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This vent will not contain any NSFW, but it may contain opinions that may be too harsh (maybe even sexist) to some others. This is not meant to make anyone feel bad about their opinions and/or preferences, it is merely something I feel I need to talk about. Reader discretion is advised...

Be aware that though the feelings I will mention are pretty bad, my feelings now as an adult has changed, so do read with an open mind...

Ever since I was a child, I loved fantasy and cartoons. I loved watching adventures and situations before my eyes that would never happen in reality (even if I believed they would). However, there is a big downside that they have done a lot that still effects me to this day, and that is my feelings about... female characters.

Even with the amazing female characters I grew up with (The Powerpuff Girls, all of the Disney Princesses, and Princess Zelda and the Six Maidens from a Link to the Past), I've grown to strongly dislike female characters because of characters like...

- Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory (I hated her so much that I drew myself stabbing her with a sword in kindergarten! I wish I had the picture to show you)

- Chibiusa/Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon (the show is called "Sailor Moon", why did they center everything around her when she showed up??)

- D.W. from Arthur

- The Kanker Sisters from Ed, Edd n Eddy (but now I'm really amused of them, if not a bit creeped out by some of their advances...)

- Sara from Ed, Edd n Eddy (Just shut... up)

- Princess Morbux from The Powerpuff Girls (I see her as a good peer enemy now)

- Angelica from The Rugrats (Goodness...)

- Darla Dimple from Cats Don't Dance (I kind of enjoy her as a villainous now)

When you're a child and witness characters such as the ones listed above, they make you believe that girls were nothing but whiny, annoying brats; it was because of these characters that I hated being girly. Why did cartoons and media make being a girl look so shameful back in my time...?

I know there were really good female idols as well (like I said, Powerpuff Girls and Disney Princesses) but as a pessimist, I guess they just weren't enough to show me that female characters were amazing as well.

Now, what does this have to do with preferring yaoi?

Well, as a child back in my time, I've also noticed how it was mostly female characters that had to be saved all the time; it was almost always female characters that were being targeted by villains; it was almost always a female that the male protagonist had to try so hard to impress. That... annoyed me, to say the least, and to this day, still makes me cringe...

As a child, it showed me that females were so helpless.

Now comes the talk of yaoi. Because of all the reasons listed above, I'm just not comfortable with straight shippings (of course, there are a few exceptions, but only a few). Even as a child, I asked myself "Why can't the villains be after the guy/the hero? They're the strong ones that should be dealt with..." I'm just not into amazing villains after some fragile, innocent girl, I just can't with that.

And other than villains, I've noticed how in action movies (or even some fantasy movies), the protagonist will fall in love with a "strong, female character". Their reason? "You are the strongest woman I've ever met..." So, she can be equally skilled as all the other strong male characters around you, and you fall for her, merely because she happens to be a woman.

And ESPECIALLY when there's a story where a woman has to pretend to be a man for whatever reason, the man and "other man" become real close friends, but when the woman reveals herself, the man will fall in love with her? What? (There's two things that do that: one a Korean drama, and the other some school sport movie, but I forgot the names of them...)

So I suppose the "I love you for who you are" message doesn't apply for everyone, no, what they REALLY mean is "I love you for who you are... as long as you are of my sexual preference."

For a long time, I had no idea what this feeling was, being happy with the idea of a man being after a man; from middle school to high school, I never knew why I liked it so much better than seeing a man after a woman. Finally in high school, I finally understood that all along, I was into yaoi...

So why do I prefer yaoi?

Because the man can appreciate the other man for who they are without having them be born with the body they're "naturally" supposed to be attracted to.

Now I know my yaoi drawings don't show this side, but it warms my heart when I see men being sensitive with each other, being okay to show that they love each other despite their gender. (I am aware that there are people who are sexually attracted to the same gender, but I mean people who will just be attracted to someone for their personality as a whole).

Yuri could also be talked about here, but the thing is... we see that already. We know (some) women are able to understand each other and be sensitive with each other. Plus, even with as much yaoi drawings there are out there, it feels like yuri is more appreciated than yaoi (more animations, more stories about them, etc.).

So, there you have it on why I prefer yaoi above all kinds of other shippings. As an adult now, my opinions of female characters have changed, of course, but I'm still not comfortable with straight pairings (which is one reason why I prefer to draw myself as a male now...). Of course, there are a FEW exceptions, but they're just not my comfort zone. I'm thankful that media is writing female characters in an improved way now, but I still won't like it if the villain is after the girl...

If all what I've said changes your opinion about me, I completely understand. I'm not here to impress everyone, I'm merely here for fun and perhaps to relate with some who may understand. Anyway, you all have a happy new year...


Nunshle Speke Uvmee
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I'm here to post drawings and such : P. I've been drawing ever since I was 3, thanks to my mom. It all started when she taught me how to draw Hello Kitty, and because of that, drawing has been my passion.

Obviously, I draw many things, such as animating avatars/icons, cartoon characters, anime (not anymore), and many awesome characters such as the ones shown above.

I'm sorry, but I don't take requests

Current Residence: In a world where no one deserves to enter--my mind

Favourite genre of music: Anything (mostly country) but the new hip-hop

Favourite style of art: Realisitic Cartoon (like Prince of Egypt)

Wallpaper of choice: Fantasy Stuff

Skin of choice: Why?

Favourite cartoon character: Dipper Pines, Good Cop/Bad Cop, Gremlin Prescott, Turbo, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse, Vanellope von Schweetz, Benson, and many others

Personal Quote: Art and imagination are the reasons why the world exists...

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MS Paint for the lining and coloring/shading; GIMP 2 for the gradient colors.
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