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Read Before Uploading

:bulletblue::bulletblue:HELLO!!!! If you've submitted an image and it has expired, please submit it again!! There's only one extremely cute mod left and she's not always on DA in a timely manner, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks your patience!!! And your great ART!!:bulletblue::bulletblue:

:bulletred: How many pictures can I upload? :bulletred:
You can only upload 3 pictures per week, because we don't want to spam our watcher's inbox with mass pictures.

:bulletred: What kind of Art can I upload? :bulletred:
Everything. Sketches, linearts, full color,photographs, photomanips, all kind of art is allowed here as long its feline. Though, we do not accept pictures who are fast scribbles.

:bulletred: Felines that look too much like off-toppic animals. For example a wolf with tiger stripes is NOT allowed.
:bulletred: Colored Templates/linearts. Only exceptions we make if the lineart is special made for you to color, for example collabration. If lineart is used for adoptables then its fine as long credit is given and submitted into the ADOPTABLES folder. . Its because want to focus on orginal artwork.
:bulletred: A fast edited photo, we don't concider this real photomanipulation. So please put some effort.
:bulletred: Art Theft will get punished.

:bulletred: Submit in the right Folder :bulletred:
Please send the pictures in the correct folder. For example, if your picture has a tiger in it, submit it into the tiger folder!

:bulletred: Can I submit in the Featured folder? :bulletred:
No , you can not.

:bulletred: What is the Featured folder for? :bulletred:
We put random pictures in the Feature once a month, and for a month long, that we think deserves to be in the spotlight!

:bulletred: Can I upload off-toppic, like a dog picture? :bulletred:
No, you can not upload off-toppic. There is a reason why this group is named Fantasy Felines. So, for Felines only!

:bulletred: What will happen if I upload off-toppic? :bulletred:
You get a warning, next is a ban from this group.

:bulletred: If your "feline" looks like a off-toppic animal, it will be concidered Off-Toppic as well!:bulletred:
This means if your feline has more of a canine look than its feline, it will be concidered off-toppic as well. Another example is a wolf with leopard tiger markings, is off-toppic

:bulletpink: -FOLDERS- :bulletpink:

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Featured :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
To feature artwork. This is picked by the staff of the group. Any submissions to this folder is rejected!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Feline X-Change :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
For our special events we hold sometimes; Exchange.
All submissions unrelated to the X-change will get rejected.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Tutorials :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
Only Tutorials of anything.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Lions :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
For the king of beasts: the lion!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Cheetah :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
The fastest cat of all feline!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Tiger :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
Biggest cat of all felines!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Puma :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
Or also named, Cougar

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Leopard :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
This folder is for all leopards; Snow Leopard, African Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Jaguar

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Lynx:bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
For all Lynxes.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Small Cats :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
For all small cat species, wild and tame , including the housecat should go in this folder.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Hybrids :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
For crossbreeded felines, for example the Liger, Leopon, or the crazy ones like tigerxzebra or cheetahxcrocodile. NOTE however that the feline-ness of the hybrid is ultimately up to the discretion of the Admins, and if they feel that your creation is not feline enough, it will be declined. And no gryphons. Go find a gryphon group to submit your gryphon to <__<

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow:Crossovers :bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Crossover is when you
1. cross/mix fandoms. Example: felinelizing characters from movies, books, games, musicals, actors, celebrities ect. Like Sora from KH as lion.

2. You make one fandom appear in another. Example: you make Simba from TLK appear in the world of Kimba.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Anthro :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
For all anthromorphic

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Comicz :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
For all feline related comics.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Photography :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
Photography of all Meows!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Photomanipulation :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Adoptables :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
For Adoptables; for points, $ & free ones belong in this folder.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Prehistoric/Extinct Cats :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
All cats that once lived on earth but don't anymore.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Orginal Species :bulletgreen::bulletyellow: If you made up an own orginal species they go in this folder.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Crafts :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
Sculptures, Fursuits, plushies, necklaces ect.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow: Multiple Species :bulletgreen::bulletyellow:
For more different species of cats in one image.

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Is this group alive?
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not really
Calupes Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys, if you're interested in winning a piece of art from me, check out the raffle I'm currently holding! :D It would mean a lot to me <3

100 Watcher Raffle! Win free art! :D (OPEN)So, I recently reached a 100 watchers here on dA and I know this doesn't seem much to other people but it means the world to me. So thank you SO much for supporting me and my art! <3I wanna give back to you, so I'm holding a raffle where you can win a piece of art from me! :DThis raffle won't be to big since I'm having a lot of artwork to do already. ^^For anybody who doesn't know how this works: This is like a lottery (but it's for free! :D). You'll get tickets by following the instructions in "how to enter". Each ticket is a number, you can gain multiple ones. After the raffle ends, I'll use for choosing one number for each price. The more numbers you have, the bigger you're chance to win! ^^RULES:- You need to be watching me. New watchers are welcome! But if you unwatch me again after the raffle is over, I'll have to blacklist you from future raffles, so please don't do it, it's rude :/- You need to enter with a dA account and are allowed to enter with one, don't enter with multiple accounts.- Please don't be mad if you don't win and please be nice to others ^^- I will draw canines and felines (feral; natural and fantasy!) and light gore.- I can try equines and anthro.- I will not draw NSFW (meaning sexual or fetish art).HOW TO ENTER:- Comment "I'd like to enter" or something like this so I know you want to participate ^^ (+1 ticket).HOW TO GET MORE TICKETS:- Share this raffle in a journal or status update with you're watchers (doesn't matter if you have some or not) and link it in you're comment so I can see it ^^ (+1 ticket).- When you have seen this raffle-announcement first in someone elses journal/status, mentoning them in you're comment will give each of you 2 additional tickets (this can stack up multiple tickets). ^^ (+2 tickets for you and the other person)PRICES:1.Place (unlocked!):A painted fullbody drawing of you're character with a simple background (if you wish).2. Place (unlocks at 15 participants):A lined fullbody drawing with very light and simple shading or completely flat (your choice).3. Place (unlocks at 25 participants):A lined headshot drawing with very light and simple shading or completely flat (your choice).(You can find more examples in my gallery.)!This raffle will end at the 12th of May! (I have a few birthdays coming up so I'll end the raffle after those).Participants and Numbers:@ColonelVice (1;2)@colamachine (3)@Talxia (4)@Llamashard (5)@Caniem (6;7)
Calupes Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist

Have a look everybody, this beauty is on SALE right now, price is lowered! :D
I wanna spread good vibes and maybe make someone happy, so go check her out, maybe she would be the perfect easter present for someone? :3 Have a beautiful easter everybody! <3

!SALE! Feline Adopt No.1 (price lowered!) (OPEN) by Calupes  
HunterBeingHunted Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2020  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Does this group allow pieces with multiple species if main focus is on feline? 
Enaxn Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Probably!! I'll give it a look when you submit it, but from what you describe it'll probably be okay!!
Calupes Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist

Hey guys, if you are interested in claiming a spot of my commission list, check out the journal below! I do canines and felines and there are only a few slots left. I would be so happy to hear from you! :)

COMMISSION INFO and PRICELIST 2020 {Open 2/3}Hi guys, so I finally decided to open up commissions to safe up some points If your interested in commissioning a piece of art from me that's designed specially for you, check out the information below :DCOMMISSION INFOI will draw: - Canines - Felines - Some gore - Neon colours and more unnatural markings - Characters with hair, horns, etc. I will NOT draw: - Anthro - NSFW - Extreme gore - Machines, vehicles, armor or simular RULES - Accepted payment: dA Points (if there is a reason why you could only do paypal, send me a note and I will see what I can do ) - Payment in advance- Your commission will be added to my to-do-list after I recieved full payment- No refunds unless i didn’t start the commission yet (I‘ll tell you when I do so, but I usually start pretty quickly) - You can ask me for updates and progress shots - You have no right to further use the image for commercial use or to sell the image- My signature must not be removed- I have the right to decline a commission if I don’t feel comfortable with it- For winged or very complex characters extra costs might accumulate, but that will be negotiated individually via note Please note that I complete commissions depending on how well they fit my current time-schedule. So if your commission involves a lot of detail and many characters, it might be pushed back a little bit to when I have more time to work on it. Please understand that this benefits the quality of the work and we all have a Real Life that can sometimes get in the way. HOW TO ORDER: - SEND ME A NOTE titled „COMMISSION“ In it provide: - Clear digital reference (I can work off of description when the character is simple (ie. „white cat with black paws“) but not when more complicated markings or placements of markings are involved)- A brief description of the characters overall mood, so that i can better decide what expression to use - Commission Type - Wishes for a pose, colour, etc. (let’s find a balance between customer wishes and artistic freedom here ) Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need explanation! CATEGORIES Note: A simple coloured background (means a maximum of 2 colours involved, for example a gradient or a shape), a white line around the characters to make them look a little more cartoony or a quote/name written in the picture comes for free. For different background options take a look at the category „Fullbody w/ simple Background-Element“. Include it in the note, otherwise the image will have a transparent background (except busts). Headshot Flat: 500 points Shaded: 700 points Extra character: 300 - 500 points Bust Flat: 700 points Shaded: 900 points Extra character: 500 - 700 points FULLBODYFlat: 1000 points Shaded: 1500 points Extra character: 800 - 1300 points FULLBODY W/ SIMPLE BACKGROUND-ELEMENT (A BG-element can be piece of grass, leafs, sky, etc. or a simple/abstract semi-transparent colouring of the background behind the character) Flat: 1200 points Shaded: 1700 points Extra Character: 800 - 1300 points TO-DO-LIST1. Gracesme2. OPEN3. OPENIf all slots are already taken, you can send me a note and ask for a reservation on the waiting list. I will then note you as soon as I will start with those. :)
Calupes Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
hey, i know that it's currently a little hart to look after this group but my submission has expired the second time now :/
Enaxn Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry!! resubmit it and Ill approve it this time!!
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