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Hello everyone! @rainbow000pegasus here! Bi-weekly features are back, and we hope that you're looking forwards to it! This is our 85th journal, featuring the theme "REPTILE"!
For this feature, we decided to include dragons and dinosaurs! While dragons are fictional and dinosaurs aren't quite reptiles, they are often represented as such, so to show as many pieces, we decided to accept them.


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Haku Dragon
Legos - Poster
floppy stego plush
Pipecleaner Quetzalcoatl
Serpent day
King Cobra
Old dragons
Frilled Lizard
errors of prediction
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Blossoming Snake
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Challenge with Tianasama : Reptile Girl
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Easter Crocodile
Thread Carefully, [INKTOBER 2019]
On the Edge of Light
Legend of dragon: Outcast:Pg 46
Ice Dragon
Let's be Friends.
Deluxe Stego Sprout
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Now for our next feature, the theme would be:
The next feature will focus on amphibians! They are animals who can either live or has lived on both water and land during their life cycle- this includes frogs, toads, salamander, newts and even the axolotls!
If you want to be featured on the next feature, post your works on the comment section! You can suggest your own work or the work of someone else, as long as they follow the group's rules.
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See you on the next feature, and have a wonderful day!
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Little Vampire Auction CLOSED - Thank you! by DHaro
Pruning Hooks,Festivities and traditions abound in the month of Tathrim. The smell of spices, herbs and sweet wine permeate dewy atmosphere of early morning at the local bazaar, whilst families bustle to-and-fro amidst the stone streets. Erato had always loved this time of year. Unlike those who preceded him, including his father and brother, Erato was not trained in the art of war, so he often accompanied Sarai in her activities, most notably during this time of year. Their tribe, the Etaiumites, were known for their skills at winemaking, “a sacred tradition” as Sarai would happily call it.Sarai stood out among the Etaiumites for her beauty, namely by her face and unusually striking black hair. Her comely eyes however were often glazed, almost as if she was perpetually saddened, though this trait was difficult to spot for those who did not know her intimately. Always she tried to put on an unburdened smile. She had proven to be a woman of warmth but strong conviction, much like her husband Anatoth. In contrast to him though, she did not care for warfare, even when deemed justified. She wanted Erato to have no part in the controversies of men nor the long-lasting conflict to which the Osentan nations were embroiled in. Erato felt mildly perplexed as to why she felt this way, for the presence of warfare seemed rather normal—even mundane. In any case, he was grateful to his mother for her love towards him, though he could not fully comprehend the reasoning.Indeed, it was customary for the Osenta to be trained in war, especially young men. This was not out of compulsion but voluntarily, for the Osenta were a proud people (some nations more than others) and would not dare allow their way of life to be threatened, let alone destroyed so easily. They had struggled to survive and maintain their culture for far too long.Within the hour, the two had managed to trade off for whatever they needed at the local markets. Before they left, Sarai made one more stop to the local blacksmith. Erato beheld members of the silver-haired Alduanian nation, forging and casting various metals. At times they had Orkhamites assisting them with fanning the fires, hence why some call Orkhamite assistants “fire-spitters”. These cared a great deal about their craft; the two often worked together in the ancient days, fabricating varying manners of technology.“Here you are Mrs. Sarai!” the head forger said. He handed Sarai a finely crafted sickle.“Thank you Tanuma” she replied. “May you have peace.”And they went off to the vineyard. Erato continued to stare at the sickle whilst the two walked on the path. He had never seen anything like it. It was beautiful, with traditional spiral markings engraved by hand into the glistening blade.“Malate*, why do they put so much decorative work into a tool used for cutting vines?” Erato asked. “Won’t the engravings just wear away?”“Ah, I wondered the same thing myself, for a time” Sarai answered “…but this was made with Alduanian hands, my dear. For them not to decorate it would be seen as a disgrace—at least that’s what they have told me. Besides, that same dilemma doesn’t stop them from decorating their swords. They put as much work into their weapons as they do their gardening tools. Perhaps a day will come when we all can re-forge our weapons of war into tools that bring joy to the nations, no?”Erato smiled and nodded at the notion. Perhaps he was beginning to understand his mother’s mind.Eventually the two arrived at the vineyard nearest to their homestead. Despite being quite familiar with the area, the sheer vastness of the region never ceased to amaze Erato. As was the custom, Erato and Sarai took up their routine of cutting the vines—all the while Erato continued to ponder over the nuances of war and peace; quite unusual for a child who had never experienced war, though perhaps not unexpected, seeing as how his mother felt so strongly about the matter. He had the tendency to ruminate while doing other tasks, sometimes to his detriment in the physical realm.“Erato!” Sarai exclaimed.“Huh? Yes Malate?” Erato said in a confused stutter.Sarai giggled, placing her chin on her palm. “I think you’ve cut more than enough!”Erato looked down at the basket that lay at his feet. It was overfull to say the least. Almost half of the grapes he cut were on the dirt, whilst the basket itself was piled up high.“I’m sorry Malate!” Erato said.“That’s quite alright, dear. Is...something bothering you?” Sarai asked.“I was just thinking about what you said earlier, about forging our weapons of war into gardening tools” Erato paraphrased. “When will that happen?”Sarai didn’t think much more of their earlier conversation after it seemed to have ended. Indeed, it was a loaded question, even for one as experienced in life as she.“Well my dear, as unfortunate as it is to admit, I can't say for certain” she said somberly. “However, I do believe that the more time we spend thinking and talking about why we do the things we do, we come ever closer to finding a solution to the problem.”“So we should keep asking questions?” Erato asked.“Yes!” Sarai answered. “Always!”So the day went on as Sarai and Erato cut the vines. As evening approached, they found satisfaction in their work and proceeded to head home.*malate (mah-lah-teh) - "mother"
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.:Metamorphosis:. by AKoukis
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Stunning by FluffyNephilim
Flowers growing (animated) by Brysiaa
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Family houses - pixel art by Brysiaa
Choxy by UszatyArbuz
[ADOPT] The Last Record [Set price::OPEN] by Noir-Gladia
10$ Paypal Auction (open) by AlbinosDoll
Adoptable TxT project by pickapan
20$ Paypal Auction (closed) by AlbinosDoll
Traditional comissions [OPEN] by Lavashiknyan
[OPEN] EXP. ICON COMMISSIONS 2021 by derlusti
QEI's Commission InfoPlease send me a message before placing an order! The price stated on this journal is for personal use only. If you're planning to make profit from the drawing, it will be counted as commercial use and will be charged an additional fee for commercial usage.I will draw a cute anime-styled drawing of your original character (OC), your favorite character, your family, your friends, or yourself! This is perfect for a gift, avatar, profile picture, or just for the purpose of fun.My commission is always open unless I stated otherwise on my profile.---------- CHIBI COMMISSION ----------Fullbody Chibi - $20I will draw your characters in chibi form, full-body! Price for one character with simple background. Additional complex background, additional property, and complex design may apply additional charges.,Half-Body Chibi - $15I will draw your characters in chibi form, up to their waist! Price for one character with simple background. Additional complex background, additional property, and complex design may apply additional charges.,Chibi Icon - $8I will draw your characters' portrait in chibi form! Price for one character with simple background. Additional complex background, additional property, and complex design may apply additional charges.,---------- REGULAR COMMISSION ----------Bust Up - $15Additional floral background (the default flower will be blue rose) +$7I will draw your characters' portrait in anime style up to their bust/chest! Price for one character with simple background. Additional complex background, additional property, and complex design may apply additional charges.,Half Body - $25Additional floral background (the default flower will be blue rose) +$7I will draw your characters' portrait in anime style up to their waist! Price for one character with simple background. Additional complex background, additional property, and complex design may apply additional charges.,Knee Up - $30Additional floral background (the default flower will be blue rose) +$7I will draw your characters' portrait in anime style up to their knee! Price for one character with simple background. Additional complex background, additional property, and complex design may apply additional charges.,Full Body - $40Additional floral background (the default flower will be blue rose) +$10I will draw your characters' portrait in anime style in their full body appearance! Price for one character with simple background. Additional complex background, additional property, and complex design may apply additional charges.,---------- HOW TO ORDER ----------Simply message me with the details on what would you like me to draw: the character's name, visual reference, pose reference, expression refference, or any other details.You can also message me via e-mail (qeisvara @ gmail . com) or reaching out to my Instagram or Twitter. I am most active on Instagram so if you want a quick reply please message me there!Upon submitting requirements, please provide me with clear visual references (photos/images) along with specific description of what you want me to draw.Payment MethodCurrently only accepting PayPal for payment method.Commission ProgressI will first give you a sketch. After sketch is done, you will have to send full payment before I continue to work on the drawing. Once payment confirmed, I will finish the drawing and send the finished artwork to your e-mail. Commission will be done in maximum 7 days after payment is confirmed.Artwork SpecificationAll the drawing except chibi icon will be drawn in a4 size canvas or at least 2480 pixel in wide, 300 dpi. The finished work will be in .PNG format. For chibi icon, the drawing size is 2000 x 2000 pixel.Things I Don't DrawNSFW/R18, Gore, Violence, Mecha. Other than the things mentioned are welcomed to discuss.FAQCan you draw based on real life people?Yes, I can. But some special features like face shape, eyes or nose will be heavily stylized and may not look 100% like the model. Some body proportions may also change on chibi drawings, because chibi drawings has unique proportion.Can you draw for commercial purposes? How much is the rate?Yes, I can. We can discuss about this matter in private. Commercial fee starts at additional 100% from the total cost of the commission. Bulk order will have discounts.What are considered for commercial purposes?Any kind of action which includes the drawing into making a profit is counted as commercial use. Example: When you want to include the drawing for your YouTube/Twitch/other social media assets when you're making a profit from those platforms (paid streaming, ad, etc.), mass commercial printing, etc.Are you accepting custom order?We can discuss about custom order that are not stated in this journal in private.---------- THANK YOU! ----------
TINGE: The Commoner - Page 276 by moonmute
Quick Lip Study by TalesOfListra
Eye Study (for the badge) by Brysiaa


Biweekly Feature
Every 2 weeks, we do theme feature (mostly on Monday-Tuesday) . Members & non member can suggest their arts to be featured simply by drop links on the Journal's comment.

TOP 10 Feature

Every month we feature the best artworks from our members.

D: Yume by AngelicHellraiser D: Yume by AngelicHellraiser D: Yume by AngelicHellraiser

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy FEATURED

Any drawings and paintings done in digital media, such as SAI,GIMP, PS, etc.

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy TRADITIONAL ARTS
Any artworks done in traditional media such as pencil, drawing pen, charcoal, crayons, water colour, marker, paints, acrylic, etc

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy MIXED MEDIA
Any artworks done in two or more mediums.…

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy LITERATURE
Any written artworks, such as story, poem, etc

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy CRAFTS AND COSPLAY
Artisan crafts, customization, cosplay belong to this folder.

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy PIXEL ARTS, GIF, ANIMATION
Pixel artworks,flash, film, animation belongs to this folder.

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy ADOPTABLE
Regardless its medium, any adoptable belongs to this folder.

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy MANGA, COMIC PAGE
Any manga and comic pages belong into this folder, regardless its medium.

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy TUTORIALS
Any tutorials and helpful guides.

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy OTHER
Any artworks which not suitable in other folder, such as Meme, deviantart related, character references, etc belong to this folder.

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy How to presenting your traditional artworks :……

Bullet [Rose] by RevPixy Digital arts category & recources:……

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