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Fantasy Dream Writers is a group for all who absolutely love Writing any type of Fantasy Story... All are welcome to join! I know there isn't much now but hopefully this group will become big... I wish to thank all who have joined so far...


The Artwork in the :gallery: will be sorted into folders of the Author of the story... So instead of placing the stories into separate folders they will be placed into the folder of that Author...If you would like one made, just ask in the comments and one will be made for you.

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Any group is welcome to Affliate with me :D
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Timber's Gambit cover 2 by skydancer792007

Hello everyone! I have some great news and I need to beg and grovel for all the help I can get. First of all, the good news. Timber’s Gambit, my second novel in the Nature’s Guardians series is now being pitched to a movie producer. The producer I talked to wants to make it into a CGI like the Jungle Book. In fact, it is the same producer that worked on the Air Bud series (how cool is that!!!!) He is super psyched and even told the CEO at Voyage Media (the company that scouted me) that he really, really wanted to work on the film. The CEO told me he has never heard a producer ever tell him that! The producer even told me there was little competition for that type of movie right now and it would be really easy to find voice actors who want the parts, given that it is about nature and wolves. He also really liked the idea that it helps out conservation groups.

So, that leads into the whole groveling part. CGI is a high budget film with the same risks any movie has. The only problem the producer and the CEO see is that the book is not a best-seller. In fact, it has virtually no online sales. So, what I am asking for, or more like begging, is for as many people to purchase the ebook as possible and please, please, please leave a review on Amazon. I have dropped the price down to 99 cents so it is super easier to afford. Even if you don’t own a Kindle, the app is free. Also, the Kindle unlimited option (which allows you to read it for free) doesn’t work because it doesn’t count toward my sales.

I really need help with this so please do what you can and share with everyone you know. I know this is possible and the movie will really help to educate people on what wolves are really like. Thanks everyone for all the help you can give!

Here is the link for the ebook:…
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'I have an amazing story waiting on you guys. Come check it out! I cant wait to post the rest.
Runiker Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2018
Merry Meet,
 At this moment I am creating a video game that deals with Horror style play in an open world. I was looking for a group that I may be able to get some insight into what I should drafts up for a storyline and side quest lines. Currently the side quests I am making are based off creepy Pasta stories. I hope I am a good fit for this group.
visceralwings Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2017  Student General Artist
Oh wow, this group is so dead. 
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May I have a folder, please? 
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Btw, if anyone's reading this and wants me to look at your stuff, don't hesitate to ask.
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