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MY HERO :iconhooyahman:

My brother, Ryan, allows me to upload photos of him to my dA stock gallery. Growing up with him, he was always very driven toward one goal: He wanted to be an aviator for the US navy. Almost everything I've ever seen him do has been leading up to this. From volunteering at the local hostpital to working extra long hours at homework and graduating valedictorian from his high school, Ryan has worked like no one I know toward this one goal. I've been privileged enough to see this dedicated individual succeed time after time, not because he was better or wealthier than anyone else, but because he always worked so hard for his long-term goals. He stayed the course no matter what.

I'm really pleased and honored to announce that today he got his wings from the US navy. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, he went on to flight school where he has become a US naval flight officer. I couldn't make it to the ceremony today, which is really difficult for me, but I can celebrate this huge success with you here in my journal.

Ryan earned a highly distinguished service in a very competitive flight school of other high achievers like himself: He will be flying off aircraft carriers in Super Hornets!! He's been working toward this for over a decade of his short life. And I'm so proud of him!!! So here's to my hero, Ryan...

Always Your Sister! ~:heart:~ Forever Your Friend!

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PinkMonkeyLove's avatar
Thanks for the feature!!!
znow-white's avatar
Even if you could not make the ceremony I am sure if he were to read this he would be real proud of you for this dedication.
Congratulations of course are in order.:hug:
matiasromero's avatar
Give your bro our congratulations!
FantasyStock's avatar
I sure will! Thank you!!!
archseer's avatar
Grats on your brother getting his wings. Thats just awesome stuff :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
FantasyStock's avatar
Thanks!! I'm really proud of him. And I'm glad you stopped by.
archseer's avatar
you're most welcomed :)
Stock-Karr's avatar
Congratulations to him :D
amalym's avatar
Congratulations to your uh hum cute brother ;) It's awesome to hear someone work so hard for something so honorable!!! He is an inspiration indeed:hug:
FantasyStock's avatar
edneu2004's avatar
Hi my dear friend! :wave:

Its wonderful to know he achieved his goals!

This remember me how long I know you and how much things good and bad we passed thru all these years.

Its a celebration for me too to know your brother is high in the skies dong what he love to do!

I wish him all the best!

For you and Grey too, of course!

Thousand hugs for all of you!! :hug:
FantasyStock's avatar
Hello :hug: Thank you!! Through me, I think you watched Ryan grow into the man he is now. It's very nice to have people like you to celebrate with me. Because you have been my friend for so long, you are able to comprehend what a big achievement this is.

I'm glad you stopped by to comment. :heart: I told Ryan a lot about my friend in Brasil over the years, and it's like you both know each other a little.

Anyway, your message warmed my heart. Thank you!! :blowkiss:
Amedyr's avatar
WOW! Congratulations!!
cordieb's avatar
How wonderful. Congrats to Ryan! What an honor!
FantasyStock's avatar
It's really nice...:iconsqueeeplz:He has come so far over such a long period of time!! Thanks for commenting!!
Dracoart-Stock's avatar
Thanks so much for adding some of my photos to your feature! Also congratulations to your bro! Awesome accomplishment! :clap:
FantasyStock's avatar
You're welcome... And thanks! :rose:
Miarath's avatar
Congrats then. :hug: :iconballoonsplz: :heart:
FantasyStock's avatar
Miarath's avatar
You're most welcome. :)
EshmoonDM's avatar
gratzzzzz to your brother!!!!!!!
FantasyStock's avatar
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