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NEWS & UPDATES :intardnet: by LeoLeonardo

My eBay auctions are still available, and I'll continue to add more items for sale. However, right now I need to stop donating to charities with some of the items up for bid. (The fees were kind of steeper than I realized.) However, if you bought anything from me, THANK YOU!! I hope you're happy with whatever you now own. You have helped some of the following causes:
  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
  • U.S. Space & Rocket Center Foundation
  • ProLiteracy Worldwide
  • Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
  • Comic Relief, Inc.
Speaking of good causes, oibyrd (a wonderfully giving and genuine person), wants to help out a friend in need. Please see how you can make a difference; it won't cost more than a little of your time...

Another cause came to my attention recently about a man named Nigel Haskett who worked for McDonald's. (You can read the story here or watch it on YouTube.) Until he is compensated for his medical bills, I am boycotting McDonald's restaurants. (Not that difficult to try to help this guy.) I encourage you to politely email MickeyD's to let them know if you're doing the same.

As a result of asking people to tell me their favorite non-profit organizations, I managed to make some Stamps for Good Causes. If you'd like me to make a stamp for a specific non-profit you support, please leave the link in the comments of this journal entry or send a note to me. If I like the non-profit org, and if I have time, I'll make the stamp for you for free. (Please let me know if you DON'T want credit in the stamp's description.)

How do you escape from the upsets of life? In the midst of my personal and financial issues, I'm in a rather escapist mood at the moment. The art I chose to feature this week is all about where and when I'd rather be. I hope you find some healthy escape too. Enjoy!

FEATURED ARTIST :iconravvenart:

Each time I update my journal I like to feature an artist that has used my stock in their art. This week's featured artist is...

Fantasy artists like RavvenArt are the people that inspired me to offer stock images. Her gallery is like taking a journey into other places in unknown time, often dirfting into and out of the surreal. I like her use of earthy hues and sensual forms that take on an appearance of reality just a little left of center. Even her photography somewhat pricks my imagination, forcing me to wander into some other world. Lovely stuff! She's also the owner of Ravven-Stock, so you can use some of her photos with your artwork.

FEATURED GROUP :iconspace-club:

Space-Club is an art group for artists that appreciate or create artworks on the subject of space. Their gallery of space art reflects the talents and visions of their artistic members... A really fun spot for cyber-stargazing!

FEATURED FREEBIES Goblin King Amulet by bikershead

Here are some FREE goodies, which are offered by some very generous deviants for your use in your artwork! Please be sure to follow each artist's TERMS OF USE before you take anything that isn't yours.

Stock Photos

Cyber 16 by 2omb13stock Clifford's Tower by Queenselphie IceFX-Profile Lighting Study.4 by Della-Stock Hayden Planetarium by hyannah77-stock Dragon Island by stock-cmoura Planet Resource Pack 1 by DemosthenesVoice Dragon Lord 001 by Selficide-Stock STLAD01 by M3-Productions The Lakes 31 by JewelsStock Unicorn Mask Snow 5 by eyefeather-stock:thumb103301414: MK Christmas Wishes 47 by AreteStock STLCM Interior 04 by M3-Productions:thumb102631682: Mission Space by AreteStock

Stamp: Support Stocker Rules by FantasyStockAvatars

Textures & Brushes

Textures - Code by EL80 Etoiles by Elbereth-de-Lioncour Stock Photo - Bubbelbad by boxx2genetica Travel Brushes by ki Bokeh Pack 2 Preview 4 by joannastar-stock:thumb109665447: Orange Bubble Pattern by ImageAbstraction Nebulae by LoRdaNdRe:thumb110775527: angels dragons and water by ingridmatthews

Journal CSS

Free Avatars

I try to make sure that each of these icons is 50x50 and under 15 kb. They are always free to use as your dA avatar within the artist's rules, though you may have to ask permission first...

Arabian Castle pixel avatar by Rose-Rayne Lil' Rocket Ship by themistsayshello:thumb110338146: DA Rust by Yughues:thumb107951438::thumb76092403: Happy Clouds Avatar by TheLovelyMassacre Free AVI - Sunshine by ladyofclovers:thumb112679881: Free use avatar: Koala by medli20:thumb113441473: Isometric Sunshine - Free Icon by etNoir

Journal Stamps

So Many Books by LaPurr Back in a Few Days by MyStamps movies fan by maryduran
mezmerizing quote : stamp by ifyouplease:thumb85016559: Stamp: Hidden Behind Camera by FantasyStockAvatars
Animal Planet Stamp by Jrny Love Travel. by petercui


LINKS Fella Logo Enlongated V. by Cameljacks

2009 Contests & Projects

This is a list contests going on around deviantART, but I am NOT responsible for them. The following events are hosted by other people:
If you would like your event listed here, please send a note to me with 1) a link to your contest or project, and 2) the deadline by which entries must be received. Your contest must be for members of dA, not off-site.


:icontehkella: :iconoibyrd: :iconmarkopolio: :iconedneu2004:
:iconpatriciabrennan: :iconjstles: :iconsenecal: :iconfearawaken:

Thank you!

These Deviants' icons are a permanent feature in my main page journal entries in return for donating to my stock gallery! Contributions to my stock cause may be accepted via note.

QUOTE to PONDER :thumb66223080:

"What began as imaginative escapism has led me full circle back to life. Maybe artists do pay attention to the important things."

- Eleanor Blair

© 2009 - 2021 FantasyStock
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Space-Club's avatar
Thank you for the feature, we really appreciate it! :hug:
FantasyStock's avatar
No problem!! :) Great club!!
Della-Stock's avatar
Thanks so much for the journal feature
FantasyStock's avatar
You're always welcome Dear!! :rose:
MyStamps's avatar
thank you for featuring my stamp :)
FantasyStock's avatar
You're welcome!!
Queenselphie's avatar
thanks so much for featuring one of my stock images!
FantasyStock's avatar
You're welcome!! :heart:
CrystalJoy-Creations's avatar
Yeah my CSS is here! I should make a new version of it because I'm better now at CSS then back when XD
FantasyStock's avatar
Yeah, a new version would also be great. I really like the underwater theme.
CrystalJoy-Creations's avatar
Thank you and thank you so much for the feature :hug: I was so surprised to see that some really likes it. :love:

:giggle: I got a few awesome ideas of what the new sea theme will be. :heart: It's going to be very cool, I hope the ideas will work. :D
FantasyStock's avatar
You're very welcome!! :) It's nice to meet people that offer free goodies around dA.

So you're the one making the balloon animal avvies? Way cool!!! Assumiung that some are for general use, could I possibly interest you in a project I've started at ~avatar-inc called The Free Avatar Project?
CrystalJoy-Creations's avatar

Yes I'm the one :lol:, I've been making free and personal free request avatars of these balloon creatures. Sure I'll take a look and see what's it about. Sound like a fun project to be a part of. :hug:
CabbyHat's avatar
To escape, I read and write fantasy adventure stories. Financial difficulties don`t much bother me when I can fly to Venus and battle bad guys with ray guns alongside dashing tanned pirates in loincloths. :D
FantasyStock's avatar
Dashing tanned pirates in loincloths do tend to make everything better.

I have a very rich fantasy world inside my head. (Hence my username) I love it when people use my stock for fantasy or scifi art. It feeds my imagination, and it gives me the outlet I need sometimes to "escape" reality for a little while.
CabbyHat's avatar
Oh, Edgar Rice Burroughs, where would we be without thee and thy scientifically dubious fiction... X3

Yes, when I don`t have anything else to do I just sink into my fantasy world for a while. I`m glad I`m not the only one who does. :D
etNoir's avatar
Thanks for the feature ^^
FantasyStock's avatar
You're welcome!!!
JewelsStock's avatar
Thanks for the feature!
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Thank you so much for the feature - that's wonderful! :)
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You're absolutely welcome!! I hope it brings you and your art more attention. You have such a beautiful gallery!!!
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thank you so much for the feature :)
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It's my pleasure!
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