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Published: July 23, 2011

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I think it goes without saying that this stamp may be used anywhere you want. It was mostly made out of curiosity. A quick search at deviantART (and just about anywhere else on the web) yields tons of results with Guy Fawkes masks and this headless question mark suit.

At any rate, the real question here is...
What do YOU think of Anonymous?
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Comments (49)
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Using! :D
Anonym is an unrecognized hero of modernity, I think. 
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using !
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Perrydev|Hobbyist Writer
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Wolf-With-A-Mask|Student Traditional Artist
Expect us. Amen. #AnonChristian <3
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What they do, hacking websites and that kind of stuff is illegal. But I still root for them, while recognizing that what they do is wrong. These people take into their hands what our own authorities haven't been doing right. They know what they do is wrong and that it can get them in huge trouble, but they still do it for the good of people. They bring justice.
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A mask and an edgy quote and some impressive-looking backstory. All you need to fake yourself power you can abuse to pretend you're the Saint Patriot of Justice on the Internet.

Barking dogs never bite.
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AwkwardLoser|Student General Artist
I like how everyone thinks Anonymous are 'good guys' therefore support them without knowing the bad they've done
But I support them even with the bad things because the bad stuff they do is funny as fuck and awesome
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monkeyrockla|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anonymous is really cool and Im a full on supporter of them
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aNIGHTLYpony|Student General Artist
100% pro-anonymous
100% Anti-Illuminati

Anonymous are one of the few that stand for what's truly right. 
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Love-Lost-Pain|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my god 

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El3ctro-Mess| Traditional Artist
Anonymous is my hero.
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Nico-The-Serperior's avatar
@ Below
Trololololol. :meow:
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Everyone in this comment section is retarded and has no idea what Anonymous actually is
This stamp has aids
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Nice work
Personally, I feel that they are chaotic neutral, and frequently (but not always) up against lawful evil.
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Remember remember.
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darkstar2k9|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anonymous is everyone who works against the "machine", and that's best.
Since the "machine" is here to stomp on us, why would we let it? Let's stomp'em back!
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You're fucking stupid you ass backwards libertarian faggot jew
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AwkwardLoser|Student General Artist

You're retarded.
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>Feb 6
Damn son.
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We are all anonymous, when will we realize it. Let's not expect anonymous to do everything, let's do something ourselves too. December the 21, everybody to the streets in a big protest.
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"Tell all Anons to read my message to thenewschannel1247 regarding the proposed armed uprising. Bubba needs new bitches so do it without us. Or not? You betray the occupy movement,Anon is history. Count on it.

TheROACHED1 2 hours ago"

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