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This is a new club for painters and photomanipers who are interested in learning tips and tricks to creating art. There you will find tutorials on how to do hair, paint wings, add shadows, etc. You can drop into the chat for one on one tips and tricks with featured artists! We are here to help move you in new directions!

We have just opened our doors and looking for a sub. Anyone with club ideas please send a note so we can check those over. We want our members involded and having fun.
At *PaintersHaven we will have started a chatroom and have many more things planned. For all of you wanting to improve, learn, come see us and join today!
Created by~SkyesFantasyGfladyDWilsonArtCreationsRachzee who will be on Staff.

You know what to do.....Please give credit and LET me know with a link to your artwork. Much appreciate! Have fun