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Check out my art!! 

Wisps From Ablaze by Pokelobo   Kacela In Red by Pokelobo  
Is this group alive?
Hey guys, if you're interested in winning a piece of art from me, check out the raffle I'm currently holding! :D It would mean a lot to me <3

100 Watcher Raffle! Win free art! :D (OPEN)So, I recently reached a 100 watchers here on dA and I know this doesn't seem much to other people but it means the world to me. So thank you SO much for supporting me and my art! <3I wanna give back to you, so I'm holding a raffle where you can win a piece of art from me! :DThis raffle won't be to big since I'm having a lot of artwork to do already. ^^For anybody who doesn't know how this works: This is like a lottery (but it's for free! :D). You'll get tickets by following the instructions in "how to enter". Each ticket is a number, you can gain multiple ones. After the raffle ends, I'll use for choosing one number for each price. The more numbers you have, the bigger you're chance to win! ^^RULES:- You need to be watching me. New watchers are welcome! But if you unwatch me again after the raffle is over, I'll have to blacklist you from future raffles, so please don't do it, it's rude :/- You need to enter with a dA account and are allowed to enter with one, don't enter with multiple accounts.- Please don't be mad if you don't win and please be nice to others ^^- I will draw canines and felines (feral; natural and fantasy!) and light gore.- I can try equines and anthro.- I will not draw NSFW (meaning sexual or fetish art).HOW TO ENTER:- Comment "I'd like to enter" or something like this so I know you want to participate ^^ (+1 ticket).HOW TO GET MORE TICKETS:- Share this raffle in a journal or status update with you're watchers (doesn't matter if you have some or not) and link it in you're comment so I can see it ^^ (+1 ticket).- When you have seen this raffle-announcement first in someone elses journal/status, mentoning them in you're comment will give each of you 2 additional tickets (this can stack up multiple tickets). ^^ (+2 tickets for you and the other person)PRICES:1.Place (unlocked!):A painted fullbody drawing of you're character with a simple background (if you wish).2. Place (unlocks at 15 participants):A lined fullbody drawing with very light and simple shading or completely flat (your choice).3. Place (unlocks at 25 participants):A lined headshot drawing with very light and simple shading or completely flat (your choice).(You can find more examples in my gallery.)!This raffle will end at the 12th of May! (I have a few birthdays coming up so I'll end the raffle after those).Participants and Numbers:@ColonelVice (1;2)@colamachine (3)@Talxia (4)@Llamashard (5)@Caniem (6;7)

Have a look everybody, this beauty is on SALE right now, price is lowered! :D
I wanna spread good vibes and maybe make someone happy, so go check her out, maybe she would be the perfect easter present for someone? :3 Have a beautiful easter everybody! <3

!SALE! Feline Adopt No.1 (price lowered!) (OPEN) by Calupes