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Deviation Actions

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1. Please link back to FantasyStock. FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
2. Please send a link to your artwork in a note to me.
3. Please send a link to your print/commercial use or reproduction as soon it is up for sale at dA. I usually add your prints to my wishlist!

Need Clarification?

1. I ask for a link back in the description of each deviation that has been created with even one small element of my stockart. (That's what that faq link is doing up there; see above. It will tell you how to make links on dA.) If you showcase your work on another website, please add a link to my main page here at dA on the same web page where you display your art. I think that's fair.

2. If you used my stockart, I want to see it! Notes are usually the fastest way yo get my attention. Each time you use my stock, please tell me. Please don't assume that I will know which of your works have my stocks in them even if I +devWatch you. I won't know unless you tell me. Once I'm notified of where to look, I'll give it a +fav if I like it, so I can look back and appreciate how my stockart has been used. (I reserve my favorites just for this purpose.) Please keep in mind that I don't always have time to view every piece of art that is sent to me. I try to see as many as I can. I often leave comments. You don't need my permission to use my stocks if you just intend to use it for your personal projects.

3. I know I cannot police each use of my stock. Though I'd like you to please show me when you use any of my stockart for profit. You have my permission to submit your work to dA Prints. If you sell prints here on dA, and if I like the print, I'll add the prints that have my stockart in them to my wishlist as advertisement for you. (I reserve my wishlist just for this purpose, so don't be shy about showing me. I'm really not at all scary.) If you need a model release form, please just show me the work and ask me.


Using my stock to make other stock images to put into your gallery is prohibited unless you first get my written permission. This is a respect issue. I respect other stockers, and I hope they will pay me the same respect. Don't redistribute my stock until I have had time to look over your rules of use (etc) to decide whether I want you to do this! Get my permission FIRST! It's not difficult!


This section of my gallery is considered "unrestricted." What this means is that you don't need my permission to use these photos in your commercial or personal projects. (Note, this does NOT include using my stock to make new resources!) I merely want to be shown your work. Please follow any rules you may find in individual descriptions of my stock photos. Other unrestricted stock accounts can be found here:…


If you have a school project, please feel free to use my stock without asking. The only things I'd like in return are simple: Please tell me about it, please credit me if you can, and please send a link for me to see it if you can. (I understand that most yearbooks and school newspapers aren't published online, but schools usually allow siting a source for a photo used in a y/b or in the school's paper.) Thanks!


I offer a lot of FREE avatars for people to use at dA. You can view my folder of Free Avatars, or you can visit my old avatar account, FantasyStockAvatars, for an even bigger selection.

My free avatars each have descriptions with rules. Please read them for each avatar, as each one's rules may slightly differ.

This isn't enough for you? (Greedy Bastard! I was expecting YOU! Hehe!) I'd like to direct you to Free-dAvatars, a group that I founded with the FreeAvatarsAndMore for some of dA's best (and most consistently active) avatar creators to show off their freebies!

Still not good enough for you? Well, I can make something for you. Check out my Commissions Policies to find out how to request a personalized avvie for you or a friend.


Please ask permission before using any of my stock if you plan to create any stamps, icons or avatars with it. Thank you!


I should not have to say this: My stock art is never to be used in pornographic or hateful material. Just in case you don't know what this means, I'll refer you to deviantART's rules on these matters:#!@%, I can't believe I even have to include this in my policies. It's such a disappointment that after 4 years of offering stock at dA, this issue had to come up. I hate rules! I hate adding more rules! But some people seem to need them in order to behave. Basically, just please respect my art, and I'll respect yours.


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About the Models

Special Thanks :thanks: to the people that have contributed to my stockart selection. THANK YOU for putting up with my often bizarre requests, giving me your free time, and allowing the art community to use your likenesses as an outlet for their creativity. It's a most kind and generous gift.
Artists: These models have donated their free time to help give you the tools you need to produce your art. Please respect their likenesses, so they may continue to bring you fun poses, costumes and emotions for your creative urges to play out. Thanks!


Though it's not necessary for you to send a donation, it's always appreciated when my services pay off a little. I take donations at Paypal, which can be sent to

I also appreciate devPoints donations if you prefer to do that instead. You can donate points to me here.

Whichever donation method works for you, I'm grateful. Thank you!


I like fantasy & scifi art. I'm happily married with 1 kitty & 2 dogs. (So sad when I had to update that to "1 kitty".) I don't usually take stock requests, but I'm open to new ideas. Offering stockart is my way of feeling useful. This is NOT my secondary dA account; it's my primary one. My desk is always cluttered.


Read or leave a message here if you want to ask anything. Maybe your question has already been answered!
Due to the volume of messages that I receive, I cannot take the time to reply to each and every comment that I receive. I do try to read all the messages that are received, and I try to reply as often as possible. Thanks to everyone that leaves a comment for me. Your feedback always helps me feel inspired!

:floating: HAVE A FUN DAY! :floating:

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