as a GD!
znow-white's avatar
Aww that is so nice of you to say..I hope my time will serve the community well :hug:
FantasyStock's avatar
I imagine that most GDs are kept busy. It can't be easy to balance the time. I've seen a list of GD duties... It wasn't a super short list, but I'm confident that you'll be a wonderful gallery director!
znow-white's avatar
Yes we are sometimes, but never to busy to be around the awesome members of dA :hug:
ardunt's avatar
This is so cool, great stuff to sort through, I need all the help I can get and these links are pure gold to me.
FantasyStock's avatar
I'm glad you like this! :hug: Thanks for letting me kow!
WarpedOrbit's avatar
:w00t: You do so much for this community. :glomp:
FantasyStock's avatar
Awww! :hug: This community is worth it! I honestly feel that I don't do enough. dA gives us a place to upload without much in way of space limits. We have a free place to connect with other artists. The place runs (usually) without much of a glitch. It's well kept by staff and volunteers that spend all of their own precious time making it work.

I used to be a member of a different online community, which went down after a few years. All the members felt so homeless at that time. All my friends got separated over the net, and most of us lost touch. It took me a long time to find dA after that; ...a place to call "home" online. I want to do more for dA, so I don't worry about it happening here.

By the way, my friend, please check out the contest in my signature... It might be fun for you!
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