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This photo has an amazing impact on the veiwer. It's strong, and compelling. Enchanting in a way. I absolutely love the overall appearance. I enjoy the fact that the hands all look extremely similar. Normally, hands are something that are unique to a person; it may look strange if these hands looked to different. I also like the appearance of the chipped nail polish. It gives a rugged, rough feeling to the photo, that may be associated with the "evil" in the see no, hear no, speak no. It appears that the model is wearing some sort of mask? that's a very effective touch in my opinion; it gives mystery and anonymity to the photo. Its cool in a way that we all in some way, hear, see, or speak evil.. but perhaps we don't want it to be known. So the mystery to this photo is very fitting. I really have no complaints besides I wish it was perhaps a little sharper. But I realize every artist edits photos or doesn't edit photos to their own liking :) Regardless this is a gorgeous and very unique photo! :)
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