Dragons... Anyone?

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DRAGONS? :raini: by RooBot

You may ask yourself, "What's FantasyStock going on about now? Dragons??" But I love dragons! My avatar has been a dragon for a long time. And... Well, yeah, I have questions about dragons, though my reasons are my own... LOL!
Ok, so dragons... Do you believe in dragons? Have you ever met a dragon? What are dragons like? I want to read all that you know about dragons, and I'd love to see your favorite dragon art links from dA... Please?

TREASURE! Dragon's Hoard by zikes

With medical bills still on my mind (stress!), my eBay auctions will be updated again this week. Currently up for auction... A real DRAGON in mint condition:

The above plushie is no longer available in stores. Here are some more great deals on rare Neopets merchandise:Also, here are a few other new (or nearly new) treasures that I hope will be of use to someone who sees this:
FEATURED ARTIST :thumb48454549:

Each time I update my journal I like to feature an artist that has used my stock in their art. This week's featured artist is...

:star: RhysGriffiths :star:

RhysGriffiths: When it comes to featuring fantasy art involving dragons, the natural thing for me to do is visit this Australian artist's gallery where you'll find fierce dragons, epic battle scenes, fantastic mythical beasties, and even a few outstanding special effects resources for your art. It's definitely worth your time to view his enchanting world of magic.

Other Art by RhysGriffiths


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FEATURED FREEBIES Dragon egg by figarou
This Week's Theme: DRAGONS!

Here are some FREE goodies, which are offered by some very generous deviants for your use! Please be sure to follow each artist's TERMS OF USE before you take anything that isn't yours.

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Golden Dragon by TexelGirl-Stock Sky Clinger by riktorsashen Dragonfruit by stickwriterstock Dragon Sleep by markopolio-stock In trouble - pocket dragon by Stock-Karr Bronze Dragon_Stock by MJ84-StockPhotos:thumb58448129: Mehrunnisa-stock508 by Mehrunnisa-stock Snapdragons 02 by CotyStock Lego Dragon by Della-Stock DragonKahn_Vectors_thinsoldier by thinsoldier:thumb59659196:

Stamp: Support Stocker Rules by FantasyStockAvatars

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:thumb75398100: 10 neu Dragon Brushes PS 7 by Engelchen19:thumb44661874: Dragon Brushes With Flares by PointlessPUNK Dragon Egg Texture by seiyastock:thumb85667426: Dragon Booster Crew Brushes by CrystalJoy-Creations 2008 Kansas Antiques 164 by Falln-Stock:thumb73901802: Dragon Skin Texture by miss69-stock Dragons 2 by TD-Brushes Dragon's egg by teatoo Wing Pack - NOT bird wings by supaslimstock

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:thumb34072731: Protected by Dragons stamp by purgatori Neopets: Shoyru Stamp by dark-rukario

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"What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things... it is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface."

- Constantin Brâncuşi (1876-1957)

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