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[One Piece] Good morning, Roci! (Bell-Mere)


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[One Piece] Good morning, Roci! (Bell-Mere)


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Hasselblad film back frame

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 (with a cherry on top!) Brought to you by Super Editor This resource is outdated and has some sections that are poorly written. Several of the ideas are bad. I am working on revamping this to make it appropriate for all audiences and situations. Here is a better guide. When you have a story, there are characters that you like, characters that you love, and characters that you hate. Then there are those characters whom you adore. You think about them a lot. You know their personalities, zodiac sign, blood type, Myers-Briggs type, favorite foods, favorite outfits... you name it! You draw them in your sketchbooks and algebra notebooks. You i

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I was Rabbit Hunting But

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Stacee in the sunset

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Glowing in the Dark...

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They are important, i stand by mine and i am proud of the pieces i feature to become  a Daily Deviation. I look for pieces that are unique and which  could be seen as different. That's the beauty of having an opinion and to never feel discouraged. Everybody has different perspectives on subjects that's what we call being human. My perspective is fresh and i can expose newer deviants and show the potential of resources that are waiting to be tapped into. Not everyone will agree, and that's perfectly ok. It really is, just show a little respect and courtesy to the artist and try and let them enjoy this experience rather than regret it. There

i love it

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deviantART's 11th BirthdAy: Let's Celebrate!

   Tweet August 7th, 2011 marks deviantART's 11th birthdAy, but in true devious style, we're taking a whole week to celebrate! Our original plans for Deviants Appreciation Day were so huge that there was no possible way to express our love for the community in a mere 24 hours. Instead, we've created Deviants Appreciation Week, and what better time to host a week's worth of community-oriented events than in the days leading up to our birthdAy? Each day this week, we have something special organized for you to participate in! Check out the schedule of events below to come party with us! In Skribble, our latest community contest, we challenge


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