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FLuffee's Optical Illusion WP

By FantasyStock
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:police: This is NOT Stock!
I found this at YouTube, of all places, from the video gallery of FLuffeeTalks. This is NOT animated, it's an optical illusion that makes it look as if it's moving. Full View for best results.

Also, I put the plain wallpaper (800x600 PNG) in a zip file if you want to see it in its original format.

Trippy, eh?
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-HOLY-.... god D: it mOVES
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Is this really the wallpaper on your desktop? After a couple minutes I would get a headache.
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Teh Magical dots @u@
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Patty Buckles
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George M. Simon
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Valarie Tyler
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Derek Minse
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I want to see the actual pattern, but the illusion makes it impossible! This is real neat!
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YES! I can get the same effects as weed without taking weed. I'd take weed if I could. But it's illegal in my state.
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:bulletpurple: Very trippy indeed lol.
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I like the way it ripples.
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The dots are more like ovals so they are positioned at different angles and they makes it look as though its moving like water ripples.
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i told it to stop moving and it did :3
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I did too! It works :b
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we mastered illusions! yay!
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Yay!! We are smart! haha
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*favorites* i added!
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@___@ holyyyyy............................... STOOOPPP MOOOOOOOVIIIIIIINGGGG!!!!!!!!@^@
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stop moving dammittttt
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your gonna need alot of chips to fill that board sir.
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