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☆ ☆ ☆

If you'd like me to make a personalized avatar for you or a friend, please send your request to me in a note. If your request isn't in a note, I may not see it very quickly.

Please include a detailed description with regard to your preferences about things like...
    :bulletred: Colors :bulletred: Text :bulletred: Animation :bulletred: Anything else?
It helps to know what you want your avatar design to look like. Please remember dA's policies and what kind of avatars are allowed... FAQ #214: What are DeviantArt's policies regarding avatars?

Also, I require a small commission fee. This is discussed below.

☆ ☆ ☆

I have a few different styles for you to choose from. The following examples are free avatars for general use:

Commissioned Avatars So Far

These are some of the avatars I've been commissioned to make (or created as gifts) so far. Click here to view my folder of samples.

Your Own Art Avatars

I love turning other people's art into a unique thing. (I always get written permission to work with anyone's art.) These are a few of the kinds of things I could perhaps do with your art...

I cannot use anyone else's art without their written permission. Please don't send Google images to me. It's illegal for me to use most Google images without written permission, so please don't even bother looking for one to send to me.

Tooled Avatars

Tooled avatars are created with a combination of different techniques. Using various tools and softwares, it's possible to get lots of different kinds of effects...

Stop Motion Avatars

I haven't uploaded many of these, but I can take photos of things and animate them together. Because dA's avatars need to be under 15 kb, the design has to be short and kind of simple...

Pixel Avatars

This is my newest trick. Pixel art still takes me a while to do because I'm kind of new at drawing things pixel by pixel. I'm still figuring out how to do things...



If there's a specific type of avatar I've made that you really like, please mention this in your note with your request.

Also... In case you don't like my particular style, there are several other avatar artists at Free-dAvatars.


My commission fee is a small donation of $2 for a simple avatar, and up to $4 for more complex designs.

My prefered method of payment is Paypal, but I'll also accept Deviant Points. Instructions for each are below.

☆ ☆ ☆

Paypal is my preferred method of payment. You may send donations to fantasystock.da@gmail.com.

If you aren't already familiar with how it works, you can learn more about using Paypal by following these simple tutorials:Paypal is fast and easy to use. It's also one of the most widely accepted methods of transferring currency online.


Deviant Points are like currency at deviantART. You can purchase Points at a rate of 80 points per US dollar. These points can be given away or used to buy things at dA like subscriptions and prints, along with other merchandise and services.

If you wish to transfer points to me, click here. It's really that simple!

© 2010 - 2022 FantasyStock
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TheYellowInkling's avatar
I got 8 points what will that give me?
Ask-cookiecake's avatar
do a pokemon account moved for me i moved to my main account
BulbaAKABulbasaur's avatar
How much would a human getting tackled by a cat cost
catshaveswageronaj's avatar
so wait real money or just points
Tala-Is-Demonic's avatar
aww, I luv ya avatar. I want to ask one, but I do not have any points. Good luck at the avatars making
20pikachu02's avatar
Can you make one of an anime girl (not animated plz) her name is Misaki Mei,and that is what I go by, if you want a reference, look her up on google, also how much would something like that cost? (In points)
MinLinx3's avatar
btw ik this is the wrong place to post this, but how can I deactivate my devantart acc?
kogalover97's avatar
Go to settings, and there's a little thing on the side of the screen that says deactivate. I think you can guess from there.
KatsBigThing's avatar
chromebutterflies's avatar
Do you take double icons?
iAmoret's avatar
Aww, I want one, but... Yeah, I'm a teenager, so my cash is limited. :D. And, wow, I've been offering avatar commissions for 20:points: for the most expensive type!
CriminallyFicticious's avatar
Pooh. I'd love to get one but... Ok, sorry I lost my train of thought. Please don't take this offensively, but your avatar... It... scares me.
Artemiie's avatar
I might get one C: Maybe tomorrow..
Sakura448's avatar
Hi, how much is an avatar in da points?
ATMahSnowyCharacter's avatar
I just wanted to ask if you could make a Tutorial on how to make GIFs? (im sorry, stupid question!)
QuidxProxQuo's avatar
You are still doing commissions, yes??? :)
kawaiixvocaloids's avatar
can u make meh an sezire icon just like this one but with a cat. ill give full credit. plz make it pixel art.
in return ill draw u a picture of ur choice
penyangel8fan's avatar
You knbow how to do sonic avatars?
Medaglione's avatar
wondering if you are still open :) I'm willing to commission (payment is points)
ninetail-fox's avatar
can you make one for me? with my character [link] ?
Got to say that you are all that and then some I have been teaching art for 20 + years and I give you the worst crittics opinion ever ====The shizznit you have it .... So keep up the work and dont let anyone tell you other wise. Period and thanks for the veiwing.
the-rose-of-tralee's avatar
Hi! I have a question about your commissions.
I saw your Chinese zodiac avatars and I fell in love with it! I was wondering if you could make one like that but have it green (instead of red) and say my name (mary) in either 瑪麗(traditional) or 玛丽 (simplified) chinese. also I was wondering if you would possibly slow the animation when the scroll retracts so that it is at the same speed as when it unrolls.
If this is possible that would be fab!
if possible, how much would this cost? (in points)
hope to hear from you! :)
julz18's avatar
can u please make me one? out of my character jazmin? it is this one:[link]
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