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:dalove: August 2011 welcomed a new team member to communityrelations with the tipping of Dan-Heffer's hat! Please go show him some love and affection because of all the stuff he's been doing for the Resources Gallery!!

In other news, Fractal Resources Fridays has begun!! We've teamed up with SuicideBySafetyPin to highlight some of deviantART's best Fractal Resources every Friday!! Watch for some AWESOME Fractal Resources Daily Deviations every Friday!

Congratulations to JRCnrd for being chosen as the Resource Artist of the Month! Treat yourself to some time with his helpful tutorials and other resources. You may find some valuable tips and tricks.

Resources Contests:

And now you get to look at some brilliant resources...

August 2011 Daily Deviations


Laying Stock by MelancholyMannequin

Laying Stock by ~MelancholyMannequin -- Suggester's words: A bright and beautiful stock photo, ready for many uses. The rest of this gallery is really nice too!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Minato-Kushina)

Scale Tutorial by Droemar

Suggester's words: I'd like to suggest Scale Tutorial by *Droemar due to its excellent dispelling of the common myth on how to shade scales, and its detailed explanation on where to draw in scales and when to not.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Quanyails)

BITMAP FONT: BitsyButton FULL by Emotikonz

BITMAP FONT: BitsyButton by =Emotikonz -- Suggester's words: An adorable pixel font with a lot of character. Smooth letters and good readability make this a great addition to any bitmap font collection.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Mirz123)



DEMON GIRL 04 by ~CHEYENNE75 -- Suggester's words: It is almost impossible to chose a deviation among the incredible number of 3D models ~CHEYENNE75 offers! I really like the diversity of poses, characters, the elements, backgrounds! This little devil is both cute and sexy and she has not a very common design.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by DameOdessa)

Stock - Troll 01 by JessicaDru

Stock - Troll 01 by *AngellofFyre Suggester's words: Perfect for any fantasy manip or as a reference, be that dark art or mystical. The pose, the costume and the body paint creates a very unique stock photo that many artists could use in their artwork. Jessica makes a beautiful redheaded troll who just happens to have some seriously hideous teeth! Be sure to check her gallery for more high quality stocks.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by DamselStock)

Lineart Sif and Yaroslav by sionra

Lineart Sif and Yaroslav by *sionra -- This gorgeous line art is nicely drawn with fabulous attention to detail. It's a great resource for those looking to practice their color techniques.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

How to: Rainbow Cupcakes by Marki-san-Design

How to: Rainbow Cupcakes by *Marki-san-Design -- Suggester's words: If there's anyone who wonders how to make rainbow cupcakes, they should follow this How To. It's very easy to follow, the photos are sharp, the last picture is mouthwatering, and it definitely looks like food that could cheer you up in an instant. Everyone should try this out.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Airenu-ish)

Wooden Chinese Dragon Stock 01 by ponystock

Wooden Chinese Dragon Stock 01 by ~ponystock is the first in a series of stunning wood dragon stock photos, which are free to use in your art projects at deviantART.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Z-PS-Brushes-V2 by zhuzhu

Z-PS-Brushes-V2 by ~zhuzhu -- Suggester's words: Useful brushes for digital artists who look for a traditional finish in photoshop. A gift from this incredible artist to all of DA users!!! Enjoy.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Veronika-Art)

Marker Tutorial- Part I by Red-Priest-Usada

Marker Tutorial- Part I by =Red-Priest-Usada -- Suggester's words: It's a brilliant tutorial from a real artist who experimented [with] more than one marker brand, more than one paper and gives us his advice.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Odow)

Lineart Tutorial by FCNart

Lineart Tutorial by ~FionaCanaj -- Suggester's words: This really helped me out, I'm a amateur and I haven't faced the digital drawing yet but this tutorial made it easy for me to begin, I've learned even tricks that works for the traditional lineart! *How about that of the brush tool? SO GENIAL* Also the steps are quick simple and very useful for mouse-workers! More than a tuto this is a sort of theory!!!!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by albaniangirl)

Underwear - free to colour by omgitsacat

Colorists, feast your eyes! Underwear - free to colour by ^AwsumZ is a wonderfully detailed, "free to colour" line art that offers two versions of these sexy anime ladies!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Enchanted Hill by FoxStox

Enchanted Hill by ~FoxStox -- Suggester's words: I think it's a gorgeous stock photo that will inspire many great artworks at first sight.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Sky-of-Silver)

Stamp Templates Pack 2 by TheLoveTrain

Stamp Templates Pack 2 by =thelovetrain -- Suggester's words: This is a wonderful little pack of lace edge stamp templates, so diverse and intricate, and perfect for a variety of stamps! Also, be sure to check out Pack 1 for more variations of the lace templates.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ClefairyKid)

Particle Smoke by pstutorialsws

Suggester's words: Particle Smoke by *dennytang is perfect for everyone who wants to add a little more drama to his pictures.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by synthetic-pain)

Tutorial: Reflection Part 1 by cerona

Tutorial: Reflection Part 1 by *cerona -- Suggester's words: I'm always on the hunt to find a tutorial that will possibly benefit me in the future. This is great for anyone who wants to add a basic reflection to their digital drawing, but need a little guidance! I loved how simple it was to follow and how it showed images for every step! Instead of just having a character standing, adding a little reflection can really liven up the piece of art you're working on. Try it out! And be sure to check out Part 2 as well!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by MzzAzn)

Summer in the Alps by Burtn

Summer in the Alps by ~Burtn is a breathtaking mountain view, an amazing stock photo offered by a talented photographer.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

329 by DrunkHobo-Stock

329 by ~DrunkHobo-Stock -- Suggester's words: This deviant is a very talented stock photographer. His gallery is full of dynamic poses that anyone could find a use for.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Emerald-Depths)


Ye Olde Stock - Compass by Pau-Norontaus

Ye Olde Stock - Compass by *Pau-Norontaus is a fabulous steampunk stock image, which is transparent for your convenience.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Making Money From Your Art by Eman333

Making Money From Your Art by *Eman333 -- Suggester's words: A useful and resourceful guide to photography every photographer should know about.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by EnchantedCupcake)

Tanit-Isis BW Doll Stock by tanit-isis-stock

Tanit-Isis BW Doll Stock by *tanit-isis-stock is a fabulously playful stock image, which is generously offered for artists to use at deviantART with just a bit of credit to the photographer. The wardrobe is great, the model looks smashing, and the mood is perfect for tons of different kinds of unique art/design projects!
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Tutorial: Copic Skin Coloring by MzzAzn

Tutorial: Copic Skin Coloring by `MzzAzn is a wonderful tutorial that helps artists gain more insights into using Copic markers for coloring skin.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by InsertUsernameHerexx)

Roses Stock by OcularFracture

Roses Stock by *OcularFracture is an elegant image that stands as a lovely work of art by itself. Just imagine how beautiful this stock photo could be in your artwork... A must-have stock image for nature lovers and romantics alike.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

glitter by violetkitty92

glitter by ~violetkitty92 -- Suggester's words: This little piece of stock surprised me whilst I was searching for glitter. It is actually lots of tiny little water droplets mid fall, and some are creating the loveliest bokeh texture too.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ClefairyKid)

Cabaret Font by DarkoJuan

Cabaret Font by ~DarkoJuan -- Suggester's words: Juan creates beautiful and ornate decorative fonts, it is so hard to choose which one I am most fond of. His Cabaret font is really wonderful, such a desirable and enviable style. I am glad he made it. All of his fonts are fantastic in my opinion!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by nymphont)

War - Tutorial by algenpfleger

War - Tutorial by *algenpfleger -- Suggester's words: Hannes' tutorial is a must see for everyone. It shows that we have a lot of things to think of instead just go drawing and painting. And his patience and kindness to explain and share his knowledge deserves a highlight, for sure.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by GisAlmeida)


LA : My Little Princess by ravenlael

LA : My Little Princess by *ravenlael -- Suggester's words: Fantastic lines and lots of detail, a delight to the eyes of colorists! Great work.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by VelCake)

Pocket Pixel Font by stuck-in-suburbia

Pocket Pixel Font by `stuck-in-suburbia -- Suggester's words: If you make stamps, small signs, or pixel-art, you know the benefit of a good, tiny font. Pocket Pixel Font is a small, easy-to-read bitmap font which is great for your project. The preview images is pure win, too.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Mirz123)

HOWTO: Embed video in journal by bradleysays

HOWTO: Embed video in journal by =The--Last--Hope -- Have you heard the news? deviantART Beta Testers can now embed videos into their journals! Read all about!!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by PrinceJose)

Giant Shading Tutorial by TamberElla

Giant Shading Tutorial by *TamberElla

Suggested by *Rosella-of-Daventry: "This is my most favorite tutorial in all of DA. *TamberElla shows and explains light sources perfectly, using her own gorgeous art and style to help and inspire the viewer to improve their understanding of shading. I love it!"

Suggested by *blackbutterfly007: "Its an amazing guide how to create your very own shading style combining different methods, filled with great examples, descriptions and very easy to understand. It especially teaches you how to make your creations look more 'alive' with colourful shadows. I think its useful for everybody."
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Tutorial: Comics by ky-nim

Tutorial: Comics by *ky-nim -- Suggester's words: Very helpful; a lovely tutorial for helping with making comics in Photoshop! It even has a link to a drawing/coloring tutorial made by the same person.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by NovemberWishes)

Brushes - Magic 01 by kkako

Brushes - Magic 01 by ~kkako are simply elegant brushes, and they're free to use at deviantART with just a link back and a bit of credit to ~kkako for making the magic!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by shelldevil)

Tutorial: Feet and Shoes by Dyemelikeasunset

Tutorial: Feet and Shoes by *Tyshea -- Suggester's words: I myself have always had trouble drawing feet and shoes, and so they never look right. I know many other artists that are the same way. This tutorial has been very helpful and informative, and I think that the whole community should get a chance to view it. :meow:
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by DarkIcyWarrioress)

full body tutorial by nominee84

full body tutorial by *nominee84 -- Suggester's words: I think it's really useful. And here are some other tutorials from *nominee84.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by kiwifagyi)

Watercolor Stretching Tutorial by blix-it

Watercolor Stretching Tutorial by *blix-it -- Suggester's words: As in the begining of this tutorial says "Surprisingly, it seems like preparing watercolor paper for painting is something teachers and professors don't cover" and it's so true. Even here on DA there's many tutorials about painting with watercolors but almost none about stretching watercolor paper. Everyone who would love their watercolor paper don't ripple ever again should read this tuto.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Nakusa)

An Anime Eyes Tutorial by joulee

An Anime Eyes Tutorial by ~joulee is a remarkable lesson about how to draw lovely anime eyes!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by sweetychan)

Initiation - Step by nathie

Initation - Step by Step by *nathie is a huge step by step tutorial which perfectly shows the way this great artist is working. It also has an enormous WOW effect!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by SilentKara)

Fairy Wings by ChaosFay

Fairy Wings by *ChaosFay is clean, crisp, and ready to use. These wings can be freely used in your artwork so long as you credit *ChaosFay.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

Tut - How to fight your brain by Minzile

Tut - How to fight your brain by *Minzile -- Suggester's words: I think it's really helpful for everyone who struggles with drawing realism, and it goes straight to the point in a lighthearted manner.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by AzureEcho)

Cat Tutorial: Bodies by Uncognoscente

Cat Tutorial: Bodies by ~Uncognoscente

=xsunnethx says: ~Uncognoscente is very helpful and thorough in her descriptions. She also includes lots of reference pictures (including skeletons) and explanations, sections for each part of the cat, and other various details for cat-artists out there. The tutorial is well-organized and looks very nice :)

=xPine says: In deviantART's ever-growing demand for animal art, and especially cat art, here is an easy, well written and extremely helpful tutorial. Using photo references and skeletal structure, this is a perfect guide for anyone trying to learn how to draw cats. She explains the different parts of the body, and how to stylize it using correct anatomy. She even explains the common mistakes and how to fix them.
(Featured by FantasyStock)

More anatomy tips by moni158

More anatomy tips by *moni158 -- Suggester's words: This is only one of the many helpful anatomy and drawing tips in *moni158's gallery! Don't forget to check it out ^^
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Fiveonthe)

Custom Cloud Brush tutorial by ImmarArt

Custom Cloud Brush tutorial by ~DigitalTofu -- Suggester's words: I think it will be very helpful for newbie digital painters.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by kczajkowska)

Jason Aaron Baca juneps008 by jasonaaronbaca

Jason Aaron Baca juneps008 by ~jasonaaronbaca is an outstanding stock image that positively drips with intensity.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Rosella-of-Daventry)

Pythagoras trees by IDeviant

Pythagoras trees by =IDeviant -- Suggester's words: everything is explained and it involves techniques using xaos that are very important to making flames today.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by SuicideBySafetyPin)

Digital Painting Tutorial by Andantonius

Suggester's words: Digital Painting Tutorial by *Andantonius is an amazing tutorial on digital painting, educational and easy to follow!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by eXiidus)

Advanced layer Tutorial by zevenstorms

Advanced layer Tutorial by ~zevenstorms truly shows the ins and outs of lighting and layering while using Photoshop. A great source for inspiration and knowledge.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Sophillia)

Rx Modern Serif Typeface by Fortelegy

Rx Modern Serif Typeface by ~Fortelegy -- Suggester's words: Caught by the appealing preview I've downloaded this font, and instantly fell in love with its elegance and clearness, merging classic and modern. It's an excellent font to be used for headers. The artist's gallery also kindly provides plenty of Photoshop resources such as brushes, and shows great conceptual works and photos.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by WhiteKimahri)

Sculpting Tutorial by SgtMilenko

Sculpting Tutorial [see also Head Sculpting Tutorial] by ~Kurokono -- Suggester's words: Both tutorials are easy to read, filled with practical tips, and have plenty of great photos/imagery. The artist put a lot of thought into their tutorials and it really shows.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Cecify)


Autumn Forest by RAtakol

Autumn Forest by ~sacmaluk -- Suggester's words: When I saw this photo, for one, I could not believe it didn't already have a DD, and second, couldn't believe this gorgeous photo was being offered as stock! The interplay of light and dark, of reds and greens, make it a beautiful and vibrant scene!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ErinM31)

Julia Uncovered v.2.2 by ClaireJones

Suggester's words: "For six long months I struggled to learn how to use Apophysis on my own till I discovered Julia Uncovered v.2.2 by `ClaireJones. Not only did it teach me to how to use the program, but it also inspired me to write my own series of tutorials. This tutorial is expansive, exceeding fifty pages, and lovingly made. Claire Jones went beyond what was needed and explained her methodology, and spent some serious time and thought putting this tutorial together. It's absolutely lovely, and useful. It's useful enough that the tutorial has had a permanent place on my computers for the past four years. Whenever I'm uninspired I return to this tutorial."

It's the first in a series of Fractal Resource Fridays!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by TsukinoHikari20)

Bright Fairy Wing 1 by Shadoweddancer

Bright Fairy Wing 1 by *Shadoweddancer has a great gradient, and the overlapping is at a minimum.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by SuicideBySafetyPin)

Tutorial: Real or Fake Kimono? by iheartsendai

Tutorial: Real or Fake Kimono? by *iheartsendai

=PirateLotus-Stock says, "All the things I never knew I never knew about kimonos!"

*stratamander says, "It is jam packed with lots of large, easy to view pictures, full of information for artists, costumers and sewers and it's really easy to understand. I believe this would be worthy of a Daily Deviation because I've seen a great many artists out there drawing 'kimono' that aren't real kimono and I believe this mistake comes from a lack of exposure to real kimono which can be easily rectified with a simple view of the tutorial."
(Featured by FantasyStock)

sweet music 2 by vapourgrafix

sweet music 2 by ~vapourgrafix is a soulful stock image with a good range of potential uses. It's a free resource, for which the only fee is a credit and notification to the photographer, a generous offering indeed!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by UnicornReality)

Soul Gem tutorial by TheAnna

Soul Gem tutorial by ~TheAnna -- Suggester's words: Madoka Magica is a very popular series right now so lots of people are going to be cosplaying the awesome characters from it. This tutorial gives and in depth explanation on how to make your own Soul Gem (a key item in the fandom). Best part? It lights up!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by SarahsPlushNStuff)

Genuine Glossy Metal Style by alekSparx

Genuine Glossy Metal Style by =alekSparx is a free Photoshop file that can be used for just a +fav and a comment showing your work. It's a fabulous resource with tons of potential uses!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by sTiViA)

Gypsy Vanner Herd by ReQuay

Gypsy Vanner Herd by *ReQuay is a lovely piece of line art that is allowed for you to color for your own personal use at dA for simply some credit, a link back and a comment letting her know where it's been used. It's a generous gift from a marvelous artist!
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Astralseed)

No Tales To Tell by Smoko-Stock

No Tales To Tell by *Smoko-Stock -- Suggester's words: I love the atmosphere created with this piece! It is a lovely work on its own and has great potential for use in photomanipulation.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by ErinM31)

Tutorial: Character Design by JNetRocks

Tutorial: Character Design by *JNetRocks -- Suggester's words: It's a fantastic idea for a tutorial on a website filled with OCs. It has all sorts of tips on how to create a thoroughly detailed and original original character. This tutorial covers everything from species and skin texture to matching clothing to your character's culture. She even has tips on colouring and clothing in here. I honestly feel a LOT of people on this website can learn from this.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by Sarky-Sparky)

Commission Guide by DarlingMionette

Suggester's words: Commission Guide by =DarlingMionette is a great guide for any artist here on dA who is wanting to start offering commissions or who just wants to reexamine their current commission method. This guide covers everything from work ethics, payments to advertising. A true gem of a guide every artist should have stored away in their arsenal.
(Featured by FantasyStock, suggested by DamselStock)

Stock Resources Links
:pointr: FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
:pointr: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
:pointr: FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

Resource Gallery Volunteers: FantasyStock, shelldevil & Dan-Heffer

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