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Greetings, Denizens!

Greetings, Denizens!

Welcome to FantasyLegends. Our tagline says "Where Imagination is Limitless", and it's the truth. Our name may suggest we are a group dedicated only to Fantasy Art, but we're much, much more. Our group is dedicated to the artist and, more importantly, their "Imagination". The gallery spans all genres: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Comedy, Tragedy, the Dark, the Light, Good, Evil, Digital, Traditional... if it comes from your Imagination, it is more than welcome here. And so are You!

You are cordially invited to join us here and share with us all the things that spring from within your Imagination. Show us what you have, view fascinating deviations from others, throw your hat in the ring for one of our regular contests which challenge your Imagination; but, most of all, Have Fun with your Imagination!

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''I AM NOT A BABY!'' by Madmaxepic
Shell Girl - final by JB4C
Commission: Camp Talk by Dark-N-Wolf
Gwen The Hallowed Seamstress by ChibifoxArt
Snakes And Science Page: 110 by MaximusPain2
Olive's Psionic Power by Madmaxepic
Quick Dwarf by MichaelGowans
Old Drawing----New Color by MichaelGowans
Dark Art
Cavus by ThamuzMartu
Lonely soul by ThamuzMartu
Intellectu Estis by ThamuzMartu
Ash and Ember by Nocluse
Fantasy Cosplay
Waiting by Roninpizza
Welcome Home 3 by Roninpizza
Anyone can be strong by SasumiYahiko
Mass Effect Valentine's Day by Arctic--Revolution
Fantasy Typography
Bone Dragon by Negola
w-what by JoyaChannel
Orca by Tinch123
Artachno by Tinch123
[Open] Characters for Art Offers|Please Read| by UncannyFam
Outfit [CLOSED] AUCTION 106 - 108 by AppleOR
LF: Art or Art Voucher O: CharacterADDED MORE CHARACTERS I've gone through alot of my characters and set some up for Art offers, also went through my other ones that I originally had for sale and set them for art offers too. You do have to have a account and be logged in in order to see them. What Art I'm Looking For: Fullbodies Halfbodies Head Shots Chibis Pixel Animations Icons Vanilla NSFW What Art I'm Not Looking For: Base Art Gore What Characters I Want Art Of: [Bamharr, Humanoid Closed Species] [Braided Tails, Humanoid Closed Species] [Misc Humanoid Closed Species, Solaxxy, Dextroluma, Dreamy, Gargoylian, Czylph, Enader, Merskella, Draga, Guilde Beast, Valix, Elomimi, Tailmouth] [World of Warcraft] [Gemsonas] [Personal Characters, Human, Humanoid, Monsters, Robot, Demon, 1 Pokemon Gajinka, 1 BNHA, Alien] Rules Please be sure to finish the art in a reasonable amount of time and keep me updated on the progress. If the art isn't completed the trade will be canceled regardless of the progress made, I won't keep any art that is completed. The character will not be transferred until the art is completed. All Art drawn must be drawn by you, if you are found to be tracing the character will be taken back, art deleted and will be put back up for offers. You will be blocked and Reported if you are found to be scamming/tracing. If you have read these please comment with "<3" and a character(s) you are alright with drawing from my character list. Characters for Art Offers Gemsonas [NEW] [NEW] Anthro [PENDING] [NEW] [NEW] Mermaid [NEW] Humanoid [PENDING] [NEW] [NEW] [NEW] [NEW] [NEW] Feral Mass Effect Skyrim [NEW]...
Chapter IV: AwakeningOnce upon a distant moon of a long lost world, Samuel Taylor acknowledged his twin sibling Trinity as she appeared slightly unnerved. "Is something the matter sister? Why don't you sit and tell me what's troubling you?""I've often pondered what it'll be like once we're finally free from the veil," Trinity answered as she sat down beside him."Much the same as it was, I suppose.""What I'm trying to say is that everybody back home expects us to accomplish this task successfully despite the dangers that lay ahead. Even though they've entrusted us with their most powerful weapons, their hopes and dreams; for better or for worse the future depends on us now. However, I still have my doubts about what the outcome will be. What if we fail to win the war and they decide to blame us, or people who look like us? What if we lose?""Human beings have always feared those whom they perceive as different. Though we've all made mistakes in the past, a small act of kindness now and again can pave the way towards greater understanding. Upon finally waking up to this absolute fact, every forward motion will bring us closer together. Perhaps, it's time we had faith in each other to do the right thing for once. After all, I still believe in you Trinity despite your many many flaws.""Well, I'm going to forgive you for that underhanded comment, because we both know it isn't true. I'm the one who inherited all the looks in the family, just like mom used to say.""She never said that. Did she? Regardless, the way she explained it to me was that by the time you were born there just wasn't any wisdom left for you, and that's why I'm far more thoughtful.""Keep dreaming kiddo and maybe someday it'll be true.""It is. After all, she was probably the most honest out of all of us. Even when father and I would get into one of our heated arguments she'd tell us just how it was, no strings attached. Now that they're gone those disputes seem so distant. So welcome, almost like whatever we had fought over meant little to begin with.""I miss them.""As do I."Not long after they'd concluded their current discourse did the celestial object upon which they both stood begin to experience a most unusual spike in seismic activity."That's odd," Samuel said as he proceeded forward with is arm outstretched, "I'm sensing a disturbance in the magnetic polarity of the system.""What the hell's that supposed to mean? Can't you speak any English?""Something's incoming."Due to the massive influx of blood energy displaced during the previous cosmic anomaly, a tear in space time suddenly gave way before them and did thus transport Hallie Kazan to their current location; so that she may assuredly guide their way out of the veil. She then embraced her true friends with glee, after they'd unfortunately been separated for the sake of the mission, but having never forgotten the invisible bond they each felt for one another."I watched as it tore Kane apart," Hallie informed them whilst recalling her inexplicable exploits, "Almost like a piece of him was stolen and replaced with something else. I'm not quite sure what it was, but it looked like a, like a-""Snake," Trinity interjected."Yes. Like a snake. How did you know?""We've seen them as well. They're everywhere, and they seem to be informed of our mission. It's like they've been watching us, waiting for their opportunity to, intervene.""Well, whatever it is it has the ability to corrupt an artificial object from outside of the veil. To make an unreal person very much so, seemingly out of nowhere.""That's not possible," Samuel said, "As far as we know nothing is capable of wielding such immense power, not even the lance cosmic could accomplish such a unfathomably hazardous feat. One doesn't mess with the natural order of things Hallie, you can't imagine the chaos that'll transpire should your assessment prove to be accurate.""I just hope that I'm wrong, for all our sakes," she said."What do you mean?""I'm saying that in coming here to begin with and messing with the natural order of things, as you put it. We've inadvertently impacted forces far beyond our control. That in unison with the retribution we seek, and the war we've ceaselessly perpetuated, perhaps somethings decided to strike back. After all, for every action taken there's an equal or opposite reaction, therefore by attempting to find a deterrent for conflict in the first place we've inadvertently caused it somehow. For once great power is achieved there's always consequences, always a price.""If that is indeed the case then a deal has been struck without our knowledge," Samuel replied, "There's no going back now."Without warning, a thunderous crash suddenly echoed throughout the heavens as the very ground beneath their feet began to rumble and crack. The cosmos then shifted before them as they ultimately fell into the abyss, wherein they all witnessed the red eclipse in despair, after having been cast back into the dystopian world which they were most familiar yet equally distressed thereof.
Studying at the 70th year of my father's life desk by HHylst
Clouds and buildings by Adoraberry
Sketch IV by ArtemisiaDark
Lilac sunset by Adoraberry
White Flowers I by GodOfGoldenApples
No One is Here by GodOfGoldenApples
Reflection in Water by GodOfGoldenApples
Headshots Adopt Auction (OPEN) by SMR-digitalart
Outfit [OPEN] SETPRICE 109-114 by AppleOR
Shadow Friend by MorbidFedus
Welcome To My Dark World by FallanDark
Spider Queen by Corvinerium
Sketch Art
Horncarver by SharellasArt
Stories etc

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Stock - Various
Term#11 - April 2021 by ktrew
Tutorials - Various
Portrait step by step by ktrew
Anariel's night escape by dungeonmeister
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Butts Blood and Blasphemy 3 by MrRemoraman
Digital Art
DMCouples Contest - Joker X Patricia by ThamuzMartu
Fantasy Traditional
Warrior 07 (P) by Area283
Fantasy Digital

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The Consummation of Love by MistressSvedka
Sci-Fi Traditional
Let The Slaughter Begin! by Starfire-Productions
Sci-Fi Digital
Alpha project (2020) by HHylst
Horror Traditional
AT: Jamie the Killer by GhostFreak-Artz
Horror Digital
Pinup and Mature Traditional

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The Girls Are Hanging Out! (With Teo) by WillowLaFleur
Pinup and Mature Digital
Neko boys by kimithepumpkin
Pinup and Mature 3D

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23 - Syndori - Nur Fur Dich by Angelblade69
Fan Art Traditional
Blacksekhmet 04/21 by Whitesekhmet
Fan Art Digital
Ruri by d---ang
Fan Art 3D
Sif by RGPC
Anime and Manga Traditional
[COMMISSION] Ree'jaer - Kobold Rogue/Ranger by s0ulafein
Anime and Manga Digital
little  gift. by DersvingMoraine
3D Renders

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The Maze - Trials - Chpt. I. - Part II. 153 pics! by CyberCpt
Artisan Crafts
Victorian era Map-Making Triangles by RNDmodels
Pushed me down the stairs (Link in Description) by KiyomuMitsue
Past Contests
Mother Earth by 1Enary1
Born Bad Contest

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Shhhhhhhh II by jc-starstorm
Archived Folders
Fantasy Digital 2
Cherry by Hector-Monegro


Melissa Moonlight 'In the Shadows' by Dzikawa
Spring Tree [c] by fireytika
Megumin [FANART] by MbTheGray
Ganyu [FANART] by MbTheGray
Dark Art
Press Any Key To Start by Puffjelly
Walking Knight by selasewa
Forest Wanderer by selasewa
Ancient Thirst by selasewa
My Patreon Open! by Pengon1

Mature Content

Helen Parr by Vop3

Mature Content

DAC Theme challenge: Samurai - Weasel Samurai by LuisMonterieArt


UPDATE: The Contest has Ended! All Supporters and Judges Please proceed to the Admin Area and cast your votes for the winners. Thanks to all who participated!

Greetings Denizens of FantasyLegends,

It has been a while since the last contest, hasn't it? I've been concentrating on ways to renew the groups Super status, so contests were put on the back burner. And digging up funds for the prize purse hasn't been easy, but I've managed to secure enough for this one. A journal will be posted in the very near future for those of you who wish to help out in renewing our "Super Group" status (and receiving a few rewards in doing so ;)) so keep an eye out for that. In the mean time, requests have been made asking for the next contest.

Request Granted, Denizens! :D

A few members have asked for this contest theme and it seems appropriate to oblige. Check your good intentions at the door, Denizens, because this next competition is all about the Bad Guys! :plotting:

In the annals of fiction, the heroes are the characters we strive to be like. They give us a kind of guide to achieving a moral code, overcoming adversity, and even encouraging us to become more than we are. Truly, they are an inspiration. :nod: But, with the birth of every hero come the inevitable afterbirth...the villain. It's often said that a hero is only as good as the villain that opposes them. Whatever evil the villain commits, the hero must strive that much harder to overcome. We often hope deep down that the story's antagonist really is evil and "out for blood", as it were, so that it validates our faith in the hero. In many ways, the Villain of a story is just as fascinating as the Hero. 

Sherlock Holmes must outwit a mastermind like Professor Moriarty; an evil genius whose intellect rivals (perhaps, in some cases, surpasses) Holmes'. The Batman, a symbol for order and control amid the chaos of his city, must constantly thwart the evil plans and schemes of the Joker, who is, arguably, chaos personified. A young hero like Luke Skywalker, a Jedi trained in the ways of the Force, must fight and defeat a cold and calculating master of the Force's dark side in the form of the menacing Darth Vader, as well as his master, The Emperor.

The common narrative causes us to root vigorously for the Hero to triumph over the Villain.

By that rationale, without the Villain, would there be no Hero?

No, there would be no Heroes without the Villains. So, for this contest, it is a celebration of those Wonderfully Wicked Evildoers, those Horribly Insidious Antagonists, those Vilely Sinister Villains, Those...Bad Guys! Show us your appreciation for the Bad Guys. Pick your favorite from fiction; Comic Books, Movies, Literature, Television...wherever. Pick your favorite Bad Guy. Show how much they really mean to the story. Show how much you love them.

This time...they Win! :evillaugh:


1.) Must be a Member of :iconfantasylegends:

2.) Only One entry per member.

3.) Entries must depict a Villain from fiction (Movies, TV, Comics, Literature, Videogames, etc). Must be a Villain. And please, only One Villain.

(Note: Since the contest revolves around villains used mainly in popular fiction, include (c) Copyrights where applicable For instance; Joker belongs to (c) DC Detective Comics, Magneto belongs to (c) Marvel Comics, Darth Vader belongs to (c) Lucasfilm Ltd and so on. No OC's for this contest. Sorry. :()

4.) Entries may be made using any and all mediums: traditional, digital, artisan, literature, etc.

5.) Entries must be made for the contest; older entries will be Declined.

*** To be sure your entry is accepted, copy and paste the following in the description: ***

Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue For the FantasyLegends "Born Bad" Contest Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue

*** Entries Without This Label Will Be Declined. No Exceptions. *** 

6.) Entries Must A.) Comply with DA Policy regarding Mature Content, and B.) Not be deliberately derogatory or defamatory toward
any race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation.

7.) Entries must be made between February 10, 2018 and March 10, 2018. Submit to the Folder titled Born Bad Contest in the main gallery.

*** At 8:00 pm EST on March 10, the folder will be closed to new submissions and the contest will be over! ***

8.) As always, Have Fun! :D (Big Grin)


1st Place:
200Points and Feature

2nd Place: 100Points and Feature

3rd Place: 50Points and Feature

Honorable Mention: Feature

Start: 2/10/18

End: 3/10/18 at 8:00 pm EST

Good Luck To All! :la::la::la:

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