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Courtney needs some beach...
Third -and perhaps last- entry for :icondelta0shadow: Art Jam.

Sure I´d love to do more PnF girls, but also I like those characters design.
Linda sling bikini (no nude version)
Linda feels a bit embarrased about wearing such brief sling bikini... what do you think? She should wear anything else? Or its OK?

Let`s see if stil can send to :icondelta0shadow: Art Jam...



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Tagged by :iconcartoon-admirer:

1) You have to post ALL the rules.
2) Answer 12 questions you have been asked and then create 12 questions for people you tagged.
3) Choose 12 people.
4) Actually tag these people.
5) Can't say you don't do tags. 
6) Tag backs are allowed.

My questions:

1) What is your first gaming console?

Nintendo NES, along my brother.

2) What is the first video game you've ever played?

Perhaps Atari 2600 Space Invaders, at 9... has been a while!

3) What video game did you instantly regret buying?

Sega Genesis Slaughter Sports... P.U.! (at least I buyed it at second hand for $50 pesos -about US$2.50- and yet I felt scammed)

4) Which cartoon character would you date?

Classical: Disney´s Aurora and/or Tinkerbell
Currently: Phineas and Ferb Stacy and/or Dexter´s Mom!

5) Which movie do you consider the most overrated?

Who am I to say that anyway?...ok, I´ll tell you: any of The Fast and the Furious. People likes them... not me.

6) A movie that most people hate, but you like?

Now people, get ready your sticks and stones, because I´m about to get lynched... did you know I actually liked Schwarzenegger´s Last Action Hero? Ok, go and laugh now...!

7) A movie that most people like, but you hate?

Besides Fast and Furious?... perhaps White Chick... don´t get me wrong: I love silly humor movies like Scary Movie and so, but not this one.

8) Who was the last character you drew?

Either Charlotte Pickles and/or Sabrina the animated series Hilda, Zelda and Sabrina... none of those can´t be posted here! :giggle:

9) If you could renew any cancelled TV show for another season, you'd renew...?

Animated? More Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb
Live action? More Twilight Zone (some classical one)

10) What is the longest TV show (animated or live-action) that you've seen entirely?

WB Supernatural... and still love it! (also Simpsons)

11) If you were to produce an animated TV show, what would it be about?

It´s titled "Zalimar, Princess of the Earth" some animation where you see some Steven-Universe-like characters, but based on elements instead of rocks. There is girls like Tsuriko (Daughter of Captain Laiban, sky warriors General, she handles the force of wind) Yurina (some normal girl that gets mermaids powers thanks to Rayid, the ocean´s God) Gai Po (daughter of Gaia, she´s like some human flower, she´s one with the earth so she can be both gentle -blossoming flowers- and tough -can produce earthquakes!) and Belizar (she´s the fire itself, Phoenix-like human, too powerful for this planet)... each one of them had some Gaia´s Gem where gather their respective elemental power... and misteriously, there´s one girl that can control any of Gaia´s Gems. Why? And who´s that Zoma guy that wants to invade Earth?
...then I woke up!

12) What was the last movie you've seen, and did you like it?

Pixar´s Coco... totally love it!

My Questions:

  1. Some old game system that you wanted but never got?
  2. Some current game system you want to get?
  3. Which movie you saw with the highest expectations but got you down?
  4. Which movie you saw with little or zero expectations and it was surprisingly good?
  5. Favorite football team?
  6. Are you waiting for Russia´s Soccer World Cup?
  7. Which cartoon character you would love to kick his/her butt? (I mean some jerk character that deserves some lesson)
  8. Which cartoon character you would love to [CENSORED] in bed ´till faint? (yes, is the old FMK)
  9. Uh... are my questions too dumb? (don´t fear to being honest)
  10. Thundercats Roar: Yay or nay?
  11. Which Marvel character you think he/she deserves some own MCU movie?
  12. If this is a question, answer it.

Tag who? Tag you? Ok, feel free to answer my questions right here!
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